Zodiac Signs Have The Biggest Monophobia -  Fear Loneliness
Top Zodiac Signs With The Biggest Monophobia - Fear Loneliness

Does loneliness scare you? So much so, that you want to run away from it and become a part of a group of strangers? If the answer is yes, there are chances you may fear loneliness because of a past experience or just because you can’t tolerate it.

Denying our fears will only make situations worse. Accepting our fears and taking a step towards overcoming them will make you stronger.

To help you identify your fears, we bring to you, top 4 zodiac sign’s biggest fear, according to astrology.

1. Gemini

Gemini often change their decisions, opinions and choices. Moreover, they will change their statement so often that you will forget what they actually told you. So, it becomes quite difficult to trust a Gemini. However, they may call it their strength but actually its called Fear of making decisions.

A Gemini always wants to be surrounded by people. He or she can’t stay alone. Loneliness makes them sad and depressed. And because they are fun-loving people, all they want in life is to stay surrounded by a bunch of happy people and kick out all the worries from life. They prefer to always have a company by their side.

They fear ending up as a boring person. Excitement, fun and enthusiasm for life are all they know. But if they are cornered to do a dull job or lead a mundane life, they will break down for sure.

2. Libra

Libra, like Gemini, is afraid of being alone. The silence haunted them. They even dread being alone. In life, they are excited about excitement, enjoy connecting with society and groups, so isolation makes them crisis. When they are lonely, they often remember difficult experiences and negative emotions.

Acrophobia is an irrational fear or phobia of heights where a person feels very much scared of heights. Libra’s are often sociable, friendly and can charm most people by their looks. These people are very friendly and are deep thinkers too. However, their biggest phobia is fear of heights. So, if you want to surprise your Libra friend take them on a tall building and ask them to look down.

We all have a weakness, fears, phobias that stay with till the end of life. No matter how much we try to get over that, it will still remain with us in our good and bad times.
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3. Cancer

Whenever alone, Cancer is worried and afraid. They cannot cope with loneliness on their own and often find someone to help fill the cold void. For them, loneliness is a punishment and they always find a way to run away from it. Cancer will easily lose their spirit, have a nervous breakdown when lonely, this is the reason why they will run away from it by all means.

Cancerians are the biggest Agoraphobics as they feel quite unsafe and isolated when they are alone. However, it’s not a good thing as they to learn that personal freedom has more to do with internal than external circumstances.

Agoraphobia is basically an anxiety disorder where a person feels unsafe with no easy way to escape. These places include crowed places, walking alone on the road or simply being away from the home.

They do not like to be confronted about anything, especially if it involves fights and arguments. They have a fear of getting overshadowed and overpowered. They have a lot of anxiety issues and are scared of losing their family and loved ones.
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4. Sagittarius

Loneliness reminds Sagittarius of all their weaknesses in life. This leaves them vulnerable and agitated. They might regret their past decisions in life and may blame themselves for everything that has gone wrong in their or others’ lives. Loneliness acts as a trigger for their anger and anxiety.

Claustrophobia is a phobia of confined spaces or the fear of losing autonomy which is much related to Fear of Freedom. It includes fear of being stuck in an elevator, kept in a closed room for several days. Sagittarians love to be independent doing whatever they want to do. However, their biggest fear is the loss of Freedom. Moreover, they fear of being trapped in a lifestyle they cannot change, or control themselves to adapt to the situation which doesn’t suit them.

They have a very anxious nature and are also largely vulnerable to different kinds of phobias, mainly phobia of closed spaces. They are extremely afraid of exposing their weaknesses.