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Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 In the UK: Websites, TV Channels and Livestream. Photo worldcup2022

TV channels and free apps, websites in the UK allow soccer fans to enjoy the World Cup matches for free. All you need to do is to follow our guide below.

Remeber to check out schedule of England and Wales in order not to miss any match: World Cup 2022 Full Fixtures of 64 Matches with Every TimeZone of Local/GMT/ET/AEDT/IST!

Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 In the UK: TV Channels

British-based football fans have a familiar duo of free-to-air broadcasters providing coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup: BBC and ITV. All the World Cup 2022 matches can therefore be watched live without you paying a jot. Those fixtures have been divvied up equally between the two networks and you can check which channel has which games, as well as all the important dates and times, by clicking here.

What will be aired on BBC and ITV?

Sunday, 20 November - Qatar vs Ecuador - 4pm - BBC

Monday, 21 November - England vs Iran - 1pm - BBC

Monday, 21 November - Senegal vs Netherlands - 7pm ITV

Tuesday, 22 November - Argentina vs Saudi Arabia - 10am - ITV

Tuesday, 22 November - Denmark vs Tunisia - 1pm - ITV

Tuesday, 22 November - Mexico vs Poland - 4pm - BBC

Tuesday, 22 November - France vs Australia - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday, 23 November - Morocco vs Croatia - 10am - ITV

Wednesday, 23 November - Germany vs Japan - 1pm - ITV

Wednesday, 23 November - Spain vs Costa Rica - 4pm - ITV

Wednesday, 23 November - Belgium vs Canada - 7pm - BBC

Thursday, 24 November - Switzerland vs Cameroon - 10am - ITV

Thursday, 24 November - Uruguay vs South Korea - 1pm - BBC

Thursday, 24 November - Portugal vs Ghana - 4pm - ITV

Thursday, 24 November - Brazil vs Serbia - 7pm - BBC

Friday, 25 November - Wales vs Iran - 10am - BBC

Friday, 25 November - Qatar vs Senegal - 1pm - BBC

Friday, 25 November - Netherlands vs Ecuador - 4pm - ITV

Friday, 25 November - England vs USA - 7pm - ITV

Saturday, 26 November - Tunisia vs Australia - 10am - BBC

Saturday, 26 November - Poland vs Saudi Arabia - 1pm - ITV

Saturday, 26 November - France vs Denmark - 4pm - ITV

Saturday, 26 November - Argentina vs Mexico - 7pm - ITV

Sunday, 27 November - Japan vs Costa Rica - 10am - ITV

Sunday, 27 November - Belgium vs Morocco - 1pm - BBC

Sunday, 27 November - Croatia vs Canada - 4pm - BBC

Sunday, 27 November - Spain vs Germany - 7pm - BBC

Monday, 28 November - Cameroon vs Serbia - 10am - ITV

Monday, 28 November - South Korea vs Ghana - 1pm - BBC

Monday, 28 November - Brazil vs Switzerland - 4pm - ITV

Monday, 28 November - Portugal vs Uruguay - 7pm - ITV

Tuesday, 29 November - Ecuador vs Senegal - 3pm - ITV

Tuesday, 29 November - Netherlands vs Qatar - 3pm - ITV

Tuesday, 29 November - Iran vs United States - 7pm - BBC

Tuesday, 29 November - Wales vs England - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday, 30 November - Tunisia vs France - 3pm - BBC

Wednesday, 30 November - Australia vs Denmark - 3pm - BBC

Wednesday, 30 November - Poland vs Argentina - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday, 30 November - Saudi Arabia vs Mexico - 7pm - BBC

Thursday, 1 December - Canada vs Morocco - 4pm - BBC

Thursday, 1 December - Croatia vs Belgium - 4pm - BBC

Thursday, 1 December - Japan vs Spain - 7pm - ITV

Thursday, 1 December - Costa Rica vs Germany - 7pm - ITV

Friday, 2 December - Ghana vs Uruguay - 4pm - BBC

Friday, 2 December - South Korea vs Portugal - 4pm - BBC

Friday, 2 December - Serbia vs Switzerland - 7pm - ITV

Friday, 2 December - Cameroon vs Brazil - 7pm - ITV

Watching is one option. You can also follow actions of every match via Standard Sport’s live blog.

