Best Things to do at Home in 2021 during COVID-19 Quarantine
Best Things to do at Home during COVID-19 Quarantine

Whether you're social distancing, isolating or in quarantine due to COVID-19 outbreak, there are lots of things you can do from the comfort of your own home.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it's important to take care of yourself and those around you. At the same time, well-being also includes doing things that make life worth living. With the right information, you can make thoughtful choices about ways to bring a sense of normalcy and joy to your life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a virtual tour at home - Top Things to do during COVID-19 Quarantine

Explore the world from home

Did you know you can do virtual tours of some of the most famous zoos and museums? There are so many exciting options to learn something new, revisit a favorite exhibit, and help get the kids interested in art, history, and animals.

From Egyptology and dinosaurs to classical and modern art, virtual tours of world-class institutions such as Paris’s Louvre, New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, and much more provide a unique outlet for the whole family to learn together about our amazing world, Welkresorts reports.

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Game night - Best Things to do during COVID-19 Quarantine

Game night—every night

Families and friends who are living together can enjoy some playful competition with classic card games, like Phase 10, Skip Bo, and Uno. You can also play favorite board games like Monopoly and CandyLand or try out new, unique options like the Sock Game and Count Your Chickens! for younger families, or The Chameleon for older groups. Whether you’re into traditional board games or card games, every night can be loads of fun!

Virtual games are also a great option with the current need for social distancing. Enjoy the interactive game of Quiplash which lets you play with others around your city or the world! Quiplash isn’t just hilarious, it’s also a great way to bond with friends and family. The object of the game is to come up with an answer to a random question you think a player will most likely choose—time to put those inside jokes to use! We foresee that this will be on your regular list of things to do at home, Welkresorts notes.

*There are loads of games available - whether it's on a playing board or a video game.

We're definitely excited about building in Minecraft and have our eye on that new Animal Crossing game... or if you're at home with others in the same boat, it might be worth cracking open a board game. Whether its snakes and ladders or chess it's a good way to pass time with others.

If you're curious about gaming but don't necessarily have all the kit or want to play yourself, loads of people stream themselves playing games. You can find hours of gaming content on Twitch or YouTube.

*Play board, card games

Turn off the Switch, XBox, PS4, iPads and dig out one of the board games that are stashed in the hall closet. See if you can beat your family at Trivial Pursuit, or how about an epic game of Monopoly or Risk. There’s no need to play the short versions since we all have hours to kill.

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Take a break

Although it's important to keep up with the news about COVID-19, it can be a good idea to take some time each day to unplug from devices and the TV. You could use the time to play a board game or do a puzzle.

Work from Home to earn money more

Work from home | What to do during coronavirus quarantine

Digital nomads will already be very well acquainted with the remote work schedule, but if you’re new to this 2021 trend, welcome to the at-home club.

According to Thehoneycombers, making the transition ain’t always easy, but following a few simple guidelines can keep you on track with your daily to-do list. Our top tips? Plan a schedule (and stick to it), create your own dedicated office space, take regular breaks, and check in with your colleagues to stay connected and keep the team’s morale sky-high. A productivity-provoking playlist goes a long way, too…

*Start Up your own business

If you’re one of the many people currently out of work, it’s time to think outside-the-box. Sending your CV to employers who have already had to let go of their long-serving staff probably isn’t going to work, so start taking matters into your own hands and set up your own business.

Of course, you might not make your millions in the current climate, but there really is no better time to start planning, researching and strategising for when things improve. Who knows, this time next year you could be looking back wondering why you never took the leap sooner…

Self-quarantining and social distancing? If you’re staying put in your house, hotel or villa, here are some fun things to do at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Learn a new language - Top Things to do during Coronavirus Quarantine

If you've got spare time, this could be the perfect opportunity to learn a new language! There are lots of places to learn a language online, including DuoLingo which you can download for free from an app store.

Have you thought about learning Gaelic? Take a look at our dedicated Gaelic resource to help you get started or keep practising your existing Gaelic skills!

