Full Lyrics of 'I Can’t Breathe' - H.E.R.: 2021 Grammys 'Song of the year'
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Singer, songwriter, and guitarist H.E.R. has won the Grammy Award for Song of the year for her 2020 protest track, “I Can’t Breathe,”

Written in memory of George Floyd and the many Black Americans who died at the hands of police, the deeply ruminative R&B ballad became one of many songs that soundtracked the surge of Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

“We wrote this song over FaceTime, and I didn’t imagine that my fear and that my pain would turn into impact and it would possibly turn into change,” H.E.R., born Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, said during her acceptance speech, reported Los Angles Times.

The song of the year award honors “I Can’t Breathe”'s songwriters, Dernst Emile II, H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas. H.E.R. beat out favorites Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa in the category.

Video Full Lyrics of 'I Can’t Breathe' - H.E.R:

Here is the full lyrics of this song:


Starting a war, screaming, "Peace" at the same time

All the corruption, injustice, the same crimes

Always a problem if we do or don't fight

And we die, we don't have the same right

What is a gun to a man that surrenders?

What's it gonna take for someone to defend her?

If we all agree that we're equal as people

Then why can't we see what is evil?

I can't breathe

You're taking my life from me

I can't breathe

Will anyone fight for me?

How do we cope when we don't love each other?

Where is the hope and the empathy? (Yeah)

How do we judge off the color?

The structure was made to make us the enemy (yeah)

Prayin' for change 'cause the pain makes you tender

All of the names you refuse to remember

Was somebody's brother, friend

Or a son to a mother that's crying,…"

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