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Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 in the UK: Livestream on Apps

Should you not have a TV with access to the BBC or ITV, you can also stream fixtures online via BBC iPlayer or ITVX (the replacement of ITV Hub coming this Autumn) as well as catch up on highlights and any other World Cup adjacent coverage. These streaming services are available on any devices, including mobile phones and smart TVs.

UK TV license holders will be able to watch matches online via BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub. If you don’t have televisions connected to BBC or ITV, you can stream games online using BBC iPlayer and ITVX (the replacement for ITV Hub due to launch this autumn) and catch the highlights or else World Cup adjacent coverage. These streaming services can be accessed on all devices, including mobile phones and smart TVs.

The BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming platform in the UK, that offers registered users a range of viewing services, ranging from TV Shows to Sports events. Thankfully, it is also projected to show the prospective World Cup games as well.

To have access to the platforms’ numerous services, all you have to do is sign up. Signing up takes less than five minutes and requires no charge from you.

Once your account is open, you can simply optimize the search icon to find the World Cup games that you would like to watch.

One impressive feature of this platform is that it allows you to connect to TV devices. This would come in handy if you are looking to view from a larger screen as opposed to your mobile devices.

To connect to a TV, it is advisable to check the site’s specifications for supported TV devices.

ITV is a British broadcasting network. ITV will be broadcasting live matches of 2022 Football World Cup through ITV Hub. ITV Hub is the network’s app available on both desktop and mobile devices including Windows, Android, and iOS.

ITV is a great option if you travel frequently and have to watch the World Cup while on the go. Since ITV is a British TV network, it is inaccessible for viewers outside the UK. Thus, you will need a VPN service that offers UK servers in order to access ITV.

Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 In the UK: Use VPNs

There are numerous VPN service providers available in UK. Each provider offers different levels of functionality depending on the purpose a user wants to deploy it for. If are looking for the best World Cup VPN in UK, you should look for VPN in UK providers having various servers distributed across the world.

Here is the list of VPN providers in UK that includes:

→ ExpressVPN

→ NordVPN

→ PureVPN

→ Private VPN

→ Ivacy VPN

In addition, the VPN service you opt for should provide unlimited bandwidth without throttling streaming services in UK.

Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 In the UK: Websites

Due to expensive copyright restrictions, there are not many websites that broadcast matches at the 2022 World Cup for free.

However, there are still many websites specializing in sports and football that have live, online and completely free streams of matches at the 2022 World Cup.

Information about websites and links will be updated by us right before each match at the 2022 World Cup.

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Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 In the UK: Social Media

♦ The easiest way is to search "Live Match Team A and B" on Social Media. Lots of personal accounts will stream the matches but this is not legal. You might be interrupted by advertising. Amateur comments from other accounts will sometimes annoy you.

You can watch Football World Cup games live on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Some page coverage you live matches via LIVE. But it may not be stable and HD because of copyright issues.

♦ FIFA TV has allowed verified content publishers to stream live matches on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and Instagram.

So, you can always be with the news, updates, and match summaries of the FIFA World Cup 2022 as notifications on your profile. Moreover, you can enjoy live matches on your smartphones in homes, offices, restaurants, cars, etc.

However, never miss watching the live streaming on the verified pages to avoid any privacy issues. In this regard, authorized broadcasters can follow the official social media pages.

You can follow the official page of FIFA, TV Parents, and News portal to get instant live scores, stats, fixtures and video clips on your device feed. That helps you to keep updated about FIFA World Cup 2022.

Can I watch the World Cup on my PS5 or Xbox Series X?

