February 2024 Canada Calendar: Full List of Holidays and Celebrations
February 2024 Canada Calendar: Full List of Holidays and Celebrations
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How many holidays in Canada in February 2024?

Canadians will have holidays on Feb.19 for Islander Day, Louis Riel Day, Family Day and Heritage Day.

Public holidays also include Groundhog Day on Feb 2, Valentine's Day on Feb 14 and Yukon Heritage Day (Yukon) on Feb23.

What are Canada's national and federal stat holidays?

There are five national statistics holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Christmas.

Employers in Quebec treat Easter Monday as a statutory holiday rather than Good Friday. In Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Day is called Memorial Day.

Canada has ten paid federal holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

When a statutory holiday occurs on a weekend, it is usually observed on the following Monday. However, in 2024, no stat holidays will fall on a weekend.

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Do Canadians get paid on statutory holidays?

All Canadians, whether federal or non-federal employees, are entitled to paid time off on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Christmas Day. Federal employees are also entitled to the following days off with pay: Easter Monday, Victoria Day, the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, Thanksgiving, and Boxing Day. Non-federal employers are not required to offer these days off.

If an employee is compelled to work on a statutory holiday, firms must follow pay requirements. Those who are entitled to statutory holiday pay and are required to work on a statutory holiday shall be paid at least 1.5 times their ordinary rate of pay for the period worked on that day. Managers and professionals who are compelled to work on a stat holiday are entitled to their usual rate of pay, but they must also be paid for the additional holiday.

If a company does not compute wages on a daily, hourly, or time basis, they must pay the employee the average of their wages earned during the 20 days preceding the stat holiday, omitting any overtime compensation. In addition to the holiday compensation, the employer must pay the ordinary rate of wages on that day.

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February 2024 Holidays and Celebrations In Canada


Black History Month

World Interfaith Harmony Week

Black History Month

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, begins on February 1st and continues through the month.

Black History Month honors African Americans' long-standing achievements and contributions. It began about 100 years ago and lasted one week. It gradually expanded into a month-long celebration of black culture's global significance.

Carter G. Woodson, an African American Studies student and historian, founded Black History Month, which was previously known as Negro History Week.

Black History Month In USA: Dates, Celebration, Quotes, History and Meaning Black History Month In USA: Dates, Celebration, Quotes, History and Meaning

Why does Black History Month take place in February?

It all started in 1926, when Carter G. Woodson received his Ph.D. from Harvard. He was an African American historian who founded black history week, formerly known as Negro History Week, to shed focus on the lives, achievements, and contributions of Black Americans and to openly represent them in White society.

Under President Gerald Ford's administration, Negro History Week expanded into a month-long celebration in 1976. Carter G. Woodson picked February to pay honor to President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, who were both born in the same month.


Groundhog Day 2024

National Wear Red Day

Candlemas Day

National Tater Tot Day

What do people do on Groundhog Day?

Many Canadians commemorate Groundhog's Day. Some Christian churches celebrate Candlemas on this day, while others use Groundhog Day to remove their Christmas decorations.

Groundhog Day is becoming more and more popular in Canada. Every year on February 2, there is a festival in Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario, where the town groundhog, Wiarton Willie, makes his "prediction" early


National Golden Retriever Day


World Cancer Day

International Day of Human Fraternity

Rosa Parks Day

Thank Your Mailman Day

National Thank A Mail Carrier Day


National Weatherperson's Day

World Nutella Day


International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

National Chopsticks Day


National Signing Day

Safer Internet Day

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day


National Boy Scout Day


National Toothache Day

National Pizza Day

February 9th is National Pizza Day! No one can resist a piece of delicious pizza, whether it's made the Italian way with a thin crust, deep dish, or Chicago style, so it's no surprise that this is one of the world's most popular food festivals. With so many topping options, pizza is a cuisine that everyone can enjoy. It is a failsafe party cuisine that brings people together, as well as the ideal comfort food for lounging on the couch. Impossible to resist! And on this day, everyone has a great excuse to eat their favorite pizza.


World Pulses Day

Lunar New Year

Is the Lunar New Year a public holiday in Canada?

Even though the Lunar New Year comes on Saturday, February 10, 2024, it is a work day. In Canada, most businesses maintain regular hours of operation.

Many Canadians celebrate Lunar New Year as a lively and celebratory celebration. This event can last several days and typically involves street parades and festivals with dancing, traditional Lunar costumes, fireworks displays, food stalls, and arts and crafts.