Don’t stop learning

Remember when you wished you had more time to learn? Well, here’s your chance! Take advantage of free learning resources online and other educational opportunities for the entire family.

Keep learning

Teachers might set you some work to do from home, you might be able to access classes online or you might just want to keep learning outside of school, college or uni.

Online socials and chat online - Best Things to do during COVID-19 Quarantine

Why not use your time at home to find your next fave content creator?

Or maybe you think yourself as a bit of a social media guru? Now is the time to create your own YouTube or TikTok channel and start something!

Keeping in contact with pals without actually being in physical contact is probably the easiest thing to do on this list!

Whether you're a FaceTime fan, prefer DMs or even something old school like a phone call, you can keep up with the latest chat from your friendship group easily.

Stay in touch with others by phone, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime, or whatever virtual communication tool you use. It may be especially important for families to stay in touch with others who live by themselves, such as friends, grandparents or other relatives. They may be feeling lonely right now.

*Netflix & chill

Watch Netflix | What to do during coronavirus quarantine

We can only imagine the surge in new Netflix subscriptions throughout 2021, and for good reason. You can lose track of hours (even days!) binge-watching your fave Netflix series, and there’s no better time to tick off all the goodies from your must-watch hit-list. Our faves? Try Stranger Things, Bodyguard, Sex Education, Ozark, The Sinner, You, After Life, The Stranger and Cheer – to name just a few.

Learning how to play music - Best Things to do during COVID-19 Quarantine

If you have an instrument lying about the house why not try to learn how to play it? There are plenty of tutorials online for almost every instrument there is.

Don’t have one? Have a think about trying to sing. It may be embarrassing to start but you’ll quickly improve and gain confidence!

Camp at home - Best Things to do during COVID-19 Quarantine

If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a garden why not celebrate the great outdoors and build a tent right outside your door?

picnic time

Don’t worry about coming up with a lunch or dinner to cook at home that everyone will enjoy. It's a great time to get some takeout to create a fun picnic in your living room or backyard while supporting local restaurants. This is a perfect opportunity for that date night you’ve been postponing or the tea party with the kids.

If the weather cooperates take the campfire a step further, and you have the gear, string up a hammock, put up a tent and “rough it" from the safety of your own backyard.


You might already have ingredients lying around at home.

You could try making a new meal or spend your extra time on something that's difficult to prepare.

Fancy a treat? Why not bake some goodies for you and your family to enjoy?

So, your kitchen is kitted out with all the must-have cooking gadgets, but you’re yet to get ‘em dirty? Well, now’s the time to start living your best domestic life, because it’s never been more important to tuck into fresh produce, and most importantly, make the most of those home delivery services that bring all of the ingredients right to your doorstep. Stock up on everything from fruits and veg to little luxuries like vegan cheeses, organic meats and baking essentials. You may not be a cooking whizz, but there’s a little thing called YouTube that might come in handy…

Yoga at home - Best Things to do during COVID-19 Quarantine


Even if you can’t go to the gym, you can stay in shape at home! A great way to keep both your mind and body healthy without equipment is practicing yoga. For adults—get up early to watch the sunrise while you do your daily yoga. It will calm your mind and set you up to tackle your day.

You can also do sunset yoga to help calm things down, get relaxed, and enjoy better sleep. If you have children, they can also enjoy the benefits of yoga with YouTube’s Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Soak up the sunshine

Sunbathing | What to do during coronavirus quarantine

Right now isn’t the best time to sun-soak with the masses at your fave beach club, but you can make the most of the beautiful weather by laying out your sarong, popping on your hottest bikini and lazing the day away by your glittering pool or even just in your garden. After all, they say that the virus doesn’t do well in the heat, so bronzing your bod is all for a good cause…

Become the Writer - Best Things to do

Think yourself as an author or just want to write down what’s on your mind? Then writing might be just for you. Poetry is another good way to express yourself and pass the time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people saying we’re living in an unprecedented time. Write about it. Or if you always wanted to write a book, start writing.

*Write letters to soldiers, sailors or Marines

Take part in a letter-writing campaign through or other groups and write a letter to a military member who is serving our country.

