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Running out of positivity in life? Especially in these historically turbulent times, we could all use a little more optimism. But how, precisely?

In astrology, a sign's tendency toward pessimism or optimism is frequently associated with something known as "qualities" or "quadruplicities." This is the position of a zodiac sign in the seasons, which indicates whether the sign accepts or resists change. For instance, if your zodiac sign is associated with the start of a new season, such as Aries, which ushers in spring, you could have the same eager, initiating energy.

Can you change your own zodiac sign?

Somtimes, you think that you should change your own zodiac sign to changes throughout your life. Before you start rethinking, well, everything—no, your entire life hasn't been a lie. Or at least, not a total lie.

You have 'two' major astrological charts that factor into who you are and what happens in your life, according to astrology.

Does your zodiac sign changes every year?

Your Zodiac Sign Actually Changes Every 30 Years. There are 30 degrees in each sign, and the progressed sun only moves less than a degree per year, so this change is really slow-moving.

While you might be tempted to add "changing zodiac sign" to the list of reasons why you're dreading the big 3-0 (which, btw, you shouldn't-you're about to be "flirty and thriving"!), it's not that simple. The year your progressed sun sign changes depends on the exact day you were born because, well, what doesn't in astrology?

Basically, if you were born during the first few days in your sign (e.g. March 21-23 for Aries), your Sun would not change signs until you were almost thirty. explains Joyce. But "if you were born at the end of the sign, your sun would change signs when you were very young"

That means if you were born on April 18 to 19, your sun sign moved from Aries into Taurus in early childhood (and might explain some of the temper tantrums you had as a toddler, just saying...). Consequently, it won't change again until your early to mid-30s.

If you're astrologically-inclined, you've probably already seen your natal chart—on multiple occasions. That chart "is determined by the date, time and place of your birth.

When you check your zodiac sign's horoscope, that's based on your natal chart.

But that's only half the story—the other half is your progressed chart.Think of your birth chart as an astrological "snapshot of the moment you were born" and your progressed chart as "a roadmap to understanding how your evolving self is currently interacting with your environment.

In the average person's lifetime, you'll go through three signs, according to astrology. So, if you were born a Libra, your progressed signs will likely move to Scorpio, then Sagittarius. But, because that transition takes about 30 years per sign, you can expect to spend a few years in what she calls "limbo." Once you know how your zodiac sign changes over time, you're better equipped to understand yourself and face whatever the universe throws at you head on.

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The horoscope was set based on the date of birth and the time of birth, so it is not possible for a person to have ...

Secrets about Optimism

Being optimistic is a gift given by Mother Nature, but unfortunately in today’s scenario the inner strength and inner will is decreasing. Astrology is a key factor which impacts our body, mind, and spirit. It also determines which zodiac sign is the most optimist and which is the least optimistic zodiac moon sign. Each planets contributes both positive and negative aspect as per their position in our horoscope.

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Sun represents life force, inner will and attitude which we show to the society

Moon represents our inner self, mind, emotions and our secret part

Mars is the ignition power within us, inner drive and aggression

Jupiter expands our capacity, inspires us to chase our dreams

Venus gives us the taste to enjoy life with happiness

Saturn set boundaries and discipline to follow the right path

Both nodes Rahu and Ketu pushes us to explore new possibilities in life.

Who Are Cardinal signs? Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

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Those born at the start of the season are natural leaders and idea generators. They are often called the change agents because they can channel their supercharged optimism into big dreams for the future. Imagine a cardinal sign person to be that child who sets up a lemonade stand in their driveway in summer holidays or an adult who turned their artistic abilities into a profitable business.

Who Are Fixed Signs? Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

Born in the middle of the season, they may struggle with change more than others. These individuals order the same coffee and walk around the block in the same route. They are cautious by nature, preferring to build on what is already in place rather than attempting something new.

Who Are Mutable Signs? Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Born at the end of the month, these natives enjoy change and look for variety and adventure. They're the friends who enthusiastically agree to plans before you've even completed your sentence, even if they include camping in the woods or skydiving. And every time you see them, they’ll show up with a completely different hairstyle.

We all have an optimist and a pessimist inside us, regardless of our zodiac sign. Understanding the qualities of each sign allows us to tap into our inner optimist while also understanding and combating our more pessimistic tendencies. Who wouldn't want that? Here's a strategy tailored to each sign to help you become a little more optimistic, as well as an optimism mantra to help you silence that annoying voice telling you everything is terrible.

