Dream About Money
Dream About Money

1. Dreaming of a rainbow

If you dreamed of a rainbow, this is a sign of good luck. Because the rainbow symbolizes the good things in life, the fortunes. So when you dream that this is about to become abundant, you may even have continuous financial luck.

In particular, this dream shows that you will go further on your career path. Especially for those who are in business or have a big deal that will be completely successful, the profits will be huge and they can find new business opportunities.

2. Dreaming of counting money

When you dream and see paper money being deciphered by psychologists in general about its meaning, it represents a strong desire to fulfill your dream, determination to achieve that dream.

If you dream that you are counting money, this shows that you are about to have a large amount of money falling on you, great success, extremely smooth work, and fortune pulling together to rumble your life is about to come. a new page.

3. Dreaming of turtles crawling into the house

When you dream that a turtle crawls into your house, it is a dream that you are about to be supported by a noble person, fortune "falls down on your head" in the coming time.

When you dream of a tortoise, it represents an auspicious omen especially for business people, and in just a few months, you will have huge revenues. Business will be extremely favorable and lucky.

When you dream that an old woman holding a turtle enters the house, it is even more lucky, because it is a dream that signals that parents and grandparents in the family will live a long life, the family will always be happy.

4. Dreaming of big fish or catching big fish

The dream is a good omen, when you dream of a big fish, or you catch a big fish, it is a harbinger for you to know that there is going to be fortune, a great joy is coming or a good opportunity that you should not ignore. Your career is progressing, in love affairs, you are about to receive a great joy.

5. Dreaming of angels

When you dream that you are standing in the middle of a garden full of fruit trees, this is a sign that fortune is about to knock on your door.

In addition, in a dream with many big trees and wide foliage, you are sure to get rich, do business in time, everything will go as smoothly as you want. next.

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