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There are some people who are very athletic than others. Photo: Fabiosa

It's possible that even if we're very dedicated to our fitness program at the gym, we still won't be particularly athletic. Because physical preparedness and athletic ability are two distinct concepts. Some people are more naturally gifted in sports than others.

They devote a lot of time and energy to sports, and some of them may go on to achieve great fame and fortune as athletes. If you're one of them, that means you're also incredibly athletic. Here are four signs of the zodiac known for their athletic prowess.

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Photo: Parade
Photo: Parade

The athletic prowess of an Aries is legendary. They are very enthusiastic about physical activity, training, and exercise. They are often changing up their routine and giving new exercises a shot. Aries are likely to be in training because they are competitive and strive for excellence in all that they do.

They see no bounds on their potential. When informed they can't accomplish something, they become even more focused on mastering it.

Those born under the sign of Aries tend to believe they should constantly be at the top of their sport. They're built like a tank, which is why they made it to the big leagues. They thrive in competitive combat sports like judo, wrestling, and the like.

If you're an Aries, you should play and watch sports that highlight your natural abilities. You're a competitive person who enjoys taking risks, so sports like mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, and wrestling should be right up your alley.

Even if you don't participate in the sport yourself, extreme sports like skydiving and mountain biking make for thrilling spectator events.

Sports that are overly team-oriented or lack a lot of action are not good for you to play or watch. Avoid activities that induce sleep, such as golf, yoga, swimming, and volleyball. You associate sports with excitement, yet you find none in either of these.


Photo: Times Now
Photo: Times Now

Leos are very competitive. They have innate strength that allows them to excel in sports. Leos are stereotyped as the best athletes because they exude strength and self-assurance. Leaders in these games tend to have an advantage in team sports like football and cricket.

Leos are active people who thrive on the praise that comes with achievement. As the consummate team player, Leos thrive when working with others toward a common goal.

A Leo will always put the team's needs before their own. They motivate others by believing that failure is a choice and that, despite occasional setbacks, success is always possible if one gives it their all.

The most rewarding kinds of sports for you, Leo, are the ones where you have to give it your all and see firsthand how much effort pays off.

It doesn't matter what kind of sport you play, but if you want to compete at an Olympic level or in the professional ranks, you need to be active and committed. Furthermore, you appreciate the benefits of achievement.

The worst kinds of sports to participate in are the ones that leave you feeling like a failure. You're not the type to seek approval from strangers.

The opportunity to make a difference in one's own life and brag about it to others is a powerful motivator. Don't waste your time on recreational sports because you'll get bored due to the lack of actual competition.


Photo: Sheen Magazine
Photo: Sheen Magazine

The Virgo sign has the highest prevalence of health and fitness enthusiasts. They put a premium on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These individuals have a natural strength and athleticism that makes them resilient and powerful. Yet, these individuals have a preference for activities that emphasize cardiovascular endurance, such as running.

Virgos know that it's not enough to only develop one area of your being; they work out both their bodies and their thoughts. Virgos have a penchant for immersing themselves in the nuances of a new activity or exercise method before challenging themselves to master it.

Nonetheless, Virgos are equally as likely to engage in less conventional forms of exercise, such as rock climbing, snowshoe trekking, and ocean swimming. They also put a lot of thought into what they put in their bodies. They can't function without the necessary nutrition, and malnutrition causes them digestive issues.

You, Virgo, are the type to stick to a schedule and improve yourself just for the sake of your own happiness. You're not into intense competition, so you find yourself drawn to low-intensity forms of recreation like morning walks and gym visits.

You want to get healthy, not compete with others, therefore you should engage in an activity that you can perform on your own without feeling pressured to win. Therefore, avoid participating in sports where winning is the primary goal.

You can't handle the intensity of games like football, basketball, or even baseball. It's more satisfying to best your own record than to compete with others. Even if you do find a competitive sport you enjoy, the odds are that you will participate in it as an individual rather than as part of a team.


Photo: The Nation Press
Photo: The Nation Press

Scorpions have an insatiable drive to excel at all they attempt. Although they are physically capable, they do not participate in team sports. They live by their own rules, and those rules push them to improve every day.

Scorpios are determined, and they can overcome any obstacle they face. It's typical of a Scorpio to try challenging themselves with activities like mountain climbing or triathlons. They take great pleasure in terrifying others and testing the limits of their physical capabilities.

Scorpios have a unique perspective on pain; they like the soreness and exhaustion that comes from pushing themselves to their physical limits. Yet they also know how to pay attention to their own bodies; if cycling hurts their knee, they will stop.

You aren't necessarily a sports fanatic, but you enjoy a good challenge and a good sweat. You should engage in activities like bodybuilding, which will provide you with the physical challenge you seek, and those that will provide you with the thrill you seek, such as skydiving, rock climbing, and white-water rafting.

You probably wouldn't do well at sports like rowing that force you to sit still for long periods of time. You seem to prefer low-impact activities like yoga and golf, which is surprising given your adventurous nature. You're out if you're not sweating and your adrenaline isn't pumping, which raises your pulse rate.

Is physical activity something you enjoy?

Someone who is athletic is not just good at sports but also trains regularly to improve their skills.

The zodiac signs that are known for their physical prowess don't work out or participate in sports so that they can flaunt their physique; rather, they do it to relieve stress, improve their health, and have a good time. Those who are physically active find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time without feeling "odd."

You don't have to be an elite athlete to lead a healthy lifestyle. Focus, determination, and self-care are all traits associated with athletes. You take care to fuel your body properly by consuming sufficient food, water, and rest.

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