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How To Be More Optimistic Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries - Known for their high confidence, Aries tend to have a lot of optimism at the start of something but have a hard time carrying that through to the end. Thus, to avoid losing momentum, Aries can write down everything they are excited about at the start of a new project. They can revisit the list when they need some optimism.

Mantra for Optimism: Find pleasure in the journey.

The Aries year horoscope is all about dusting yourself off and getting back into life’s ring. If you’ve felt jaded by life recently, this year is going to bring redemption to any parts of your heart that you’re ready to mend. Use 2022 to release old belief systems and finally see the world as a blank canvas. You are not the things that have happened to you—you are a being worthy of love and abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Start by dedicating yourself to passion projects and people who light your soul on fire.

Taurus - They have a tendency to always think about the worst-case scenario. Thus, instead of thinking about the extreme bad, a little perspective could be helpful for Taureans to make them feel optimistic.

Mantra for Optimism: Just go with the flow.

Gemini - Geminis adore change, so you're already ahead of the game in terms of optimism. The twins approve of anything that means today will be different from yesterday: making new friends, reading a new book, or learning the latest viral dance. However, because Geminis' moods can change drastically from day to day, it's critical to recognize and manage your pessimistic side when it emerges.

Mantra for Optimism: This, too, will pass.

Ah, my twins! This year will ask you to create a new level of stability and balance in your life. With the nodal axis shifting from you and your sister sign (Gemini and Sagittarius) to the current occupying signs of Taurus and Scorpio, there will be less activation and triggering in the air for my Gems. Try to invite yourself to find comfort in the quiet. You could be slowing down on travel, responsibilities, obligatory relationships, and chaos into a much simpler lifestyle. Your nervous system will surely thank you!

Cancer - They are very sensitive and sentimental regarding emotions. So, don’t be surprised if your Cancerian man tells you about his feelings as early as two weeks into the relationship. They make it very easy to connect romantically because all they want is for you to be comfortable and safe.

Mantra for Optimism: I have control over how I feel, and today I choose happiness.

Cancers, this year is going to be full of social events and opportunities for you to connect deeply with others. Make sure that you’re taking proper care of your mental and emotional health along the way and that you're giving yourself permission to intertwine rest into your daily experience, rather than waiting until you’re burnt out!

For my single Cancers, this year illuminates a clear path to connect with a soulmate. Ask yourself whether you’re looking for noncommittal fun or dedication and longevity. Either path is yours once you choose what works best for you! There is no right or wrong answer, simply an authentic choice. Once you release the dogmatic thought process of living life “right” or “wrong,” you will find that there was only ever “authentic” and “inauthentic.” Set yourself free of mental rigidity in 2022.

Leo - Leos are fiery sign that are very attractive personality who are full of fun and are active and the soul of the party. However, you always wear a mask on your face and don’t show your problems to anyone and always overshadow your true nature. Competition always works with you and triggers jealousy and anger in you. This is the time when you have to think and become calm and appreciate your own self. Do not be in the comparing mode and maintain false pride. Be humble and maintain humility. Stay grounded to be optimistic in life.

Mantra for Optimism: Other people's accomplishments are not my failures.

Dearest Leos, what a time to be alive! This year is sure to be full of joy and celebration for you—and you are reliably ready to soak up life’s pleasures. However, the question this year is: Can you start to weather the storms of difficulty with that same willingness? You are sure to be surrounded by love, success, and good fortune this year. But your task will be to find the gray space—somewhere between being swept up by difficult moments or disengaging all together.

Virgo - Virgos want to be perfect at everything. Their high standards can result in them never seeing any project as 'good enough' to be finished. They must understand finishing something is better than perfecting it for a long time.

Mantra for Optimism: It's preferable to be finished rather than perfect.

Libra - Libras are known as charming, lovable, hopeless romantics and are naturally optimistic signs. When Libras allow their natural optimism to blind them to red flags, they can have major meltdowns when even the tiniest things go wrong. You simply wanted everyone to be happy, but you must also ensure that your own needs are met.

Mantra for Optimism: Accept both the positive and negative aspects.

