FACTS about Far Cry 6:  What's new for shooter series?
Far Cry 6 is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. Photo: Press Start Australia

Far Cry's going off the map and back into fictional territory. Far Cry 6 leaves behind Far Cry 5's Montana and heads for a Caribbean vacation in the fictional country of Yara, where things are, unsurprisingly, a bit chaotic. Ubisoft's next shooter is set amidst the riots trying to oust evil dictator El Presidente from power. And it's out surprisingly soon, early next year.

Here's what we know about Far Cry 6 so far, including what's new for the shooter series and its potential ties to Far Cry 3. Here are something you should know:

The Antagonist Is Ruthless Dictator Antón Castillo

Far Cryis known for its cunning villains, Game Informer cites. From radical cult leader Joseph Seed to maniacal king Pagan Min, the series is full of intense personalities. Antón Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), certainly fits that bill and has his own complexities. As El Presidente of Yara, he’s kept the country under his tight control, often resorting to brutal methods to achieve what he thinks is the “greater good.” He was elected to return the struggling island to its former glory and will stop at nothing to achieve his vision.

Anton Castillo, played by Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito, is the villain in Ubisoft's new tropical Far Cry 6 game. Now Ubisoft takes a closer look at Anton's twisted psychology, according to Tweektown.

In Far Cry 6, there's one main opposing force: Anton Castillo, el presidente of the Latin island-country of Yara. Castillo rules the so-called Jewel of the Caribbean with an iron fist, aiming to smite any uprisings by sheer force. This only fans the flames of revolution, igniting a full-on Cuba-esque guerrilla revolution that sees Yara's streets filled with chaos. But Anton isn't going to let up. He plans to quell the rebellion by smashing it to bits. That's where you come in as Dani Rojas, a Yara native who leads the heart of the revolution.

Far Cry's villains are some of the most captivating and interesting parts of the games. Every time they're different and a little crazy in their own way. Anton, however, is a more reserved brand of crazy.

Authoritarianism runs in his veins and his need for utter dominance and control quickly turns him into a dictator. He's fully prepared to massacre the people in order to "protect" them, as evidenced by Far Cry 6's cinematic trailer.

Antón believes the island was at its best 50 years ago before the first revolution. When we sat down with Khavari, he revealed that Antón’s own father was in charge of the country during that time. “The revolution actually took over and ended up executing Antón 's father right before his eyes,” he explains.

And because Yara over the years experienced this economic decline, Antón saw that as proof that only the Castillo family can really save Yara. So when he's elected to power, he does so on the promise to rebuild paradise, to bring Yara back to the money it had 50 years ago.

FACTS about Far Cry 6:  What's new for shooter series?
Photo: Game Insider

The World Has More Verticality Than Past Games

For a first in the series, Yara houses a sprawling capital city, Esperanza. You can navigate the area more stealthily or go guns blazing in firefights through the streets. “Right from the beginning, we knew that we would want to do a capital city,” Khavari says.

FACTS about Far Cry 6:  What's new for shooter series?
Photo: PC Gamers

“We are going to be talking about a lot of the gameplay elements at a later date, but it definitely changes the way you play and approach things."

A Fight For Freedom

Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time, located in the heart of the Caribbean. The island has seen better days. As Ubisoft puts it: “Decades of economic sanctions have devastated the nation, leaving it impoverished and divided.” As its dictator’s practices get increasingly more disturbing (more on that below), you’ll get swept up in a modern-day guerilla revolution. Your journey to burn down this tyrannical regime takes you through the island’s lush jungles, dense cities, and beautiful beaches. Ubisoft is calling it “the most expansive Far Cry playground to date.”

FACTS about Far Cry 6:  What's new for shooter series?
Photo: PC Gamers

You play Dani Rojos, who you can choose to be male or female. “In terms of Dani, what we wanted to do was explore a character that is fully voiced, fully performance captured and you can play as both male and female," Khavari says. “We also wanted a character that was born and raised on the island of Yara, is a local, and someone who didn't necessarily see themselves as part of a revolution or an uprising, but who gets swept up in the Libertad movement.”

Khavari says a small team went down to Cuba to take in everything for inspiration. “We got to meet with the locals and explore the culture and the diversity, but we also got to talk to actual guerrillas who fought in the revolution there,” he says. “There are all sorts of reasons people will join up and fight in a guerilla revolution. Some want to shoot guns and feel that adrenaline kick, while others are looking to do it for the country and for the flag.

