Free Essay Samples: Pros and Cons
Students can successfully improve their knowledge and writing skills while exploiting free essay samples!

Such pieces may have different effects on the academic performance of students. At the same time, each website proposes the use of free essay samples as a way of dealing with the assignment in a simpler and more convenient manner. Below, we demonstrate some pros and cons of such services, so each college student can make a choice. It is up to you to decide whether to use custom-written papers or free essay samples provided by academic experts.

Pros of Free Essay Examples

A quick way of understanding the assignment

It is important to highlight that essay samples are often used if students cannot understand the instructions provided by the teacher. A huge academic workload leads to chaotic thinking and an inability to concentrate. Simultaneously, custom instructions are hard to consider and follow. Many requirements have pitfalls and hidden challenges. The implementation of expert samples of essays provided by online companies helps young people to focus on their task and fully comprehend it. As a result, they can write a better quality paper that follows the instructions. Bad grades often result from poorly understood requirements and failure to meet them.

Better format and structure of the paper

The utilization of the proper academic format is a key component of successful results at school or college. Nevertheless, even experienced students may fail to use the correct formatting approach. They may forget some of the academic standards and commit errors in such aspects as referencing and citing information according to the format. Free samples help to reduce this adverse probability. They also contain valuable information on how to structure the written work. In this way, students receive experience from talented writers that have previously created an example of an effectively completed assignment. It is essential to pay attention to every factor from the size of the paragraph to the development of thesis statements. Thanks to essay samples, you do not have to be a professional to manage the formatting and research structuring components of writing.

Less time for homework

Essay samples play a key role in reducing the amount of time spent on homework. The best examples of written works on your topic allow dealing with a personalized assignment in a quicker manner. Students save time on understanding instructions and the theme. They can review samples and start writing their papers without going the extra mile. While looking at the example, a young person does not have to search for additional websites with formatting rules and wonder whether the chosen structure is suitable for this particular task. However, if you want to save even more time, you can use an essay writing service Custom Writings. It allows you to buy papers that have short deadlines and are needed urgently. Each writer meets time limits and provides the best service to each customer in the USA. You can search for honest reviews for this top company.

Urgent aid for writing complicated disciplines

Students may lack time or feel overwhelmed while writing papers on complicated disciplines. Many of them work in certain companies or have different personal issues. The use of essay samples secures their individual space and provides a good way of simplifying the task. Students can find some good ways of solving difficult assignments. Thanks to the available review of already completed works, young people successfully tackle even hard instructions. They are at a reduced risk of failing and making mistakes. In the case of complicated disciplines, the utilization of samples is fully justified and useful.

Cons of Free Essay Samples

Reduced academic effort

Among the negative sides of using free essay samples, it is important to emphasize that students put less effort into their studying. The possibility to find or order an example of the paper leads to a severe simplification of their academic path. Students may become lazier and feel a lack of motivation to study. Moreover, they may use such samples to spend more time on entertainment or other unproductive activities.

Risks of plagiarism

People who use essay samples are at an increased risk of plagiarism. Even unintentionally a young person may copy or improperly paraphrase some textual parts when the topics correspond to each other. Some dishonest students plagiarize elements from free samples that online companies publish on their websites. This practice puts academic success in danger. Teachers at the majority of educational institutions accurately review each paper for the presence of copied parts with the use of original software. If plagiarism is detected, students are likely to receive negative evaluations and even be banned from re-submitting the essay.

The lack of individual thinking and analysis

The use of essay samples undermines personal thinking and analytical skills. Students resort to rewriting these materials in their own words instead of assessing the topic. Samples become the main source of information. Young people do not put any effort into their studies but think that the use of this online material is enough for completing research. Even a simple English essay should be completed with individual effort and analysis to avoid a serious gap in skill development.

Worse quality of knowledge

Students who rely on online essay samples may have a worse quality of knowledge if they use these materials not as examples for better formatting and understanding but as the major sources of information. As a result, a serious gap between them and their peers who work on assignments occurs. It is a good idea to use samples for improving the quality of writing and facilitating existing skills. However, there is also a need to constantly enlarge existing knowledge and expertise in the discipline.


In conclusion, it is justified to use essay samples as these are the academic assistance for making from scratch papers. Students can successfully improve their knowledge and writing skills while exploiting such materials. Moreover, they can save time and effort on learning new topics. Assignments become easier to understand and manage thanks to such free essay samples.

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