Why am I dreaming that I have an exam
Why am I dreaming that I have an exam

Everyone has a student time full of happy memories, although it has passed, many people want to return to that innocent, mischievous, carefree, thoughtless time.

However, for many people, school and exams are a nightmare.

Writer Kelly Conaboy (USA) shared with The Atlantic that she had a recurring dream about school, even though she graduated more than 10 years ago.

In her dream, Conaboy finds herself sitting for a final exam, for a class she forgot to take. Her GPA was at a dangerous level and she was in danger of failing the subject. Conaboy panicked, woke up and realized he was dreaming.

The female writer considers it a nightmare, the feeling is not too different from the time she was in college - afraid of low grades, failing subjects and repeating classes - even though she is a serious student.

Conaboy didn't want that to appear in his dreams. She suspects dreams about stress at school are quite common nightmares, even "nerds" experience.

Nightmare About School Time

Why Do I Still Dream of the School Exam Though I Graduated a Long Time Ago?
Nightmare About School Time

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a dream researcher at Harvard University, confirmed Conaboy's suspicions. She gave some pictures of the school dream: The dreamer has to rush to take the exam after falling asleep or studying the wrong subject for the upcoming exam or the exam question is hieroglyphic text...

“Those are really popular topics. Not only for people who are in school, these dreams happen to adults who are no longer in school,” Dr. Deirdre Barrett said.

The doctor explained that these dreams tend to appear when people have a lot of worries in life, especially when they are judged by an authority.

Also, people who wanted to act or play music at a young age tend to experience audition anxiety dreams - it's where they come into contact with authority figures who are easily "crushed." they most.

In these dreams, they revisit the space where they first experienced a sense of success or failure based on their efforts.

To find out what it means to have anxiety-based dreams, Conaboy turned to Jane Teresa Anderson, a dream analyst.

Although science has yet to draw a definitive conclusion about the purpose of dreams, Anderson believes that they are the result of your mind trying to process memories, both unconsciously and consciously.

“Aspects of your past may appear in your dreams to help you sort through new experiences (even if you're not aware of the connection). If possible, wake up with a new mindset,” Anderson says.

According to Anderson, behind dreams of "your chosen dream prospect, going back to school, taking the final exam" is a feeling of being challenged, having to meet other people's expectations. However, you feel that those expectations are not being met. So you think of the solution you should go back to school.

But school is also a place that always makes people feel insecure. Explaining this idea, Anderson said that schools teach people how life works, creating fundamental beliefs for people. These beliefs can follow a person for life.

People often feel stressed, needy, and confused for the first time in school. So it can be said that school is like a place full of anxiety and it is difficult to change beliefs about that feeling. Therefore, it appears in dreams even when you are an adult.

Evolution of Dreams

Kelly Conaboy wonders why so many people are still stuck in their studies. She speculates that anxious dreams about school remind adults that youth isn't actually that interesting.

However, Dr Deirdre Barrett believes that school nightmares also have an evolutionary purpose. If a dream worries you and motivates you to study harder, helps you “survive” a calculation or a presentation, that is the evolutionary purpose of school nightmares.

According to Dr. Deirdre Barrett, thanks to these school dreams, people decide to go to school to survive and not be rejected. Not only that, what is learned in school can also make people live better.

Anderson offers a method to help people less afraid of school dreams. First, make a connection between the dream and recent events in your life. You will learn something from how you feel and it will be easy to ignore it.

Alternatively, after the dream, while lying in bed, re-imagine the dream scenario, but with a more positive ending. For example, instead of seeing failure in your dream, think of the teacher confirming that you have passed the subject, that you are fine.

Many people think that thinking only changes the outcome of the dream, Anderson says it will change your mind.

Dream Interpretation - Going to School and Taking Exams

– In your sleep, if you see yourself going to school, this is an omen that you will continue to study to a higher level, and at the same time have a promotion in work and position. In addition, this dream also indicates that you are feeling self-conscious about your knowledge of life.

– If you find yourself taking your children to school, this is a sign that your future is extremely bright because your fortune and finances are very prosperous, you do not have to worry about earning money to cover your life like that. before anymore.

– Dreaming that you go to school shows that you are about to receive a lot of good news from relatives and friends, and at the same time your family will be more and more harmonious and happy, your children will have a lot of good news in studying, taking exams. nominate. Moreover, it also reports about the economic prosperity of the family.

– If you dream that you are going to school but do not remember exactly when, this is a good news for you. Your life is always full, full and full of joy.

– Dreaming that you are doing your homework is a warning that if you want to be successful on the road ahead or in your plans and intentions, you need to have a thorough and careful preparation. than. At the same time, focus on your inherent abilities to achieve the best results.

– When you dream that you are sitting in class listening to a lecture, this is a sleeping advice that you need to try and work harder to achieve success.

– In a dream, if you see yourself sitting in class, then according to the mysterious dreams, your studies and exams will improve more and more. You are seeing a very bright future ahead of you. Moreover, this dream also reminds you that you need to be mindful of your schooling time and be more self-aware not only in academic matters but also in other areas of life.

– When you dream that you are copying your homework next to you, there are two cases that can happen. If you are not detected, this is a sign that you are neglecting your results and achievements, whether good or bad you do not care to correct or change direction. If it is discovered by others, it shows that your current study is not good, the results you achieve are not by yourself but by the results of others.

– If you dream that you failed the exam, don't worry too much because this is good news for you. You are about to receive many good omens from others.

Seeing yourself taking an exam in a dream is a sign that in life, you will reap many successes and achievements for yourself.

– If you dream about the examiner, your reputation will become more and more famous, you will be known by many people, and your position and voice will also be more important.

– Those who are still going to school dream that they go to school, indicating that studying and exams are making you feel pressured, so it also appears in your dreams. It may be due to pressure from many sides, making you stressed and tired from studying too much. This dream also advises that you should take time to rest, do not study too much, not sure if studying a lot has brought good results.

– Those who have passed their schooling time but dream of going to school, this is a warning that if you want to succeed in your upcoming job, you should add a lot of experience to yourself because before, you were not allowed to go to school. candidate due to his lack of experience as well as professional qualifications related to the field of application for candidacy. Accumulate yourself as much knowledge as possible.

- A young man or woman in a dream that they go to school is a harbinger of meeting the person they have secretly liked for a long time. This dream is a sign of happiness and good luck.

– If you dream that you are late to school, this is advice that you should not worry about your academic results. Even if you didn't understand what the problem was before, gradually, you also mastered its essence.

A business person dreams of going to school indicates that the upcoming business will have many advantages. You are more and more trusted by partners, and business profits increase markedly.

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