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Wedding in Italy

"Getting married in Italy is relatively straightforward. Like any wedding though, it requires advanced planning, as well as a basic understanding of the law. You’ll need time to have in-person conversations so knowing basic Italian with The Intrepid Guide can come a long way, visit various offices and meet administrative deadlines. However, thousands of expats get married in Italy each year, and with good reason.

Marriage in Italy

Italian weddings are known to be colorful, vibrant and fun affairs. From the food to the atmosphere to the lively music, there’s plenty on offer. It’s only natural that a wedding celebration would take place in a country where celebrations are taken seriously.

Italy holds a special place in the heart of many couples, whether they met there, have family there or have been on a romantic Italian trip. No matter the reason, this article will help you with what you need leading up to your wedding in Italy. Find the facts on legal requirements, mandatory documentation, estimated costs and suggested locales, which is noted by Transferwise.

Ways to Say "Will You Marry Me?" in Italian

Will you……?

Falling in love in a foreign country or just wanting to propose in the romantic language of love can be tricky. The simplest, most straight forward way to ask someone to marry you is to say Ti amo, vuoi sposarmi, meaning I love you, will you marry me, and pronounced "Tee amoh", voy spoh-sar-mee? Or you could say Ti amo, mi vuoi sposare, which is basically the same and is pronounced Tee amoh, mee voy spoh-sar-mee, according to Dreamdiscoveritalia.
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Photo: DreamDiscoverItaly.com

Ti amo……!

If you want to be a little bit more poetic you could aim for Ti amo, vuoi passare il resto della tua vita con me, meaning I love you, will you spend the rest of your life with me and pronounced Tee amoh, voy pass-sare eel reh-sto del-lah soo-ah vee-tah con meh?

You could also embellish your proposal with some compliments or other phrases to oil the wheels! Instead of Ti amo, meaning I love you, you could say Ti amo più di qualsiasi cosa, meaning I love you more than anything and pronounced Tee amoh pe-oo dee qwal-see-ah-see coh-za.

Flowers? For me?! You shouldn’t have!

Sei la donna dei miei sogni, you are the woman of my dreams, pronounced Seh lah don-nah dey mee-yay son-nyee. Or if you’re asking a man, you’d say Sei l’uomo dei miei sogni pronounced Seh loo-oh-moh dey mee-yay son-nyee

Voglio stare con te per il resto della mia vita, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, pronounced Vol-lee-oh star-eh con the perr eel reh-stoh del-lah mee-ah vee-tah.

Happy ever after…..!

Use any of these phrases and you will be one step closer to living happily ever after! But if you really want to push the boat out here are two final, slightly more complicated but highly romantic suggestions.

Sei la mia migliore amica e il mio unico vero amore. Ti chiedo di accettare il mio amore, il mio nome e tutto quello che sono. Fai di me l’uomo più felice del mondo diventando mia moglie.

Which means – You are my best friend and my one true love. I ask you to accept my love, my name, and everything that I am. Make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife.

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Wedding in Italy - Photo: JustgermarriedinItaly.com

With a proposal like that who could possibly refuse?! So, assuming your girlfriend or boyfriend says yes, leave me a comment to let me know where you proposed and how it went – I’m a soppy old romantic and I love a good love story!! I shall be waiting with the balloons, confetti and wedding present…..!!! “In bocca al lupo !”, as they say in Venice…good luck!

And if you’ve found this useful, you might also want to check out more of our ways to say certain sayings in different languages, all of which are easy to learn! Grazie mille!

The Key Sentences and Words About Marriage in Italian

• Voglio sposarti.

I want to marry you.

• Ho chiesto ad Anna di sposarmi.

I asked Anna to marry me.

• Elia e Marzia si sposano alla fine dell’estate.

Elia and Marzia are getting married at the end of the summer.

• Ci ha sposato un parroco.

Si sposeranno il mese prossimo.

They will get married next month.

Claudia si è sposata con mio fratello l’anno scorso.

Claudia got married to my brother last year.

È vera la voce che Giulia si sposerà con Enrico?

Is the rumor that Giulia will get married to Enrico true?

• Il matrimonio

The wedding

• La fede nuziale

Wedding ring

• L’abito da sposa

Wedding dress

• Il banchetto nuziale

Wedding feast

• Il lancio del bouquet

Throwing of the bouquet

• La torta nuziale

Wedding cake

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