Top 10 Most Successful Soccer Clubs in England
Top 10 Most Successful football Teams in England

Which club won most trophies in England?

Manchester City have moved into fifth place after their recent League Cup trophy, putting them tied at 20 trophies with Aston Villa.

The rivalry between the Reds (Liverpool) and the Red Devils (Manchester United) goes back a long way as they battle to be the most decorated club in England.

Who won has won the most titles in England? Well, it depends on who you ask.

We try to rank the Most Successful Football Clubs in England in history: Two Lists for Man United and Liverpool fans:

1. The list of top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in England for Man United Fans

(Last updated August, 2021)

1.Manchester United - 66 trophies.

2.Liverpool - 65 trophies.

3.Arsenal - 48 trophies.

4.Chelsea - 32 trophies.

5.Manchester City - 28 trophies.

6.Tottenham Hotspur - 26 trophies.

7. Aston Villa - 25 trophies.

8. Everton - 24 trophies.

9. Newcastle

10. Wolves

2. The list of top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in England for Liverpool Fans

Club League European Cup FA Cup UEFA Cup League Cup Total Trophies
Liverpool 18 5 7 3 8 41
Manchester United 20 3 12 1 5 41
Arsenal 13 0 13 1 2 29
Chelsea 6 1 7 3 5 21
Aston Villa 7 1 7 2 5 22
Tottenham 2 0 8 3 4 17
Everton 9 0 5 1 0 15
Manchester City 4 0 5 1 4 14
Newcastle 4 0 6 2 0 12
Nottingham Forest 1 2 2 0 4 9

1.Manchester United

Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in England
Champions: Manchester United claimed a 20th league title last season, overtaking Liverpool's record of 19

From the beginning, they have a stronger root, where Manchester United is the first club to win the Premier League. The very first England team to win the European cup in 1968.

Trophies: They have a record of winning the most Premier League titles, 13. Manchester United has a top division record of 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, and three champion leagues.

English First Division (20 times), FA Cup (12 times), League Cup (five times), European Cup (1968, '99, 2008), UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1991), Europa League (2017), FIFA Cup World Cup (2008)

Famous footballers: Manchester United has players full of potential and talent. Some players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, George Best, Ryan Giggs, Paul Pobga, and Eric Cantona are famous as the top stars throughout the club’s history.

United aren't just the biggest club in Britain, they – alongside Real Madrid – have a claim to be the biggest football club in the world. They've got the success, the names, the history, the stadium, the fans, the profile, the money.

2.Liverpool - 65 trophies

Trophies: Liverpool has won 43 major titles, a record for the most successful English teams.

English First Division (19 times), FA Cup (seven times), League Cup (eight times), European Cup (six times), UEFA Cup (1973, '76, 2001)

The team has won nineteen league titles, seven FA Cups, an extraordinary eight League Cups, and fifteen FA Community Shields.

In international tournaments, the team has won a total of 6 European Cups. Again, this is considered more than any other English club.

Liverpool has won three UEFA Cups, four UEFA Super Cups (also English records), and one FIFA Club World Cup.

Famous Footballer: The Reds have some of the greatest players, such as Stevan Gerrard, Kenny Dulgis, Ian Rush, John Barnes, and many more.

The most successful manager of Liverpool is known as Bob Paisley. He brought six Football League championships, six Charity Shields, three Football League Cups, three European Cups, one UEFA Super Cup, and one UEFA Cup during his nine-year tenure.

Take this however you want – but the fact that Liverpool had managed to go almost thirty years without a top flight title and are still only one behind Manchester United in second place all-time shows how staggeringly good the Reds have been since their first league trophy in 1901.

Also one more European title, and the Anfield side will have 50% of all European Cups won by English sides ever. The fans are iconic. The club is iconic. There's nobody like Liverpool.

Man United or Liverpool - Which Club Have Won The Most Trophies? Man United or Liverpool - Which Club Have Won The Most Trophies?

Which club won most major trophies in England? Liverpool or Man Utd? Well, it depends on who you ask.

