The Romantic Partner Of Your Dreams
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Can Be The Romantic Partner Of Your Dreams

Romanticism was an 18th century artistic, literary, musical, and intellectual movement that flourished in Europe. Romance is one of the most important deals in every relationship. Some people naturally know how to sweep the feet off of their partners, and some have to put in a lot of effort for that.

You or your partner could either be the candlelight dinners kind or bringing flowers on visitation kind of people, either way, romance is a form of showing love to the significant other, the gesture can be small or big, but appreciating the gestures is what matter the more.

Science and astrology have their share of explanations of what goes into your mind when you fall in love. According to astrology, our zodiac gives us some signals of how soon a person will fall in love. Like everything in our lives, our zodiac understands our personality and also gives us a hint of how soon a person will get romantic.

And if that didn’t inspire you to be your romantic best, then these most romantic zodiac signs and what specifically makes them romantic just might.

Who are the 5 zodiac signs of who can be the romantic partner?

1. Leo

2. Aries

3. Pisces

4. Libra

5. Taurus


Top 5 zodiac signs of who can be the romantic partner

1. Leo

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

Love with a Leo is like a vibrant fireworks display! If you are a Leo, you are to be very bold in love. You have a deep understanding of your lover’s feelings and desires and are likely to modify your actions based on that understanding. Extremely forward and self-assured, when a Leo falls in love, they tend to illuminate their partner’s life with the positivity of body and soul. Also, Leos are very expressive so it is pretty difficult for them to hide their feelings for someone. All in all, since Leos are the ones who follow their heart, they can fall in love fairly quickly and are really great at it.

This fire sign craves romance that is larger than life. As true romantics who are enthusiastic and bold in all things, they hunger for someone who can match their intensity in this realm, too. Leos also enjoy a bit of a cat-and-mouse dance in their relationships, eager to be worshipped and pursued. However, they don’t want to just be caught by anyone — they only like being connected to someone they also believe has great value. Leos are also exceptionally cheerful, giving, and loyal. Romance is a top priority to them, so if they feel the spice has fizzled, they’ll soon look elsewhere.

2. Aries

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

Aries is the most romantic of the three fire signs and is the undisputed wildcard on this list. Aries is the initiator and go-getter of the zodiac, which makes them great at planning exciting dates and getaways. You’ll never get bored with this one—Aries always wants to keep things fresh and exciting (both socially and sexually). This feisty sign has everything you want in a partner; just watch out for flames that burn bright but fizzle out fast.

Aries are pretty spontaneous, impulsive, and reckless in love. If needed, they will go an extra mile for their special someone. They are ready to show grand gestures from time to time if this means the world to their significant other, or if this is what’s needed to be done to keep the spark alive in their love life.

When the Aries female falls in love, she throws herself whole-heartedly into the relationship. And while not overly romantic, she’ll be passionate and committed. The Aries woman are very direct in person.

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3. Pisces

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

Pisces have very high hopes for a relationship where your love can feel like a dream. You love romantic things and similarly, you wish to be the most dreamy, romantic partner to your special someone. Additionally, you love to dwell in your own imaginary world where love and romance are the only things available. An overly-romantic partner would be a cherry on top!

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and known as the higher octave of Venus, Pisceans are romantics on a never-ending quest for their greatest soulmate. This rose-colored glasses demeanor can lead this water sign to dive headfirst into their emotions before knowing exactly what lies ahead! In this regard, Pisces deeply crave giving and receiving affection as they are one of the most sensual and sensitive zodiac signs. However, also prone to be indecisive, they can be scared away if a romantic option pursues them too quickly!

Pisces like to take their time in romance, feeling every beautiful moment on the journey. Last to note is that Pisces can also be extreme givers, seeking to save others or become martyrs in love. Healing their own hearts is a top priority before diving into the next big relationship.