My dearest Libra, 2022 for you will be a year of releasing guilt, shame, and self-deprecation. You are finally in a place where you can see how much of an obstacle your nagging thoughts can be, and will finally be ready to leave this behavior in the past. Treat this year as an opportunity for you to get to know yourself on a deeper and more intimate level than ever before. Start to become comfortable with journaling, recording voice notes of your thoughts to listen back to, or maybe try out mirror work (i.e., telling yourself how beautiful and truly special you are as you get ready in the morning). Allow your fear of loving yourself to dissolve.

Scorpio - Scorpios are prone to intense bouts of optimism and pessimism because they feel things so strongly. Scorpios can become secretive and obsessive when their pessimistic side emerges. Consider some of the positive outcomes the next time you find yourself fixated on something negative.

Mantra for Optimism: The sky is me. Everything else is mere weather.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius is the fiery sign with the most adventurous, trending, exciting and indecisive people. You always live alone as you can’t live up to your energy level. You get lost in your goals and always are afraid to take a leap of faith. It is important to seek adventure, it is also important to bend the rules sometimes and be accepting of people who want to help you.

Mantra for Optimism: Worry less, stay happy!

Capricorn - Capricorns are extremely self-critical. While they are the most pessimistic of the zodiac signs, they can learn to appreciate the good in their lives. Despite their fierce independence, Caps must be careful not to isolate themselves. When you're in that quiet, scary, "everything is terrible" zone, it's time to call a good friend and plan a night out. Surrounding yourself with people you care about and engaging in lighthearted conversation can help you feel better.

Mantra for Optimism: I love myself regardless.

My dear sea goats, 2022 for you is about to trigger a moment of release. You may have been caught up in grief, resentment, or grudges for things that happened in the past. I see you gaining new perspective on your life this year and taking yourself off the hamster wheel of feeling, thinking, and behaving in the same ways you have for years. If you are willing to take accountability to how you’ve held yourself back from receiving the blessings that you desire, you will be gifted with good fortune beyond your wildest dreams.

Aquarius - They have no problem dreaming big, optimistic visions of the future, but they have tons of trouble seeing the good in the present! Thus, they should try to be more grateful for the present moment.

Mantra for Optimism: I am thankful for the present moment and everything it has to offer.

Pisces - Pisces, as a mutable sign, is generally optimistic. They can get into trouble when their intense empathy and sensitivity cause them to adopt other people's pessimism. Pisceans are extremely sensitive to other people's emotions, adopting them as their own as easily as you would try on a new jacket. Check-in with yourself when you're feeling particularly pessimistic. You'll be able to work through your feelings once you've identified the source.

Mantra for Optimism: My feelings are solely mine.

Top 4 Most Optimistic Zodiac Signs


Libras are similar to Pisces in their dreamy demeanor- they imagine a better world for others and believe with their whole heart it’s possible to achieve. Perhaps you can blame this on their aversion to conflict, but Libras don’t want to look at the negative aspects of a situation unless it’s absolutely necessary. They would much rather focus on what good can be found, or what positive results can come from whatever is going on. Plus, with their desire to keep things harmonious and for others to get along, it’s no surprise that they will lean on cheerful spirits and optimistic attitudes to keep everyone happy.


Aries understand that life won’t always be easy, but they also don’t believe in throwing a pity party and wallowing in disappointment. Aries are full of energy and they take challenges head on. They know that things may be difficult in the moment, but that the only place to go is up. They will throw themselves into tackling the hard situation, and encourage everyone else not to give up in the process.


They may be straight forward when they speak, but it’s hard to beat the unbridled enthusiasm of a Sagittarius. They are often skilled at seeing all the possibilities, but they fixate on the positive aspects and avoid the more discouraging ones. It’s not that they are unrealistic- they just don’t see the point in focusing on what could go wrong when so much can go right. Plus, given their sense of humor and preference for handling heavier subjects with light-hearted jokes, it’s no surprise that being around them lifts other’s spirits.


Insists on seeing the positive in everyone. Pisces are known to be some of the dreamiest people in the zodiac, and their desire to encourage and imagine a better reality makes them extremely optimistic people. While they may wrestle with their own emotions, they still prefer to focus on the bright side of various situations- they know the world has the chance to be better if people want to put in the effort.. Plus, their sense of empathy allows them to find the good in others, even if it seems hopeless.

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