Full List of 12 Donald Trump’s Vice President Nominees 2024
Top 12 Trump’s Vice President Nominees 2024

Most Republicans and Democrats appear to agree that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee again in 2024, following his victories in the Iowa caucuses last week and the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

Unless something unexpected happens, Trump's running partner will be the next — and final — important topic on the 2024 presidential ballot.

So, who could it be? Below is my list of who makes the most political sense and why.

This list takes into account who is thought to be under consideration, who fits Trump's personal style and politics, and who could add value to the ticket. Given Trump's experience with his vice president, Mike Pence, during the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, the list is skewed toward candidates who demonstrate loyalty to Trump — on his legal issues, on attempting to overturn the 2020 election — a requirement that is unquestionably a major part of his calculus. (For example, one concern that would undoubtedly remain about a Trump VP nominee is whether they will pardon him if he is convicted of a felony and removed from office.)

Top 12 Trump’s Vice President Nominees 2024

1. Nikki Haley, former UN Ambassador

Nikki Haley has stated that her campaign will continue and that she does not want to be anyone's vice president. Trump's selection of Mike Pence demonstrates that he can find someone to unite the party, but it's evident the former president is far from satisfied with how that marriage ended.

Haley's main strength would be her ability to appeal to independent votes. She might also help to address Trump's long-standing problems in the nation's suburbs. It's evident, however, that her decision to continue campaigning is grating on Trump.

2. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina

Full List of 12 Donald Trump’s Vice President Nominees 2024

The 58-year-old three-term senator endorsed Trump just before the New Hampshire primary. The South Carolinian also avoided attacking Trump in a way that could have cost him a spot on the ticket.

Polls showed that GOP primary voters favored Scott almost as much as his Senate Republican colleagues. It's worth noting that, while the former president has a growing list of congressional sympathizers, the Senate has consistently been a concern for him.

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3. Representative Elise Stefanik of New York

Stefanik, the chairwoman of the House GOP Conference, is the most senior figure considered a potential Trump pick.

The New York representative, who rose to her leadership post following Liz Cheney's expulsion, has taken a significant turn toward Trump during the 2019 impeachment proceedings.

Trump has reportedly hailed Stefanik as a "killer" and a prospective pick in private, and the representative recently stated that she "would be honored to serve in any capacity in a Trump administration."

4. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Republican representative from Georgia, who has earned a name for herself as a firebrand former Freedom Caucus conservative, has long been a Trump buddy and a key figure in his control of House Republicans and their agenda. She's been urging the Republican Party to align with Trump for months and trying to emphasize that message ahead of the New Hampshire primary. "Not only do [Republicans] support President Trump, but we also support his policies," Greene said MSNBC. "And any Republican that isn't willing to adapt these policies, we are completely eradicating from the party."

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5. Kaari Lake

The former TV anchor and lifelong Trump supporter lost her candidacy for Arizona governor in 2022, one of several high-profile, Trump-endorsed candidates to lose in the midterm election cycle. She has been one of his staunchest followers, repeating his baseless claims of electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election and even contesting the results of her own governor's race. She is presently campaigning for the Senate and has campaigned for Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire.

6. Vivek Ramaswamy

Except for a few minor scuffles between the entrepreneur and Trump's campaign before the Iowa caucuses, Ramaswamy successfully served as Trump's surrogate in the 2024 presidential contest. While other candidates avoided criticizing Trump, Ramaswamy supported him. Few campaigns have appeared to be more about securing a job other than the presidency.

Ramaswamy is undoubtedly an effective messenger who would be more at ease in the No. 2 position. But there's a significant problem: he's not someone that most Americans appear to like; a Fox News survey last month found that twice as many Americans despised him as loved him.

7. Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota

The second-term South Dakota governor, most known nationally for violating COVID rules during the epidemic, appears to be the most likely candidate for Trump's vice president at this time.

When asked about the possibility, Noem wasn't shy about it: "I think anybody in this country, if they were offered it, needs to consider it," she told CBS earlier this month.