3.Arsenal - 48 trophies

Trophies: Arsernal have won 13 Premier League titles and have a record of 14 FA Cup victories.

English First Division (13 times), FA Cup (14 times), League Cup (1987, '93), UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1994)

Record: The Gunners has made history where Arsenal is the only club to remain undefeated in the Premier League season (2003/04). And again holds the record for longest unbroken record in the top division of soccer history.

Famous: The one reason Arsenal is big today is due to the manager Arsene Wenger. The one who created, rebuilt, and developed the whole arsenal. He is the one individual who deserves full credit for Arsenal’s success. He had an eye to scout talent and provided it directly to each player.

Another success factor for Arsenal is its team members. They have some of the best players globally, such as Thierry Henry, Mesut Ozil, David Seaman, Patrick Vieria, Ray Parlour, and many more.

They've also had the Premier League's only unbeaten season, and the best part of a decade of the Premier League's greatest ever striker. Did we mention that they're the capital's most decorated club?

London's most successful club, London's biggest club, the team with the most FA Cup titles ever and a side who dominated British football at a formative time in the lives of a number of current fans. Not the time they won five titles in eight years in the 1930s, but the eight-year run at the turn of the century when they finished in the top two for eight years in a row, won four FA Cups and four League Cups.

4.Chelsea - 32 trophies

Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in England
Chelsea beat City 1-0, win Champions League for second time

Trophies: English First Division (six times), FA Cup (eight times), League Cup (five times), European Cup (2012), Europa League (2013, '19), UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1971, '98)

Record: Chelsea is one of England’s most successful clubs. They have won more than thirty competitive championships, including six league wins and seven European Championships.

The Blues became the first English team to win all four European titles. As well as the first club to hold both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League crowns simultaneously.

The team is one of the popular and loved teams in the soccer world. With the talents and star players, the blues have an offensive playing style that appeals to the public.

Famous: Some of the biggest players in the club are Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, John Terry, and many more legends.

Then they finished in the top two for seven of the next eight seasons, winning the title three times, with a genuine super-team. Like Spurs though, the Blues have a long and sustained history of being a good football team. Just nine years outside the top flight since the Second World War, European forays, all that kinda thing. And they're a big London club.

5.Manchester City - 28 trophies

Man City is another renowned and top-tier English team. Liverpool Coach Jurgen Kloop states that “Manchester City is the best team in the world with the best manager, Pep Guardiola.”

Man City has outstanding players and an exceptional squad that produces exceptional results, making the club one of the finest in the world.

Trophies: English First Division (six times), FA Cup (six times), League Cup (eight times), UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1970)

Likewise, City won their first premier league in 2012. Then, in 2014, they won the prestigious trophy for the second time, followed by back-to-back victories in 2018 and 2019.

They’re also the first Premier League club to score 100 points in a single season. In addition, Manchester City had the fifth-highest revenue of any soccer team in the world in the 2018–19 season, at €568.4 million.

The city has also won the League Cup four times in the previous decade (2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019) and the FA Cup thrice (2011 and 2019).

The talented and public favorites such as Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, Riyad Mahreez, David Silva, and many more are the players in Manchester City.

The fact that they've won quote a few Premier League titles in the last few seasons helps too. After a huge and sustained investment of cash, City have now become the standard by which other teams' qualities are judged. That's a big deal.

6.Tottenham Hotspur - 26 trophies

Record and History: Tottenham was the first club in the twentieth century to win both the League and FA Cup in the 1960–61 season.

They have a long-running history in soccer. Due to which Spurs are known as one of the successful soccer teams in England.

Spurs have long been known for its fast-paced and aggressive football. Spurs have won two league crowns, eight FA Cups, four League Cups, and seven FA Community Shields in domestic football.

They have one European Cup Winners’ Cup and two UEFA Cups in European football.

The team has one of the top match attendance numbers in the Premier League, and it holds the Premier League attendance record.

Famous: Tottenham is known to be a good team. The brilliant players such as Ricardo Villa, Harry Kane, Song Heun Min, Delli Alli, Hugo Lloris, and many more make good teamwork.

