CANCER March 2022 Horoscope: Monthly Prediction for Love, Career, Money and Health
CANCER March 2022 Horoscope: Monthly Prediction for Love, Career, Money and Health. Photo: knowinsiders.

CANCER March 2022 Horoscope: Overview

March is the month when the year really gets going. Right from the very start on the 3rd, we have a New Moon in Cancer's 9th house. This is the place of spirituality, wisdom and higher knowledge. With that in mind, this month is inviting you to seek wisdom over anything else. Since this is also the place that deals with travel, there's even a chance some Cancers will be pursuing that knowledge someplace else, far away from where you call home. If there are no plans for a trip on sight, this could very well be a mental journey through the depths of your psyche. This is especially true when we consider that Jupiter, the planet of grandiosity and faith, is the Moon's ruler. With that in mind, don't be afraid to go big this month.

Shortly after the New Moon, as gotohoroscope reported, we have a conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter happening in that same house. March, being Piscean season, will get the Sun blending energies with both planets associated with Cancer's fellow water sign. This transit is all about inspiration. Some of you might even explore ideas of surrealism to get lost in your emotions and express them outwardly in quite an innovative fashion. These transits are especially good for the Cancers who have a knack for the occult and spirituality, and if you're into manifestation spells, that could be the time to put your witchy side to work.

Following the conjunction, we have a couple of planets changing signs. Mercury is also joining your 9th house, helping you express these more abstract emotions in a palatable and comprehensive way to those around you. After all, having a spiritual experience is much better when we can actually describe what it felt like. Though, the big ingress here is that of Venus and Mars entering your 8th house. This ingress can have a similar feeling to events that unfolded in February of last year when Venus and Saturn (who continue to move through your 8th house slowly but surely) joined forces to manifest collaborations and shared resources. The big difference between this March and last February is that Mars hasn't been in this house for quite a while. This could mean that you end up working on similar projects you had to rely on grants or other people's efforts to accomplish, though this time around, there will be a greater sense of urgency. Mars entering this house can be a little challenging for the Cancers born during the day, but the tension can also be a great source of motivation for you to stop procrastinating.

On the 18th, we have the Full Moon of the Month happening in your 3rd house. Similar to the New Moon, this Lunation can have a slight tinge of spirituality associated with it. Traditionally the 3rd house deal with daily rituals or any routinely practices. At around this time, you could really start to internalize the more profound discoveries from earlier in the month. Though, Mercury, this Lunation's ruler, will be in opposition to the Moon at this time. This can create some tension between integration and cling to the more ethereal aspects of the month. You'll need to achieve balance to bring these ideas down to earth and make acting on them as practical as possible.

Conversely, the 3rd house also deals with communication and publishing. If any of you are writers or speakers, this could be a time you feel a bigger push to complete a bigger project. This March, procrastination is highly discouraged. This is even more certain when you realize that on the 20th, the Sun will be going into your 10th house of career. Cancer's 10th house is where the Sun is exalted, and it plays heavily on themes of visibility and eminence. When all eyes are on you, laziness comes with much higher consequences.

The month comes to a close with a few conjunctions. The first one happens on the same day the Sun changes signs, which could be pretty significant. Continuing with the themes of philosophy and wisdom of your 9th house, you have Jupiter and Mercury conjoining. This transit is highly intellectual and of the mind. Knowing that you may be a little prone to overthink, but if you use those energies right, you'll have the poetic eloquence to impress anyone in your field, especially since, as we discussed, the Sun will be casting his rays down on you quite strongly.

The second conjunction happens in your 8th house, which can point at some more positive career opportunities. We have Saturn and Venus joining forces to establish a solid foundation to share projects and collaborations. At around the 28th, you may find a good company with female figures in your field who are much more experienced than you are. Don't be afraid to learn from them, and get to work.

CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Love & Relationship

Venus and Mars will set your senses and sensuality on fire from the 6th. The two planets: your feminine side Venus and the yang side, join forces to raise the temperature. Take advantage of this to rekindle the flame with the one you love, or use your ardor to bewitch whoever you please. Jupiter will open up avenues for you and your ambitions. Still, tensions will arise if you believe you have the right to impose your desires on the other. Your relationships and exchanges are tinged with passion. You can get closer to some form of ideal.