Ubisoft says to expect some unconventional weapons due to trying to make do with what’s available on the island in addition to having vehicles and animal companions.

“Guns For Hire” Returns

One of the most popular and successful elements from Far Cry 5 is back. This time around, it’s called Amigos For Hire, where you can pair up with A.I. companions to help you. From a jaded ex-KGB spy to an adorable wiener dog, you can call in some backup to your missions. Ubisoft wouldn’t get into specifics, except to confirm this feature is back. According to Khavari, wiener dog Chorizo is the favourite among the dev team. “I can say maybe as a little tease, he kills with kindness, so I’m excited for people to experience that.”

FACTS about Far Cry 6:  What's new for shooter series?
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Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5:

In total there are nine Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5. Six of these are humans while three are animals (Fangs for Hire). Each Gun for Hire must be unlocked by completing special missions, and each has a set of special skills that will come in handy while fighting the cult.


Boomer the dog is a Fan for Hire. To get Boomer you must help Boomer at the Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley.

Nick Rye

Nick is a Gun for Hire who can use his plane to attack from the sky. To get Nick you must help him at the Rye’s and Son Aviation in Holland Valley to unlock him as a Gun for Hire.

Grace Armstrong

Grace is a sniper, so is great at taking out enemies from distance. To get Grace, help her at the Lamb of God Church in Holland Valley to unlock her as a Gun for Hire.


Cheeseburger the bear is a Fang for Hire. To get Cheeseburger you must help Wade at the FANG Center in Whitetail Mountains to unlock Cheeseburger as a Fang for Hire.

Hurk Drubman Jr

Hurk is an RPG specialist, able to take down ground and air vehicles with ease. To get Hurk you must help him at the Fort Drubman in Whitetail Mountains to unlock him as a Gun for Hire.

Jess Black

Jess is an expert at stealth so great for taking out enemies while staying hidden. To get Jess, help her at the Baron Lumber Mill in Whitetail Mountains to unlock her as a Gun for Hire.


Peaches the cat is a Fang for Hire and great at stalking enemies. To get Peaches the cat, help Mable at the Peaches Taxidermy in Henbane River to unlock Peaches as a Fang for Hire.

Sharky Boshaw

Sharky is an explosives expert and is also resistant to most explosives. To get sharky you must help him at the Moonflower Trailer Park in Henbane River to unlock him as a Gun for Hire.

Adelaide Drubman

Adelaide flies a helicopter and will provide air support. She's also got guns with very big magazines so doesn't have to reload as often. To get Adelaide, help her at the Drubman Marina in Henbane River to unlock her as a Gun for Hire.

Antón And His Son Diego’s Relationship Takes Center Stage

The trailer made clear that Antón’s relationship with his son would be an important aspect of Far Cry 6; he’s essentially grooming this young man to succeed him. But will Diego follow his lead? That’s for us to discover when we play. It’s also what makes Antón one of our most interesting villains to date. One minute he’s a cunning leader, the next a caring father.

On top of that, seeing Antón as a character who not only is running a country but is also as a father, trying to pass down these lessons to his son that are twisted and basically brutal and offensive. At the same time, the layer on top of that is he loves Diego. He wants him to grow up safe and secure, and he actually believes he's doing the right thing.

So where does playable protagonist Dani fit with these two characters and what types of relationships will he have with them? Ubisoft isn’t ready to talk specifics yet, but we did get Khavari to tease more about this aspect of the game.

FAR CRY 6: Release Date

The Far Cry 6 release date is possibly April 30, 2021. A listing on Dutch site Proxis has been spotted with an April 30 release date, which fits with Ubisoft’s statement that Far Cry 6 would not be released before the new fiscal period starting April 1, as cited by PC Gamers.

It was previously set to launch on February 18, 2021 before initially being put back to a Q1 2021 window. The delay came to light through a recent financial report from Ubisoft, part of which you can see for yourself in the tweet below. Far Cry 6 is now expected to launch before March 2022.

FAR CRY 6: Setting

The main character Dani Rojas is caught up in the revolution on the island and rises up against Castillo’s empty promise to restore the island back to its former glory. There will be different groups of revolutionaries across the island, with the motivations and approaches of some guerrilla fighters not quite aligning.

The events will take place on Yara, with the story’s conflict spanning the fictional Caribbean island. Far Cry 6 is, of course, open-world and will feature a range of areas within the island including beaches, jungles, and the capital Esperanza – which we see glimpses of in the trailer.

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