You can also put together a care package and ship it to someone on the front lines.

Get crafty - Best Things to do

Get crafty

Get your family’s creative juices flowing. With so much modern technology taking time away from traditional handcrafts, perhaps now’s your chance to turn the screens off. New activities help people discover hobbies they never thought they would enjoy.

Create some DIY projects using what you already have at home. From creating finger puppets and putting on a show to making your own jewelry or putting on your own wine and paint night—you’ll find tons of fun ideas on Pinterest, accoring to Welkresorts.

Dancing - Best Things to do


Being cooped up in the house all day doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving. Give the whole family a full-body workout by dancing. It’s not just good for the body but also for the soul—so turn up the music and get movin’! There are tons of dance tutorials on YouTube to learn some new moves or just freestyle.

If you have kiddos, they’ll love the YouTube channel GoNoodle. It's packed with tons of fun videos to help them move, shake, and groove! For the older kids, you can also break out your best formal wear and host your own prom at home.

Make a simple Cake - Best Things to do

Cupcake wars

Get your sprinkles, crafts, and phone ready for this hilarious family activity! Who wouldn’t like a game that involves food AND a homemade commercial? You can even make it a challenge with teams of two if you want some friendly competition. Start with baking delicious cupcakes. Have each member decorate their cupcake to their liking and create their very own cupcake packaging.

Be creative—use what you already have at home such as leftover cardboard boxes, ribbons, gift wrap, construction paper, markers, etc. Then, work together to write a script for your cupcake company commercial—be as wacky as you please! The final step: film your commercial on your phone. Don’t hesitate to use some fun apps or stickers to add some flavor and extra laughs.

*Make a simple cake at home - Top cake decorating trends for 2021. Check out HERE

Mad science with your kids - Best Things to do

Mad science

Give the kids a head start for their future science courses by completing science-in-a-box kits! From growing crystals and developing terrariums to unearthing “fossils” or building robots—there are tons of science kits kids will love! Some boxed kits start at just $10, and with Amazon, you don’t even need to leave your home to get them. They're a fabulous way to get everyone’s imaginations racing with some wacky experiments!

Get a gardening project - Best Things to do

Green thumbs

Take some time to finally get a gardening project going! This is a fun family activity that will be educational and in the long run—delicious. Not to mention saving you time and money by cutting back on things you need to pick up at the grocery store. Gardening is one of the best things to do at home that helps you to relax, get creative, and feel a sense of reward. Fresh basil for homemade pizza, rosemary for baked chicken, tomatoes for spaghetti—think about all of the possibilities!

*While fears of food shortages and pandemic-related looting have thankfully passed, growing your own food should still be a top priority. We’re not talking an entire farm full of produce; start simple with a few herbs on your windowsill, and if you have the space, move onto tomato vines in the garden, smaller fruit trees and a few root vegetables. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they grow when you have so much extra time to tend to them…

Clean your House

Why not use this free time to give your home a bit of a clean? You can reorgnise your room or move somethings around to keep things fresh. You might be surprised how rewarding it is!

Get outside, why not

You can leave your homes in most cases, just practice social distancing. if you’re not under curfew or shelter-in-place orders. Doctors say fresh air and exercise are good for not only your physical health but also mental health, USA Today reported. You can walk around your neighborhood if you live in the suburbs, go to a park, go hiking or go jogging. Just make sure you know where and when you can go when it comes to the state laws and COVID-19 restrictions.

One place you should avoid is a playground. If you do end up on a playground, make sure you wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

*Make it a picnic

Dining tables are soooo pre-pandemic. During self-isolation, you’ll want to shake up your eating routines with some cute and quirky table settings. Our fave is a picnic in the garden, or even in the living room. Lay down a rug, grab those big salad bowls and turn on your summer playlist. And if you’re quarantining with your partner? Light some candles for a romantic picnic for two.

Try something new

Why not pick up a new hobby? You could do anything, from learning how to bake, to building AirFix models or even knitting!

There are loads of tutorials on YouTube for pretty much everything - and there are a few things you could probably do with things you have lying around the house.

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