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4. Libra

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

Libra, as one of the most romantic zodiac signs as per astrology, is someone who likes to spoil and be spoiled in love. , As an air sign, Libra can bring harmony and peace in their lover’s life. When you fall for them, you are to get a personal chef, trainer, p*** star, motivator, and whatnot. Also, any Libra out there is obsessed with finding the equilibrium in different aspects of their life, so once they have found a partner who is loyal, caring, and goal-oriented, they see them as the missing piece to their equilibrium puzzle and do literally anything and everything to keep them.

The girls of this zodiac never shy away from expressing their love to their partner. They love roses a lot. Whether they are with their partner or not, they are always romantic.

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5. Taurus

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

Ruled by the planet Venus (the planet of love), Taurus is a package of emotions for anyone willing to be patient enough to unpack them. A Taurus in love is stringently loyal, touchy, caring, sensual, and possessive. Taurus set high standards for love, and dating them could sometimes be like dating dinners, expensive gifts, going on tours, and lots of wild sex. However, Taurus is also a very cryptic sign. You can’t expect them to share everything with you, especially their problems. In such situations, you don’t have to force them. Just let them be and see how quickly they come back to making fun of you, which is yet another romantic gesture they are known to home.

When they fall in love, they expect the connection to last forever. They value consistency, stability, and integrity in their unions above all. When it comes to love languages, this earth sign is known for its tangible desires. They like to give and receive gifts, food, intimacy, and luxuries. These physical aspects help them to not only show tokens of their love but also help them to feel grounded within the mutual connection, too. As a zodiac sign, Tauruses value long-term unions above casual affairs. This desire to maintain the beauty of a connection can at times lead them to be a bit possessive. However, if a connection does not work out in the end, it will take this bull a very long time to move on and let go.

Most Romantic Star Signs According To Element

Water signs

Pisces: 100% romantic. If you think of every cheesy, romantic comedy movie or love song out there, there’s most likely a Pisces behind it. These Neptune-ruled beings love anything to do with romance, dreamland, and fantasy.

Cancer: 100% romantic. Quite similar to Pisces, these moon babies will always make sure you’re well taken care of. You’ll be nurtured and well-fed.

Scorpio: 80% romantic. This is the type of partner who will remember every little detail you’ve ever shared with them. When it’s your birthday, they’ll use that information to get you the perfect gift.

Air signs

Libra: 110% romantic. These Venus-ruled souls crave genuine romance and affection, just as much as they give it out to whoever’s on their radar. Librans are the type to buy you an entire collection of perfume just because you briefly mentioned to them once that you like the way it smells. Or surprise you with an enormous bunch of roses on a random Tuesday afternoon.

Aquarius: 60% romantic – but only if you are truly THE ONE for them. Like Gemini, they don’t focus too much on the romantic side of things.

Gemini: 45% romantic. This two-sided individual cares more about things of an intellectual nature. There can be some romance here and there, but it won’t be the focal point of the relationship.

Earth signs

Taurus: 98% romantic. Just as loving and affectionate as Libras, Taurus people love to spoil their partners with expensive gifts, amazing food, and beautiful perfumes. This sign loves all things of a sensual and romantic nature.

Capricorn: 70% romantic. This sign shows its romantic side by taking care of you financially and sexually. They don’t really let themselves get consumed by emotions, but you’ll know when a Capricorn is deeply into you, as they’ll work extra hard to help you reach your own goals.

Virgo: 70% romantic. Devoted and nurturing are two words that perfectly describe Virgo's love style. And through this, they can be truly romantic at heart.

Fire signs

Leo: 100% romantic. Extravagant gifts, flowers every day, and somewhat cheesy poems are a perfect way to describe this zodiac’s romantic style. Leos love doing everything big and they like to show off and make sure they have everyone’s attention.

Aries: 90% romantic. They tend to be overly dramatic in almost everything they do – love and romance included. Aries will make sure everyone knows just how much they love their other half.

Sagittarius: 90% romantic. Like Leo and Aries, “go big or go home” is the love language and romantic style of this sign. If they are truly into you, a Sagittarius partner will spoil you with an abundance of gifts and affection.

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