Dreams About Cats
Dreams About Cats

The ancients often thought that cats were animals that brought many bad luck to their owners. Because of that, there is a familiar folk saying "Dogs come to the house, yes, cats come to the house, they are poor".

Therefore, many people think that a dream about a cat brings many bad omens. However, not all dreams about cats are bad omens, bringing bad luck.

Cats in Eastern Feng Shui Meaning

Cat is the fourth animal in the list of 12 Eastern zodiac animal signs. Cat, also known as the Five Elements Rabbit, belongs to Wood, including Fire. This is an animal close to human lifestyle, it is kept in the house as a pet or to catch mice.

In feng shui, the cat is also a symbol of kindness, perseverance, patience, thinking ahead and then starting to do something. At the same time, the cat also possesses spiritual power that can neutralize murderous gas and calm the owner's house.

In addition, the feng shui cat is a mascot that enhances luck. Not only in feng shui, cats also appear in many different fields in the daily life of each person such as folk songs, proverbs, to images in famous literary and artistic works.

Each image of a cat shown in proverbs and folk songs has meaning and is associated with people, thereby bringing deep lessons and experiences for us.

Interpretation of a dream about a cat from a spiritual perspective

Dreaming of a white cat indicates that you are going through life's difficulties on your own. Despite facing many hardships, in return, those who will achieve glory if they have enough energy to overcome challenges and reach the finish line.

On the contrary, if you dream of a black cat, then you are probably drowning in fear of something. Participants always feel bewildered and anxious when going out, even when working with a large group of people.

When you dream that you are raising a cat, this is a good omen. In the coming days, your finances will be markedly prosperous. All previous requests for money were approved. The business of trading and selling is expensive, making the fortune prosperous, the amount in the account also goes up a lot.

If you dream that a wild cat follows you home, your life will be more smooth and happy because of the support of your beloved. The road of fame, the line of love or financial problems are all lucky.

Dreaming of cats biting indicates that these people are facing many worries in life. There are too many events, too many things happening that make you lose your way. Work and family have made you feel tired and just want to rest.

When you see a cat being killed in a dream, this is a warning that you should not try to prove yourself in front of others because there is a risk that you will be envied by others and find ways to play bad things. very big. In addition, this dream also means that you are trying to take power and high position in your hands.

If you dream that a cat is scratching you, you should be very careful because a certain hateful, hostile force is trying to drown you on the path of career and fame. Therefore, you need to be very alert, avoid letting the opponent see your weakness.

Dreaming of a dead cat is a sign that you are facing important life decisions. This person is always worried and afraid, procrastinating about something and is having something standing in your way.

If you only see a cat in a dream, it means that you are becoming more and more mature, no longer childish. This person gradually knows how to get used to being independent, not relying on people around. I want to discover new things, learn more to increase my ability to cope with bad situations that may occur in society.

In a dream, to see a cat sleeping, the upcoming time will be filled with joy because of work. At the same time, the projects you are working on will achieve small successes and achievements.

Detailed interpretation of dreams about cats appearing

Dreaming About Cats — Dream Meanings
Dreaming About Cats — Dream Meanings

♦ To dream of a normal cat indicates that something good has come recently.

♦ A business person dreaming of a cat shows that this person needs to focus his spirit and energy on work. Because their competitors are trying to break the rules of the transaction and they can't help but take other measures to promote their work better.

♦ If a woman dreams of a cat, and at the same time feels very much in love with the cat playing in her hands, this indicates that she is about to have a happy romantic love story. If men see this type of dream, on the contrary, it predicts that the love story will not go as expected, there is a possibility of breaking up in the future.

♦ Married women dream of cats, indicating that this person is feeling uncomfortable and secretive with their current married life. They feel that there is a lack of strong emotions in life and are not resigned to living a boring life like this.

♦ If a pregnant woman dreams of a lovely cat, this is an auspicious dream. This dream suggests that these people will give birth to healthy, energetic, lovely children. Moreover, this baby will come safely into this world, you will have a smooth birth.

♦ If in a dream you see a cat but cannot chase it away, this is a sign that something bad has happened to you recently.

♦ To dream that a cat suddenly attacks you indicates that your opponent can ruin your reputation, causing your property to suffer. But if you can get rid of the cat, these people will overcome the huge obstacles they are facing, and ultimately achieve great achievements, great results.

♦ To dream that a cat is a bit small and quite dirty is a harbinger of bad news coming from far away. Your loved one or friend may be about to leave the world, but if you can get rid of the cat, that person's long-standing illness can finally be cured and soon recover.

♦ Dreaming of catching a cat indicates that the profit you always wanted to earn was successfully robbed by your opponent.

♦ Young female friends dream that they are holding a small cat, this is a sign that you are implicated in the betrayal of others, falling into an unjust situation, awkward with everyone. People.

♦ Dreaming of a clean cat indicates that luck is coming, everything is going well.

♦ Dreaming of a clean white cat means that on the outside, there are no problems, but in the end, it causes damage to the property of these people.

♦ A sick person dreams that he is raising a cat, predicting that your health will gradually recover and get rid of the clinging of the disease.

♦ Women dream of owning a cat, this reminds you that there is a possibility that something unexpected will happen, good or bad is possible.

♦ Dreaming of a cat climbing a tree indicates that someone is talking bad about you behind your back. You may fall into a difficult situation, be betrayed by someone you trust, or hold a grudge in your heart.

♦ Dreaming of a cat climbing on your knees indicates that your relationship with your lover is extremely good. Or maybe the person who has always been cold to you suddenly changes his attitude, wants to meet up and create surprises for his partner. But you need to pay attention to your body, don't affect your health because of dating too much.

♦ Dreaming of small cats chasing each other, is a harbinger of unstable emotional development. Although the intimacy between the two parties is increased, it is difficult to momentarily progress to the stage of confirming the feelings between the two parties. You need to note that "the speed is not successful", so it is necessary to calmly develop and increase each other's feelings to be able to last for a long time.

♦ To dream that a cat is lying in a corner, shows that in your life as well as in your work, there may be hidden enemies, wanting to stay in the dark to destroy the family life and work of these people.

♦ To dream that the cat you raised is lost is a sign that you often cut off from your past completely. Participants need to maintain communication with friends, occasionally call to visit each other and meet. That way, similar incidents can be avoided.

♦ Dreaming of a big cat taking a small cat with you, indicates that your friends have been very good lately, either making new friends with the same purpose, or often participating in activities with friends. Old friends, the days will pass happily.

♦ Dreaming of a cat lying in the sun, indicates that later you will have a peaceful time without any worries, nothing will happen. Maybe fate will feel that such a life will be tasteless, lacking strong emotions, but in fact, these people can completely do some of the things you have wanted to do during this time but have not been able to do it. There may be some unexpected harvests.

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