Can You Change Your Own Horoscope
Can You Change Your Own Horoscope

Can horoscopes determine a person's life?

The horoscope that the most accurate viewer is yourself, not anyone else. Because in a horoscope, it is possible to make many inferences with different levels of good and bad. Astrologers can only give you general information about your life, not specific details.

From the moment we are born, the moment we are born, our lives are attached to and dependent on many external influences. One of the most obvious factors is the interaction between the planets in this universe. We humans are just a small creature compared to the huge universe. All our activities, all our activities follow the movements of the endless universe.

Spring summer autumn winter, or the rule of day and night…and many more examples. Whether we live or die, this universe is always in motion. It can be said with certainty that the cosmic interaction is one of the greatest influences on us as humans.

At different times, the interaction of the universe on humans is different (due to the position of the planets in the universe changing, due to the rotation of different planets), so when people were born in different times always have different horoscopes. The horoscope is determined on the following facts: Hour of birth, date of birth, month of birth, and year of birth.

Whether life changes or sublimates or not can be said depending on each person. Only when people know how to do good, how to do good and avoid evil, as well as how to give alms to help others, maybe they can change their lives. In other words, when people live in humanistic ethics, life will certainly be peaceful. But if people go to see the horoscope, there is nothing superstitious because it is a method of the ancestors to save sentient beings.

Can You Change Your Own Horoscope To Be More Optimistic in Life?

Can You Change Your Own Horoscope To Be More Optimistic in Life
For Astrology, we can change your own horoscope

Like Eastern horoscopes, Astrology is also based on the above data. This shows that the astrology and life prediction foundations of the East and the West are essentially the same. Because of such influence, we are born with certain innate traits – I call these traits fundamental.

Do not be alarmed by the words of the number theorists that your future will be like this, that. The universe is cyclical and ever-changing, constants being eclipsed by variables. The more you train, the more you improve yourself, the more your fate will depend on you. Understanding the horoscope to understand yourself and use it to support yourself is the intention of the ancestors.

Eastern horoscope 12 zodiac signs only generalizes your personality and feelings, but to know clearly your personality characteristics, career, money, and love, you must know how to look at the horoscope that other people have. The most accurate view is yourself, not anyone else. Why do I say that? Because in a horoscope can make many inferences with different degrees of good and bad, the horoscopes can only tell you in general about your life, you cannot see the specific details of each event. the job is.

The only people who can see it are you because only you can understand the meaning of the star in your situation, because a horoscope must be combined with your current situation and person. You can see it correctly. And the person who understands it best is you...

That's the best way to change numbers, but even if you do a star worshiping ceremony even a hundred times, you won't be able to change your number. Friends, you should remember "In the past, there were many people who intended to win over heaven".

Everyone's horoscope is like a script of fate, and I'm an actor, how I act, my life will deviate or go in that direction. Horoscope is like a map.

If I know the way, I will choose the best way for my life. If you look at the mini-term and know that this year, you will not be able to do anything, you should not invest. Or knowing that this luck is at a standstill, I have to wait for my time as well as patiently accumulate knowledge so that when I have the opportunity, I will be ready.

Thus, for Astrology, we can change your own horoscope, but only to a certain extent and also limited to a few areas. The number change for Horoscope is still based on the concept that luck is the main thing, virtue wins numbers. Whether or not this element of merit depends on the mind, nature and actions of each individual.

In short, the numerical methods of Horoscopes are both limited and difficult to implement. One way that is considered as basic and applied in general is the concept of "virtue wins horoscope".

In fact, horoscopes are also a scientific method by a pioneer who has studied the yin and yang of the five elements and the illumination of the stars to form this method. The purpose of it was born also to save sentient beings to help sentient beings understand how their karma is sown, then surely their fate will follow the horoscope and how to neutralize the karma.

Everyone is born with a unique life number, what makes such a difference, some people are born poor, some are rich, or some are born unhappy. It is due to the predestined karma as well as the merit that we have created from our previous lives.

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