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West Bromwich

With its popularity and extensive popularity and extensive history, West Bromwich is one of England’s popular and top twelve successful soccer teams.

The team was one of the founding 12 members of the Soccer League. And again, the world’s first professional football league, which was founded in 1888.

West Bromwich has won the English Championship once, in 1919–20, and has finished second twice. Albion teams have been in ten FA Cup finals and have won the competition five times.

The major trophy won by Albion was in 1888, the same year the league was formed, and the most recent was won in 1968, also known as the club’s last major trophy.

7. Aston Villa - 25 trophies

Aston Villa is one of the popular teams in the soccer world. And right now, Aston Villa is remarkably going strong.

Villa presently holds the record for most league goals scored by any English top-flight side, with 128 in the 1930–31 season, one more than Arsenal, who won the league for the first time that season, with Villa finishing second.

Trophies: English First Division (seven times), FA Cup (seven times), League Cup (five times), European Cup (1982).

Aston Villa is one of the most successful football teams globally, winning the league title seven times, the FA Cup seven times, and the League Cup five times.

However, they haven’t won a cup since 1996, and their last league victory was in 1981. But recent changes show that Villa is getting stronger, and other opponents may have to fear.

Villa has several good players, such as Jack Grealish, Emiliano Martinez, Emi Buendia, Ollie Watkins, Ashley Young, Tyrone Mings, and many more.

8. Everton - 24 trophies

The club was a founding member of the Soccer League and has participated in the top level for 118 seasons, missing only four top-flight seasons since its inception.

Trophies: English First Division (nine times), FA Cup (five times), European Cup Winners' Cup (1985)

Everton is the English Premier League’s second-longest-running club, winning nine league titles, five FA Cups, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, and nine Charity Shields.

The Toffees have the third most Premier League points of any club in the league’s history. Additionally, which is more than Manchester United and Chelsea combined.

Not only that, Everton is known as the People’s Club. As they not only solely focus on new talent or domestic talent. They do some unique things, such as participate in strong philanthropic causes and operations.

You will find some of the rising and popular talents in Everton. Some of them are James Rodrigues, Richarlison, Jordan Pickford, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and many more.

And you can see the reason why Everton is one of the successful soccer teams in England. And one of the most loved clubs out there in England.

Only three clubs have won more English league titles than Everton. The Toffees have 13 FA Cup final appearances – also topped by just the three clubs. Their trophy cabinet is absolutely inarguable, and they've got one of the very best fanbases in the country.

9. Newcastle

Trophies: English First Division (1904-05, '06-07, '08-09, '26-27), FA Cup (six times), Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (1969).

The club has a long and successful history in English soccer. Newcastle is popular as people have immense support and love towards the club.

The fans are passionate and devoted to the club, making it more enjoyable to watch them play.

The biggest rival for Newcastle is Sunderland. And the reason is the town rivalry between the two cities Sunderland and Newcastle, can be traced back to the English Civil War.

10. Wolves

Trophies: English First Division (1953-54, '57-58, '58-59), FA Cup (1893, 1908, '49, '60), League Cup (1974, '80).

The club’s 66th season at the top level and seventh since the Premier League’s inception in 1992.

Wolves have won the FA Cup four times, the most recent in 1960, and has finished second four times.

In 1974 and 1980, the team won the League Cup and finished first in all four divisions of the English professional game.

Wolves consist of players such as Nuna Espirito, Ruben Neves, Diogo Jota, Raul Jimenez and many more.

Leicester - Shocking Triumph

Leicester won the Premier League for the first time in 2015–16, becoming one of seven teams to do it since the league’s establishment in 1992.

Many people were stunned by Leicester’s title triumph, which has been dubbed “the greatest sporting shock in history.”

The Foxes has a joint record of seven second-tier titles and has been in five FA Cup finals, with their first trophy coming in 2021.

They’ve also won the League Cup three times and competed in five European tournaments. The club is filled with young talents who are keen on developing themselves as soccer players.

The Foxes players team has Jamie Vardy, James Maddison, Kasper Schimel, Youri Tielemans, Kelechi Iheanacho, and many more.