22 Ways to Ask Will You Marry Me in Japanese
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Proposal is one of the most the meaningful moment in each life when the man gets down on his knee, to ask the lover to marry him, and her saying yes is a moment that both of them will never forget. Here are different ways to ask "Will you marry me" in Japanese and we have made literal English translations for you to easily understanding. Please utilize them just for understanding the meaning of the phrases.

1. 結婚してくれませんか。(Kekkon shite kuremasen ka) "Will you marry me?"

2. 彼女と結婚したい。(Kanojo to kekkonshitai) "I want to marry her."

3. 彼女にプロポーズするんだ。(Kanojo ni puropoozu suru nda) "I’m going to propose to her."

4. 今日を二人の結婚記念日にしたい (kyou o futari no kekkon kinenbi ni shitai) "I want to make today our wedding anniversary."

5. 僕と幸せな家庭を作りませんか?(Boku to shiawasena katei o tsukurimasen ka?) "Will you create a happy family with me?"

6. (名前)との未来しか考えられない ((Add name here) to no mirai shika kangaerarenai.) "I can only imagine a future with (name/you)."

7. 僕と笑顔の絶えない暖かい家庭を作ろう (boku to egao no taenai atatakai katei o tsukurou) "Let’s create a warm, forever-smiling family."

8. これからもずっと俺の隣にいてください (korekara mo zutto ore no tonari ni ite kudasai) "From here on in, please always be by my side."

9. 結婚しよう (kekkon shiyou) "Let’s get married."

10. 結婚するか (Kekkou suru ka) "Will you marry me?"

11. 結婚しようか (kekkon shiyouka) "Let’s get married?"

12. 一緒になろう(isshou ni narou) "Let’s be together."

13. 俺と結婚してくれ (boku to kekkon shite kure) "Marry me."

14. 新婚旅行どこ行?(shinkon ryokō doko ikou ka?) "Where shall we go for our honeymoon?"

15. この印鑑をこれから使ってほしい (Kono inkan o korekara tsukatte hoshii) "I want you to use this inkan from now on."

What’s an inkan? It’s a personal stamp that the Japanese use to sign documents with. They don’t usually write out their names but have a custom-made stamp with their last name on it. That way, their stamp will always be the same.

16. 指輪のサイズ教えて?左手薬指の (yubiwa no saizu oshiete? Hidarite kusuriyubi) "Tell me your finger size. The left-hand ring-finger."

17. そろそろ俺と同じ苗字にならない?(sorosoro ore to onaji myouji ni naranai?) "Won’t you take on my name soon?"

18. そろそろ独身生活終わりにしない?(Sorosoro dokushin seikatsu owari ni shinai?) "Won’t you end the single life soon?"

19.(名前)の残りの人生、俺に託してくれませんか? ((name) no nokori no jinsei, ore ni takushite kuremasen ka?) "(Name), won’t you entrust the rest of your life to me?"

20. 何歳になっても(名前)とずっと笑い合っていたい (Ikutsu ni natte mo (namae) to zutto warai atte itai) "No matter how old, I always want to laugh together with you, (Name)." In other words, let’s laugh together forever!

21. これから二人でいろいろな思い出を作っていきたい、だから結婚しよう (korekara futari de iroirona omoide o tsukutte ikitai,dakara kekkon shiyou) "I want to create all kinds of memories with you so let’s get married!"

22. 花嫁姿も子育てしてる姿もおばあちゃんになった姿も全部隣で見ていたい (hanayome sugata mo kosodate shi teru sugata mo o baachan ni natta sugata mo zenbu tonari de mite itai) "I want to be next to you and see you as a bride, as a mother and as you age."

Above are 22 ways to say "Will you marry me" in Japanese. Then, while you utilize the above ways, please don’t forget to use your own words. That’s the most romantic way. Good luck.

In spite of the many western influences on Japan, the Japanese wedding has maintained most of the Japanese traditions. Spring and fall are the most popular times to get married in Japan. At a traditional Japanese wedding, the bride and groom usually wear Japanese wedding kimono.

The bride wears a white wedding kimono called "uchikake" with a white headdress. The headdress is big and bulky and is said to hide the bride's "horns" as a symbol of submission. The groom's kimono is usually black and has his family's symbol embroidered on it in white.

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