Noem, who is popular among the base and has four years of government experience, would add gender balance to the ticket while also meeting Trump's desire for devotion.

8. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Full List of 12 Donald Trump’s Vice President Nominees 2024

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has prioritized cultural conflicts since becoming Arkansas governor in 2022. She also has extensive experience spinning for Trump, having served as his White House press secretary for two years. She has the strongest personal connection of everyone on this list.

One possible disadvantage is the "Podiumgate" dispute (which really involves a lectern). Arkansas lawmakers initiated an audit in October to investigate suspicions about the pricey purchase and whether records were manipulated to conceal anything. We haven't received a final word on that. Furthermore, Sanders has little experience conducting tough races in her own right, having faced only light opposition in both the 2022 primary and general elections.

9. Senator JD Vance of Ohio

Despite being elected to the United States Senate only last year, Vance has been mentioned as Trump's vice presidential candidate on multiple occasions.

And he isn't saying no.

"Certainly, if the president asked, I would have to think about it," Vance recently remarked while stumping for Trump in New Hampshire, while he also stated that the "best place for me" is to remain in the United States Senate.

Vance, a former venture entrepreneur and author of the best-selling book "Hillbilly Elegy," was a "NeverTrumper" and an outspoken critic of the former president. However, he has subsequently become one of his most ardent supporters in the Senate, and he is in the forefront of a campaign to realign the party towards the working class.

10. Governor Doug Burgum

The North Dakota governor, who was once a Republican primary challenger, campaigned on small-town, business-savvy, conservative-values charm. The investor-turned-politician, who rose to the top of his state's administration in 2016, relied on his personal money to fund his brief campaign. He was in New Hampshire on primary day, stumping for Trump and shaking hands with voters.

11. 2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake

Kari Lake, an Arizona gubernatorial candidate, campaigned for Trump in Des Moines, Iowa on January 15, 2024.

Lake, a former broadcast journalist whose loyalty to Trump is unsurpassed among Republicans, is officially campaigning for another job right now: Arizona's US Senate seat, which is currently held by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

However, this has not put an end to talk that she will join Trump on a presidential ticket.

Lake has quickly risen to become one of Trump's most eager surrogates, stumping for him in areas such as Iowa while having her own campaign to manage.

She also nearly lost the 2022 gubernatorial election in Arizona to current Gov. Katie Hobbs, and, like Trump, she has continued to claim that the election was stolen from her.

12. Republican Representative Byron Donalds of Florida

Donalds, 45, is widely regarded as a rising star in the Republican Party and one of five Black Republicans in Congress.

In April, he endorsed Trump over his home state's governor, Ron DeSantis.

When asked in a November SiriusXM interview if he'd join the Trump ticket, Donalds answered, "Yeah, I would because I want to do everything possible to help get our country on track."

Who Trump Has Seemingly Ruled Out as VP

If Trump is chosen as the Republican nominee, he will be opposed by at least two people: Nikki Haley, his primary opponent, and Mike Pence, his two-time running mate turned political rival.

Though Haley could be a smart choice — she's a seasoned female politician from South Carolina who could deter moderates from supporting Biden - Trump has been too preoccupied with wrecking her campaign to consider collaborating. "She's not presidential timber," he warned New Hampshire voters in January. "Now when I say that, that probably means that she's not going to be chosen as the vice president." And the feeling appears to be mutual, with Haley remarking about the same time, "I don't want to be anyone's vice president. That is off the table."

A third Trump-Pence ticket is quite unlikely. The two fell out toward the end of their term after Pence defied Trump's orders to halt the certification of the 2020 election results. "Mike and I had a great relationship except for the very important factor that took place at the end," Trump said during the 2022 presidential election. "I don't think the people would accept [him as my 2024 running mate]."


Top Republicans have declared Donald Trump to be the party's probable nominee. The former president now faces opposing demands to select a new running companion. When it comes to former adversaries and MAGA allies, Trump has plenty of options.

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