FACTS about World’s Biggest PS5: Who bought, How much?
The biggest PlayStation 5 console in the world. Photo: The Verge

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been hard to come by, but one lucky YouTuber has just bought the world’s largest PS5 for a hefty amount of money. Sony’s newest console is already a monster of a machine in its standard size (with its height of 15.4 inches and weight of 9.9 lbs) making it the largest PlayStation system to date.

In fact, the PS5 is so large that it has led to shipping delays in the UK on top of the overall supply shortage due to factors like the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the scourge of online scalpers using bots to snatch up units as quickly as retailers can list them. According to Sony engineers, the PS5's record-breaking size is due to the more powerful cooling fan required to keep the system's current-gen technology functional. However, the average PS5 has nothing on the gargantuan model that has recently made the rounds online:

World's biggest PS5: How big is it?

As reported by GamesRadar earlier today, a popular YouTuber recently purchased the world’s largest PlayStation 5. This massive machine stands at 10 feet and weighs in at 500 lbs – and weirdly enough, it actually works as a gaming console with an equally large DualSense controller to go with it.

FACTS about World’s Biggest PS5: Who bought, How much?
Photo: Man of Many

Meanwhile, to put 500 pounds into perspective, the normal PS5 weighs roughly nine pounds. In other words, this massive PS5 weighs roughly the same as 55 normal PS5 consoles. And of course, the console comes with a huge DualSense controller as well.

To put the console's size into perspective, you'd have to stack roughly 30 PS5 consoles placed horizontally to reach the same height as the big console when it's standing vertically. To put this even more into perspective, the console wouldn't fit through a single door in the house.

World's biggest PS5: How much is it?

The super-sized machine costs $70,000 (that's just a smidge over £50.5k or €57.7k) and is 100 times as large as the usual model.

While your average Joe is never going to be able to afford to spend $70,000 on a big boi PS5, many PlayStation players have been paying a premium for the hard-to-find console. Over on eBay and other reseller sites, the PS5 is selling often for double its normal price.

Further, while this is the world's biggest PS5, it's not the world's most expensive PS5. That honor belongs to the Golden Rock PS5, Comic Book cites.

World's biggest PS5: Who did buy it?

According to GameRadar+, YouTuber ZHC is the proud owner of the world's only 10-foot high, 500-pound PS5 console.

FACTS about World’s Biggest PS5: Who bought, How much?
ZHC. Photo: Man of Many

While some of us struggled to make room for even the typical-sized chunky machine in our media units – not to mention those struggling to get hold of a PS5 at all, thanks to shortages right across the world – ZHC might find it harder than most to locate that sweet spot for his latest acquisition; it's 10-foot tall.

On a much lighter note, seeing ZHC with his 10 ft tall, 500 lb, fully functional PlayStation 5 is quite the sight, especially after he spent a whopping $70,000 to purchase it and roughly 100 hours to paint it up as he has with so many cell phones, iPad tablets, and gaming consoles on his YouTube channel, ScreenRants cites. One can only hope he has a big enough game room to store his newly customized PS5, as fitting the standard model on a desk is challenging enough. Here's a look:

ZHC - Biography

ZHC, Zach Hsieh, is a self-taught artist who uses markers, paintbrushes, pencils, and inks for his work. His popular YouTube channel features videos of him making his art. He is known for having giveaways where he surprises social stars with his custom artwork.

He was born in San Jose, California. He has two sisters. He has featured his girlfriend, Michelle Chin, in his YouTube videos.

ZHC found a passion for art in 2015. He is the founder of the Art Alliance and the Copic Abuse Foundation. His ZHC YouTube channel has more than 15 million subscribers. He also has more than 2.8 million Instagram followers. He has also done art giveaways with social stars such as Charli D'Amelio, James Charles, Addison Rae, and Brent Rivera on his YouTube channel.

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