According to horoscope-2022, planets will help you find the right partner, and a soulmate will appear in your life. You may become more spiritual this month and look for a spiritual person who can share your mental wavelength. You want commitment and loyalty in the person whom you seek for a life partner. You may find love in the second half of the month if you become spiritual. The planetary positions indicate that you may even find your lover at a religious place or your workplace. But you must avoid becoming obsessive or controlling about your partner.

This month, as sunsigns reported, you should ensure that you appreciate your partner’s efforts to make you feel loved, cared for, and appreciated. Love Horoscope 2022 calls on you to always see the positive traits in your partner. This month will also open you up to a world of social networking. Meet new people and make friends that will help you become the best that you can be in life. Create a social circle of people you can trust and rely upon. Cancer March 2022 Astrology urges you to nurture your relationships with people, both personal and professional. March will see you forgive the people who have wronged you.

CANCER March 2022 Horoscope: Monthly Prediction for Love, Career, Money and Health
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CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Career and Job

Jupiter has opened doors for you. In March, you hope for more associations or partnerships on which you will put the pressure. From the 20th onwards, it's no longer a question of going unnoticed but rather of shining in the spotlight. Of course, Jupiter favors realizing your ambitions but beware of what you say and do. Your audacity may shock, your demands may frighten those who hold power and the money. You assert your ambitions and needs by showing authenticity and determination. People want to believe in your dreams and follow you.

Cancer March 2022 Horoscope reveals that this month will be filled with positive changes, success, good luck, and great delight. You do not relent on whatever you want until you have achieved the same. Continue working hard for success and abundance to come into your life.

It is upon you to make your life what you want it to become. Yearly predictions reveal that you will live a happy life if you focus on the things that make you the person you are. Be true to yourself and live an honest life.

Monthly Horoscope Predictions 2022 wants you to focus much on your career. You have taken some time off, and now the time has come for you to go back to work and get some work done. Also, work towards having great relationships with your co-workers. Avoid conflicts that hinder your productivity at the workplace.

A month of fairly beneficial results which would help you in your professional attainments. You may look forward to a good deal of travel which would be quite beneficial. Any sojourn to the south would be particularly beneficial. There is also a distinct possibility of deriving substantial gains through a favour done to you by some female colleague or associate.

There would also be a lot of work, but this would tend to be a pleasure because of an excellent working climate. There are grounds to believe, however, that some of you might be inclined to operate outside the low for quick gains. If you succumb to such temptation your woes would have no end. Therefore, refrain from such activity, and make the best of a good favourable scene.

CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Children - Family

March 2022 horoscope predictions forecast rather bleak prospects for health. Planetary aspects will make your health fragile and you are affected easily by stress and unhealthy food. It is important to reduce work-related tension and also focus on a good diet. You should attend to all health problems immediately with proper medical attention.

Your marriage will face some challenges this month. These challenges will, in turn, affect the relationship between you and your family members. Do not allow the issues you have with your spouse, affect the way that you interact and relate with your children. March Horoscope 2022 calls on you to teach your children the values of family. Teach them all that it means to have people in your life that will always support and be there for them.

Quite a pleasant month for your family during which not only will their affairs have smooth sailing but you can look forward to a sense of fulfillment. Your conjugal relations would give you fulfillment. You can expect a good deal of love from your wife and much happiness in your domestic affairs.

Your children would also remain extremely good-natured and their performance in studies and other extra-curricular activities would be a source of much satisfaction to the family members. Some of you will realize gains from other female members of the family. In any case, you all should do quite well financially, with a rise in the overall family income, a virtual certainty.

A month during which the affairs of your children should move quite smoothly since the stars are favourably inclined. The performance of most of the children would be above average, both in studying and in extra curricular activities.

Some of them would do very well in adventure sports like mountaineering trekking etc. In fact, there are indications that most of you would be prone to injuries. Care should be exercised on this score. The behaviour of most of the children may not show much regard for authority. In some cases this would be a passing phase, but in cases where this is not so, firm action should be taken.

CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Money - Finance

If financial problems are not resolved, as astrologyk reported, you will speed up getting your way, but use strategy rather than stirring up trouble. In March, you will be greedy when, if your aspirations seem to be on the right track, your demands (financial, among others) will put some people off. They will find your steps too aggressive and try to thwart them. You aspire to realize a dream, not necessarily to make a fortune. But obviously, one does not prevent the other.