There are plenty of ways that you can watch the World Cup on your PS5 or Xbox Series X, and in many cases, you'll be able to tune in on older generation console too. Be warned though, some TV platform and games console combinations work better together than others. We've all the details you need on that just below.

Wherever you're based and whichever games console you use, you'll first need to register an account with the streaming service you want use for your World Cup 2022 live stream – even if it's free.

Paid Options to watch World Cup 2022 in the UK

Sling TV is the cheapest streaming service offering monthly packages starting at only $35. It includes two channels, Fox and Telemundo, in its list of channels.

Paid options are also available to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in the UK with a VPN.

  • YouTube
  • Direct TV

DirecTV offers more than 200 channels depending on your subscription package in UK. Through DirecTV, viewers can access channels like Fox and ESPN for World Cup matches. However, DirecTV streaming channels are only available for viewers in the US.

Therefore, if you are outside the US, you will first need a World Cup VPN in UK to enjoy the tournament through DirecTV streaming in UK.

These are subscription based services so, you have to make sure to have active subscription of each channel to watch FIFA 2022 matches. Moreover, they will only work in the UK with a VPN. Ensure connecting with FastestVPN USA server to access YouTube and Directv in the UK. However, we recommend the free options more.

Fixtures of England and Wales

England Fixture At World Cup 2022

England will kick off their World Cup campaign against Iran on Monday, November 21 at 1pm.

Four days later, England face off against USA on Friday, November 25 at 7pm.

England finish their group stage fixtures against Wales on Tuesday, November 29 at 7pm.

Who and when could England play in the knockout rounds?

Should England make it out of Group B, they will take on one of Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal or the Netherlands in the last-16.

Depending on if England win their group or finish second, they will play their last-16 match on either December 3 or 4.

England could then face a grudge match against either Argentina or France in the quarter final on December 9 or 10.

Should Southgate’s men make it through to the semi-final, it is possible they could face Belgium or Portugal on December 13 or 14 for a place in the final.

And if England do indeed make it to their second final in as many years, they could square off against Spain, Brazil or Germany in a fight to become world champions.

The final will take place at the Lusail Iconic Stadium on Sunday, December 18 at 3pm.

Wales' fixture schedule

Group stages

Wales v USA , Monday 21 November 2022, 19:00 (UK time) - Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

Wales v Iran, Friday 25 November, 2022, 10:00 (UK time) - Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

Wales v England, Tuesday 29 November, 2022, 19:00 (UK time) - Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

If Wales make it through the group stages, they will face one of four sides in Group A - either Qatar, the Netherlands, Senegal or Ecuador.

If Wales are the runner-up of Group B, they will play the winner of Group A on Saturday 3 December.

If Wales win Group B, they will play the runner-up of Group A on Sunday 4 December.

The BBC and ITV will once again share live TV coverage of the World Cup.

The BBC will show England’s games against Iran and Wales, whilst ITV will broadcast England vs USA.

What is the time difference between Qatar and the UK?

The UK is currently three hours behind Qatar.

FIFA have chosen the first two rounds of group stage fixtures to kick-off at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm local time.

This will equate to 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm in the UK.

England's first match is set to kick-off at 1pm in the UK, with their next two fixtures taking an evening slot.

The final has been arranged for 6pm in Qatar, meaning the game will kick-off at 3pm in the UK.

Both sets of semi-finals will take place at 7pm UK time.

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Where are England staying for World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

England players and management will be treated to five-star luxury in Qatar as Gareth Southgate bids to finally get his hands on a major trophy after two near misses. The Three Lions will be staying in the Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli when the squad links together next month for the 2022 World Cup.

Walls and furniture appear to be gleaming throughout the place as the England players seek to make the hotel a home until the latter stages of December. In other tournaments, international squads have moved to different hotels but England will be staying in this area until they are knocked out of the World Cup.

World Cup 2022 dates

Group stage: November 20 – December 2

Round of 16: December 3 – 6

Quarter-finals: December 9 – 10

Semi-finals: December 13 – 14

Final: December 18

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