Many Chinese Canadian families spend time together delivering gifts, especially red envelopes containing money (Hong Bao, Ang Pao, or Lai See), which are traditionally presented to youngsters. Some Canadian organizations have also celebrated Lunar New Year with various programs over the years. In the past, Canada Post has issued special stamps to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Royal Canadian Mint has previously celebrated Lunar New Year with a new set of coins.


National Inventors' Day

International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Darwin Day

International Epilepsy Day


Mardi Gras

Galentine's Day

Paczki Day 2024 (Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday)

World Radio Day

Paczki Day will be observed on February 13, 2024.

It is a popular Polish tradition observed just before Ash Wednesday, also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday.

Paczki Day is a day when people can enjoy these wonderful pastries before the Lenten fasting period begins.

Schools and businesses remain open because it is not an official holiday in America. Paczki Day is a fun and celebratory holiday, particularly in areas with a Polish heritage.

Local bakers are in the center of the action, producing vast quantities of paczki in a variety of flavors several weeks before the big event.

On Paczki Day, people line up at bakeries to get their hands on these scrumptious pastries, which are available in raspberry, custard, prune, and rose hip tastes.

Some bakeries and restaurants even provide unique paczki flavors, giving a special touch to this event.


Valentine's Day

Ash Wednesday

International Book Giving Day

Many people send letters, cards, presents, and gifts to the person with whom they have or hope to develop a romantic relationship. Valentine's Day cards are typically red or pink and feature images of hearts, red roses, teddy bears, gifts, or joyful lovers kissing or embracing. They may be in vividly colored envelopes, such as pink or red.

On Valentine's Day, many individuals exchange gifts with their loved ones. Common gifts are:

Flowers, especially red roses.

Chocolate and/or candies.

Teddy Bears.

Toy hearts.

Sparkling wine.


Clothing, including lingerie.



Singles Awareness Day

International Childhood Cancer Day

World Anthropology Day

Flag Day

Canada's Agriculture Day

Singles Awareness Day is observed every year on February 15th to alleviate the burns and pains of Valentine's Day that single individuals experience the day before.

During this season, we are continuously assaulted with advertisements, merchandise, and messages about love and relationships, and single individuals may be made to feel unhappy or inferior.

This is why there has been such a backlash, and Singles Awareness Day was established as an anti-Valentine's Day celebration.


Random Acts of Kindness Day


Family Day HOLIDAY


National Love Your Pet Day

World Day of Social Justice

National Love Your Pet Day is observed on February 20th to allow pet owners to express their admiration for their closest pals. Although pet lovers do this every day, this day gives them an extra reason to do so.

Pet owners consider their animals to be more than just pets; they are also best companions and family. The link between pets and humans is one of the strongest on the earth.

Pets love us unconditionally, so let us reciprocate today.

National Love Your Pet Day celebrates all pets, whether they are dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, or rodents.

This day should not be confused with National Pet Day, which occurs on April 11.


International Mother Language Day

National Sticky Bun Day


World Thinking Day

National Chili Day 2024

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

National Chili Day will be held on February 22nd, 2024

Every year on the fourth Thursday of February, National Chili Day celebrates the ideal winter comfort meal.

The spicy dish, also known as chili con carne, includes minced meat, beans, chili peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and onion. Everyone has their own adaptations and ingredients for this classic comfort food in America.

There are often city and state-wide competitions to choose the best chili recipe.

Chili is the ideal homemade dinner for bringing families and friends together, so gather to celebrate National Chili Day and receive a warm feeling in your belly.


National Banana Bread Day

National Aviation Day


National Pistachio Day


National Pokemon Day

World Spay Day

World Non-governmental Organization Day

How to Celebrate National Pokémon Day

Whether you're a Pokemon fan or not, we can all agree that Pokemon played an important role in our childhoods.

You can commemorate National Pokemon Day by playing the game or watching the anime to remember about old times.

On this day, Nintendo conducts a variety of exciting events, both online and offline. You can participate to receive new lucrative discounts, in-game apparel, battle with friends, and other benefits.

Plan a fantastic Pokemon-themed party. Cosplay as your favorite character, serve Pokemon food, play games, do trivia, and watch movies together.

If you are a creative person or want to do something artistic, you can spend your time creating Pokemon artwork.


Rare Disease Day

Pink Shirt Day

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