How to Write A Long Essay on A Political Science Topic
Best Ways to Write A Long Essay on A Political Science Topic

Being without specific knowledge and writing experience makes it impossible to students to follow their teachers’ instructions.

Another problematic point is strict deadlines that bring stress and anxiety. Students feel uncomfortable and helpless being assigned to write papers on challenging topics seeking help everywhere. Many students reach out to their teachers, friends, or classmates, asking to edit my essay for me or assist with complex tasks. However, delegating homework to another person may seem like a working solution, there are some weak points in such choices. For example, teachers usually have no free time to help. Friends and classmates are not competent enough to write a meaningful paper.

Being overwhelmed with tough homework, students often choose professional writing help. Online services are ready to assist. By asking, 'Please, write my essay for cheap, you can order the help of a skilled author who knows political science or any other discipline. By turning to proficient writers, you will forget about homework issues. Online essay help is a way to relieve stress and get all your papers done fast.

Below we have brought together some working pieces of advice on writing a meaningful long paper on a political science topic. By reading our article, you will learn about the tips and hacks of professional writers.

Get instructions

Start with reading the manuals from your teacher or professor. Usually, instructions contain all necessary details on a forthcoming political paper. Patiently read the manuals and define such vital aspects as deadline, word count or the number of pages, recommended sources to use in research, suggested topics, structure, tone of voice, and formatting type. You must clarify all details related to your essay and strictly follow the instructions while working. If, after reading the manuals, you still have some unclear points to define, turn to your teacher. Ask about everything you need to know before you start writing an essay.

State the topic

After defining all essential aspects of your essay, you need to choose a compelling topic. The best way to create a meaningful paper on a political science topic is to write about the subjects interesting personally to you. Read the suggested topics list and do preliminary research on a proposed problem. Usually, teachers give several topics to choose from. When selecting a case, you must consider the type of essay. For example, if you need to write a compare and contrast essay, the topic must interest you from both sides. If you have some subjects in mind and want to write an essay about specific ideas, discuss the possibility of choosing your topic with your teacher.

Research materials

Once you have a vision of a subject, you can research a stated topic. Note that you can use primary, secondary, and tertiary sources for political science papers.

Primary sources provide factual and direct information to prove your arguments. These sources include correspondence, manuscripts, government documents, diaries, speeches, photographs, archive materials, poetry, music, buildings, news, etc.

Secondary sources include interpretations of the facts that happen after actual events. This group contains biographies, histories, reviews, reprints of artworks, textbooks, bibliographies, websites (if not primary source), magazine articles, etc.

Tertiary sources sum up the information from primary and secondary sources. This group can include encyclopedias, abstracts, almanacs, and other sources.

Considering that you need to write an extended essay, you had better collect as many sources as possible. Ensure that all sources are checked and relevant. If you do not have evidence of the sources’ relevance, do not include them in your list.

Define the main thesis

Before outlining and drafting your essay on a political science topic, generate a main thesis. Consider the type of essay you are about to write. For example, it could be persuasive and explanatory, a compare and contrast, or another kind of essay. When formulating the main thesis, focus on your thoughts and original ideas. As an author of an essay, you need to state a thesis proving your opinion with the help of facts and arguments. When generating the core thesis, be laconic and concrete. The main idea of your essay must be supported and explained to an audience from different sides.

Outline your essay

Structure your paper by defining its main elements. A standard essay must contain an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The core elements of a paper must connect logically.

An introduction is a primary section of an essay that must explain the topic and engage readers in a subject. Consider adding some interesting facts that will highlight your thoughts. Add quotations, jokes, and other unexpected elements.

The body of an essay must explain your thought, proving them by solid arguments. Each paragraph must contain one separate idea and approve it. Make the body complete with cohesive words.

A conclusion is a vital section of an essay with the most valuable facts to summarize the whole paper. Do not add any new arguments to this section.

Polish the paper

In the last stage of writing a long essay on a political science topic, you need to spend enough time re-reading your text. Start with checking facts, dates, names, and other concrete information. Once you are satisfied with the content, re-read your essay to reduce mistakes. Try to find mistypes, stylistic errors, repeated words, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, etc. If possible, ask a friend to read your essay and help you with commentaries.


To write a meaningful paper on a political science topic, you must read the teacher's recommendations. If you have any questions, clarify all before you start working. Choose a fascinating subject that will inspire you. When researching, use various types of sources, including primary, secondary, and tertiary ones. After research, generate the main thesis with your original opinion. Consider the kind of essay. Structure your paper following the manuals and standard recommendations for outlining essays. Include at least three elements: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.

The final step will be editing and polishing your paper to perfection. Reduce all stylistic errors and check the content. We believe that these pieces of advice were valuable. Good luck!

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