How to cut men's hair at home and top 5 trendy hairs in 2021 for men
Cutting hair at home. Photo: MindBodyGreen

In this time of Pandemic where everyone is urged to stay home while most of the businesses are closed including the barbershops, we are presenting a do-it-yourself haircut to make sure even in this tough time, we can still be able to groom and look stylish.

What Do You Need?

How to cut men's hair at home and top 5 trendy hairs in 2021 for men
Photo: Amazon
  • A towel to wrap around you
  • Scissors
  • Hair clippers
  • A broom or vacuum cleaner to clean up afterwards

How to Cut Your Own Hair

✺ Wait it out

Depending on how long the closures are, this could be an opportunity to grow hair out and try a longer look. Go with the flow and rock the flow haircut. Or embrace that mullet. In the meantime, use some product to keep hair out of the face or if locks are long enough, try the man bun.

✺ Buzz it off

Some guys are used to keep hair trimmed all the time. If that’s you, the easiest at-home, do-it-yourself haircuts is the buzz. Pick a guard length and go for it. Start with a longer guard just in case the results feel shorter than expected. Try one of these trimmers.

✺ At home haircuts

While we don’t often recommend trying to cut hair at home, there is no choice right now. There are some excellent Youtube tutorials available to guide you through step by step. Try to find one showing the cut you want and go for it. Even better if you can enlist some help for the sides and back. If you’re doing this yourself, stick to the fringe area.

Some hair professionals are offering virtual consultations so look out for that.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind. Hair scissors are much sharper than regular scissors. That means two things. One, use them so you don’t damage hair. And two, take care not to cut yourself. Second, never cut a chunk of hair straight across. It’s all about angled snips.

✺ Get hair inspiration

Even if you can’t get hair cut or the cut you want, this won’t last forever. Keep checking out this site and your favorite Instagram barbers for hair inspiration. Who knows what new styles will be invented under lockdown?

✺ Grow a beard

Well, all the sports seasons are off but you can still grow that play-off beard. Whether it’s your first time with facial hair or not, check out these tips for growing a beard to keep the process looking and feeling good, according to Menhaiirstyletrends.

Different ways to cut your hair at home

✺ How to use clippers for your at-home trim

How to cut men's hair at home and top 5 trendy hairs in 2021 for men
Photo: Lovehairstyle

"Cutting men’s hair will always be easier with clippers – a scissor over-comb style cut on oneself is rather tricky!" they said.

"Make sure that the guard is locked safely onto the machine. If the guard falls off, this could cause a disaster with all of the hair being shaved off. Use the longer guard first and work on the sides, repeat the same movement with shorter guards and stopping roughly 1 cm lower each time.

"Repeat the same at the back while holding a mirror, being careful as the reflection means you’ll have to work backwards. When this is done you can cut the tips on the top and connect with the sides and back. You are now ready to style."

✺ Using scissors for your haircut

How to cut men's hair at home and top 5 trendy hairs in 2021 for men
Photo: Youtube

Of course, it gets easier if you have someone to assist. If you've been tasked with cutting your partner or child's hair, you're probably feeling the pressure. It’s easiest to buy a pair of clippers and go for the same length all over, but if they're planning to maintain a style with longer length on top, the scissors above will do the trick, as Hello Magazine reported.

"As a rule for all cuts, kitchen scissors are usually too big for haircuts," say Live True London. "We recommend that you use the thinnest scissor you can find so that you can always control the amount of hair being cut."

What sort of mistakes do people make when trying to cut their own hair?

"They will take their fringe too high and/or severely wonky," Hickey said. "They will take a pair of beard trimmers and think they can give themselves the Hollywood-esque buzz cut but come out looking like a kiwi fruit and instantly regret it.

"Very rarely, people ended up nicking their ears with scissors and this is an obvious nightmare. I would always recommend minimal trimming, just very loose ends around edges. Don't try and give yourself layers or precision cuts. It's never as easy as someone makes it look on YouTube, as cited by Newsweek.

Pro barber tip: Don't forget those finishing touches!

When chopping longer bits of hair, use the end of the scissors to add texture. Be sure to cut in small, 1cm-2cm chunks, and check regularly from all angles.

The hair around the ears is important; brush it through (with a wet comb) over the ears, and then trim into place. Getting this neat will help improve the quality of the overall cut.

Most importantly, don't cut too much in one go - you can always go back and make adjustments if you start small. Good luck!

Top trendy hairstyles for men in 2021:

1. Fade Haircut with Beard

How to Cut Men's Hair at Home?

Credit: Rupert Laycock

This trending haircut is exactly what you need to try in 2020. It features a cool textured top, a subtle fade haircut with a manly shaped beard.

2. Slick Pompadour

How to Cut Men's Hair at Home?
Credit: Rupert Laycock

If you’ve got thinner tresses, you can still work your hair up into a modern pompadour fade by using some volumising mouse and pomade, to truly mould your hair and keep it in place.

3. The French Crop

How to Cut Men's Hair at Home?
Give the French crop a whirl if you have thin hair. Credit:

Neat, masculine and timeless, the French crop boasts several benefits and is great for those who want to keep it short, but relatively stylised.

Editor’s tip: To build up the texture for this look, opt for a styling product that has a matt finish, such as the TONI&GUY Men’s Moulding Clay.

4. Short Razored Cut

How to Cut Men's Hair at Home?
This short razored cut will give your hair an edgy look.

Razor cutting is a technique that involves slicing and texturising the hair with the use of knife-like razors. For men with thin or fine hair, try keeping the top fairly short with shorter back and sides.

Editor’s tip: To work this ‘do like a pro, reach for the VO5 Lifting Paste to help create texture and the illusion of thicker-looking locks.

5. Semi-long and Slicked Back

How to Cut Men's Hair at Home?
Try rocking semi-long hair and slicked back Credit:

For a more dapper look with some retro vibes, keep the top about medium length and the sides only a tad shorter.

Style tip: Go for a classic wet-look using pomade or hold it in place with some hairspray, it’s all up to you!

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