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England vs Italy Predictions: Experts, Supercomputer, Astrology and Animals

Latest Predictions - Chance to Win for England

Oddschecker fancies England’s chances at 13/8 while Italy is at 16/8. In fact a draw at full time is also seen at 16/8

Action Network gives England a 36.5% chance to win the Euro in full time, Italy is at 32%.

BetMGM USAToday gives England Moneyline odds of +165, Italy is at +200. England is favoured.

Goldman Sachs: 58% chance of England winning.

LIVE EURO 2020 FINAL - ENGLAND VS ITALY: Team News, Update Result, Highlights, Goals

England vs Italy Predictions: Experts, Astrologer, Supercomputer, AI and Animals
The latest England vs Italy Predictions and Betting Odds on various betting platforms suggests a close game with an edge to England

Supercomputer Predicts Italy Will Win at Euro 2020 Final on Sunday

England second-favourites to win Euro 2020 Final match on Sunday (July 11), and Italy tipped to take crown, according to supercomputer's latest prediction.

The supercomputer has given the Italians a 39.8 per cent chance of winning the tournament.

England come in second-favourites having won all but one match - the 0-0 group stage draw with Scotland - with a 29.4 per cent shot.

Astrologer worried about England vs Italy

Hagan Fox, who predicted England may struggle to beat Italy if both teams make the Euro 2020 final this weekend. However, astrologer Hagan Fox admitted he was worried about England possibly going up against Italy as he had looked at Roberto Mancini's sign, and claimed the manager was about to have some good luck.

And Fox is convinced that it will be England vs Italy in the final on Sunday, but he said it's not clear who will win.

Fox explained that the managers' star signs are the most important ones to study to predict the outcomes of the matches.

"The only problem would be Mancini at Italy, his luck has just improved, from today his luck improved.

"So my concern would be Mancini and Italy, but it is a good year for Gareth, and the good thing about the England squad, very strong characters.

"Kane and Maguire are very strong characters, they will not falter when the pressure is on."

Fox said he is optimistic about England winning Euro 2020, but is "worried" about Italy possibly winning instead.


Jamie Carragher: England Beating Italy by Penalty

Jamie Carragher (England, FC Liverpool) believes the EURO 2020 Final will go to extra time and penalties, with England beating Italy for the first time on a shoot-out. The Final Match kicks off at Wembley Stadium on Sunday at 20.00 UK time.

Considering these are the tightest defences in the entire tournament, England conceding just once and Italy three, Carragher expects another protracted affair. “I think it will be a very tight game,” Carragher told Sky Sports UK.

“I think it may go to penalties and England come out victorious. We have done a lot of work on penalties, so let’s not let that go to waste! I don’t think there will be too many goals in the game.

“Italy are very strong defensively, so are England. I think it will be 1-1 and then go to penalties.”

England have never beaten Italy in a major tournament, losing all four attempts, including on penalties in Euro 2012.

England vs Italy Predictions: Experts, Astrologer, Supercomputer, AI and Animals
England vs Italy Football Predictions

Dimitar Berbatov: England to win over Italy

Former Manchester United and Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov has backed England to win Euro 2020 by beating Italy in Sunday’s crunch showdown at Wembley. Berbatov thinks that streak will be ended by Gareth Southgate’s England this weekend with a 1-0 win in normal time.

‘The final is not going to be an easy watch for fans on either side. I would love to see goals but I think both teams will be very cautious. I predict that England will win 1-0 in normal time. Stay calm, England. You have the quality to bring this home. Good luck’, Berbatov said.

Animals Predict Italy vs England

*Some cats predict Italy will be the winner at Euro 2020's Final Match.

*A group of so-called ‘mystic meerkats’ at London Zoo have picked England to beat Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

A zoo keeper planted England and Italy flags in the ground and the meerkats’ task was to knock one down. It took them about five minutes to choose England.

England vs Italy Predictions: Experts, Supercomputer, AI Team and Animals
'Mystic' meerkats predict England v Italy

A MOB of “mystic” meerkats who have successfully predicted England’s last three victories have given their verdict for the Euro 2020 final: It’s coming home.

The creatures ar Drusillas Park in Alfriston have tapped into their apparent psychic powers once again in the build up to Sunday’s crunch game against Italy at Wembley.

Presented with a pair of food buckets bearing the flags of the two nations, the mob wasted no time in leaping towards the England flag.

Among the meerkats making the prediction were pups Kane and Sterling, leading the charge like their namesakes.

Head keeper Sophie Leadbitter said: “The whole zoo team can’t wait to see what England can do against Italy on Sunday.

AI Team: Italy Win Over England

The Stats Perform Euros Prediction, created by Stats Perform's AI team with the use of Opta data, identified Italy and England as the most likely semi-final winners. Now, it attempts to forecast the decider.

Italy - 65.0 per cent to Win

England will be up against a record-equalling Italy attack, with the Azzurri never scoring more than 12 goals at a major tournament – doing so at Euro 2020 but also the 1934, 1982 and 2006 World Cups. They ended all three previous campaigns as champions.

Roberto Mancini's side are only the second team – after France in 2000 – to have as many as five different players score two or more goals at a European Championship.

Even if Italy cannot break down the Three Lions and are perhaps forced to go to penalties, no European nation have contested more shoot-outs at Euros or World Cups – their 10 tied with semis spot-kick opponents Spain.

And the Azzurri are the outright leaders in playing extra time at the Euros, having now done so on nine occasions.

That final experience England lack is certainly evident in Italy's history, with this to be their 10th in major tournaments (six at World Cups, four at Euros). Germany (14) are the only European nation to play more such finals.

Leonardo Bonucci appeared in Italy's most recent final against Spain at Euro 2012 and another outing at Wembley would take him past Gianluigi Buffon for Azzurri Euros games.

He is set for his 18th appearance and will be determined to ensure defensive colleague Giorgio Chiellini is holding the trophy aloft on Sunday night.

England - 35.0 per cent to Win

There will be no shortage of expectation for the hosts after England reached a major final for only the second time, ending their 55-year wait since the 1966 World Cup – the biggest gap between two final appearances in the Euros or World Cup.

Of course, this is the Three Lions' first Euros final after 37 matches in the competition. No other team have gone so long without reaching the final.

That inexperience could count against them in the Italy game, with the model favouring the Azzurri – just as it did heading into the last four.

But England answered some questions against Denmark, notably facing adversity as they trailed for the first time after Jordan Pickford's record run of 725 minutes without conceding was ended by Mikkel Damsgaard's free-kick.

Pickford had just passed Gordon Banks' previous Three Lions benchmark of 720 minutes set between May and July 1966.

A Simon Kjaer own goal and Harry Kane's extra time rebound – after Kasper Schmeichel saved his penalty – turned the match on its head, though, with England coming from behind to win a knockout game at the European Championship for the very first time.

Indeed, a 3-2 victory over Cameroon at the 1990 World Cup was the most recent example of England overturning a deficit at a major tournament.

Pickford would undoubtedly prefer to avoid that drama and keep a record-breaking sixth clean sheet in a single campaign, although he is likely to have his work cut out...

Where to Watch: Football fans across Europe can watch the live game on ITV or via the BBC iPlayer. ESPN will be broadcasting the match in the US, kick off time is at 9am PT / 12pm EST.
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