Monthly astrology 2022 for Gemini sun sign students are not auspicious for academic purposes. Planets will make learning more difficult and you may have problems with your attitude. If you are a higher education student, you fail to get the right opportunities and right courses. Students appearing for competitive examinations can succeed only if they opt for additional coaching.

Finances matter a lot in your life. You need to have money so that you can survive in this world. Without money, surviving becomes hard; therefore, you need to work hard and get yourself a source of income.

2022 year astrology predictions urge you to indulge in honest dealings that will bring you the success that you need. However, you need to be patient because success comes to those who wait.

Nothing very encouraging about your financial prospects according to the augury from the stars. Those engaged in overseas trade would be adversely affected and may have to face a rough patch. In fact, most of you would have to struggle quite a bit to achieve planned goals, in which task you are unlikely to achieve much success.

Further, the climate would remain unfavourable for investment and new ventures. These could get stuck up. And finally any loan application or a proposal for fresh advances from a bank or financial institutions would not have much chance of success.

CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Education

March is the best time for you to work hard for the great things you want to achieve in life. Take your education seriously, and things will fall into place. Do not follow the crowd who lead you in the wrong direction, but instead, be your own person.

This month you will travel more with your family. Most of your relatives live outside your locality, so you have to travel to meet them.

CANCER March 2022 Horoscope: Monthly Prediction for Love, Career, Money and Health
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CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Health

2022 Cancer Horoscope for Career professionals indicate that the influences of the Sun and Venus will give you the motivation to excel in your careers. With hard work, you are able to impress your seniors and you will have the support of your colleagues. For the first few weeks, the emphasis will be on your career. You can use your spare time to advance your skills. Humanitarian work will also help your happiness quotient.

Cancer March 2022 forecast reveals that you need to take your health seriously this month. You will have issues that will not resolve until you see a doctor. Do not take your health for granted because when you are sick, you cannot be productive.

You need to be productive; therefore, ensure that your body is in good shape at all times. Make it a habit of having annual medical checkups to know what is going on in your body.

If you are a sexually active individual, you should be careful about your reproductive health. Do not put yourself at risk because you enjoy sexual escapades.

An excellent month, as pandit reported, during which good fortune blesses your health and you really have no serious worries on this score. In fact, you can look forward to a spell of propitious circumstances when your system would be able to derive full advantage of the diet you consume, assimilating the nutritive substances, and imparting extraordinary strength and vitality to the system.

In fact, even your generative faculties would remain near their possible best. This means you can really look forward to enjoying life and living it more richly and fully. A good month to look forward to during which by merely not doing anything fool-hardy you can ensure excellent health, and a lot of enjoyment.

CANCER March 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Travel

If you're looking for an outlet to unload tiring urges undermining you, focus on activities that allow you to expel your instinctive forces and avoid frustration. Release your potential aggression in a move that channels your tendencies to excess and error. Invest in a punching bag, sign up for a marathon, or opt for a balloon flight or a course in dream interpretation to make yours come true. And if you still have time, try to hang gliding.

A month during which you can look forward to having a fair amount of pleasant travel that would also be beneficial in most ways, since the augury from the stars is quite encouraging on this score. Most of you would have to undertake a good deal of travel in connection with your particular line of work which would prove to be extremely successful in reaching your objectives. The most favourable direction would be West.

Some of you would also take a trip abroad connected with business or official affairs and this would be similarly successful. Artists, singers, actors and others pursuing the fine arts, would have particularly gainful travels.

Key dates for March 2022

- On the 3rd, you are determined to influence others, and you have no shortage of arguments to use to achieve this.

- On the 5th, grand ambitions supported by a cosmic conjuncture favor your flights of fancy. This is the time to believe in them.

- On the 17th, you will put your projects and your originality to good use, seduce your interlocutors.

- On the 19th, don't lose control of your desires and instincts that push you to excess and cause upheaval around you.

- On the 22nd, the tension is palpable, and your demands are unpleasant. To defend a project successfully, lower your voice.

Advice for March 2022

A fiery temperament and the opportunity to live out your passions and express your instincts. Jupiter encourages your initiatives and favors your ascension. This is not a reason to rush into things and go overboard, as this attitude would only bring you trouble. Clarify your objectives to convince your interlocutors to follow you and to push back the borders of the possible.

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