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Best Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 in South Africa: Websites, TV Channels and Livestream. Photo Getty

If you're in South Africa during the World Cup 2022, you're in luck because the country has bought the official rights. Thanks to that, local and foreign fans in South Africa can watch completely free on TV channels.

In addition to television, you can watch all 64 other matches at the 2022 World Cup in many different ways. As a foreigner in South Africa, if you use a VPN, you can watch the World Cup on British, American, Canadian, Australian, etc. TV channels.

You can also download Apps to watch for free on your smartphone and visit websites for free or paid livestreams.

You can also watch World Cup matches completely free on social networks.

There are tons of websites on the internet that stream World Cup matches live, but you need to be aware that this is illegal broadcasting.

Free Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 in South Africa: Official TV Channels

If you are from South Africa, you can enjoy FIFA 2022 on SABC Sports Channel.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation owns the free-to-air sports television network SABC Sport in South Africa (SABC).

SABC 1, SABC 2 and SABC 3 broadcast the matches live. SABC Sports Channel will serve as the main broadcast venue for the FIFA World Cup.

For the FIFA World Cup, SABC Sport Channel will be the primary broadcast platform for the live presentation of the match.

All the live match presentations will include a live studio build up with match previews and latest team and player news.

In addition to match analysis and the latest team and player news, each live match presentation will feature a special live build-up.

SABC Sport created a sports brand to offer comprehensive coverage of live events, action-packed highlights, live matchups and schedules!

The only opportunity for you to watch your favorite athletic events in the language of your choice with no entry restrictions and available to everyone.

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If you don't have TV, another choice is radio. On SABC radio stations, South African listeners can follow the FIFA World Cup live in their preferred language.

'Totally Free' Websites to World Cup 2022 in South Africa

Due to expensive copyright restrictions, there are not many websites that broadcast matches at the 2022 World Cup for free.

However, there are still many websites specializing in sports and football that have live, online and completely free streams of matches at the 2022 World Cup.

1.The Official Websites of the TV Channels in South Africa

Unfortunately, unlike other TV channels in the world, SABC Sports of South Africa only broadcasts on Cable TV and not live on their website ( Therefore, football fans in South Africa cannot watch World Cup matches on the website of the above TV channel.

2.Legal and Complete FREE Websites to Watch World Cup 2022 in South Africa

Football fan in South Africa can access to many websites that make watching the 2022 World Cup completely free and legal

Please click on one of these 3 websites:




And Check More the FREE Sites: 'Totally' Free Sites to Watch Live World Cup 2022 Anywhere in the World!

3.More Options to Watch Live World Cup 2022 in South Africa

1.Top 11 Best Apps To Watch World Cup 2022 in Any Country

2.Best Ways To Watch World Cup 2022 In Any Country: TV Channels, Free Sites, Livestream Links and Apps

3.How to Watch Live World Cup in Any Country with Simpliest Ways

4.Best FREE Ways to Watch World Cup 2022 From Anywhere In The World

5.Top 15+ FREE Sites to Watch World Cup 2022 in Different Languages experts recommend against watching the World Cup on illegal websites for the following reasons:

-You may face many risks such as having your laptop hacked or personal information, being scammed.

-Broadcast quality is too bad, many ads and no English commentary.

Accessing the official websites of the above channels, you can livestream for free or pay the World Cup matches. Of course, you will have to subscribe to the channel and follow the instructions on that website, so it takes time. So if you want to see the website, you should register 1 week in advance.

Watch World Cup 2022 In South Africa For Free Without Cable

On YouTube, there are internet channels for every SABC TV channel. They offer news, current affairs, documentaries, and occasionally SABC News live broadcasts.

Watch World Cup 2022 In South Africa (Paid options)


All 64 matches will be broadcast live and in 4K on SuperSport, with all matches enjoying expert build-ups and summaries, plus state-of-the-art graphics and supplementary programming. SuperSport will also have crews on hand to capture breaking news, with a particular focus on Africa's five participants: Cameroon, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana and Senegal.

Premium, Compact Plus and Compact subscribers will be able to watch in English, Zulu, Setswana, Sotho or Portuguese.

Cost: A premium decoder package costs about R949 a month, including an Explora Ultra decoder and installation. For R799 a month you will need to get a decoder, pay an access fee and sort out installation. A stream-only Premium subscription costs R699.

Compact Plus costs R679 a month and includes an Explora Ultra decoder, access fee and installation. It is R519 a month without the decoder, access fee or installation, and R469 a month for a stream-only subscription.

A Compact subscription will cost R499 a month for an Explora decoder, access fee, installation and Wi-Fi connector. For R90 less you will pay an access fee and have to sort out your own decoder and installation. A streaming only package costs R369 a month.

4K Television

Those who want to watch matches with the highest level of detail, 4K, will need an Explora Ultra, a 4K television (connected with the HDMI supplied with the decoder) and a Premium, Compact Plus or Compact subscription.

If you want to stream the tournament you can do so via Showmax Pro or DStv. You will need a 4K television and a Premium, Compact Plus or Compact subscription.

Cost: To watch on a decoder will cost you more than R499 a month and as much as R949.

Showmax Pro costs from R199 a month on one mobile phone or tablet to R299 (both on special until the end of January next year) on smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, media boxes and consoles.

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Watch World Cup 2022 in South Africa On Social Platforms

Although copyrighted, on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google +, etc., there are still many personal accounts that stream matches at the 2022 World Cup.

Before each match, you just need to visit that social network and search with the keyword phrase "Watch Live...names of the two teams", there will be a series of personal accounts that stream the match.

However, we recommend that you do not watch live World Cup matches on your personal social media accounts as it is illegal. Because it is illegal and is a personal account, it often has interruptions, too many ads, bad broadcast quality and you are prone to other risks such as being scammed, having your account hacked, etc.

FIFA TV has allowed verified content publishers to stream live matches on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and Instagram. So, every football fan can enjoy World Cup live matches on your smartphones at homes, offices, restaurants, cars, etc.

Watch World Cup 2022 in South Africa with VPNs

Despite the presence of numerous FIFA World Cup channels, not everyone can access them. Because of licensing issues, some networks hold broadcasting rights to show matches in specific locations. Whether or not you can view a particular stream largely depends on where in the world you live. A World Cup VPN is the easiest solution to navigate geographical restrictions and access a specific live stream.

A World cup football VPN also comes in handy if you’re in a country where all football streaming is blocked. Or if you prefer to watch the match with commentary in a particular language. Lastly, some channels charge expensive subscriptions to sign up, and a Football world cup VPN is a cheaper alternative.

The good news is using a World Cup VPN is simple, even if you’re not tech-savvy. You only need to download a good VPN world cup that can unlock locations airing the event for free

Users have plenty of VPN world cup options to sift through, some free and some paid. For most, knowing which World Cup VPN to pick can be challenging. Paid VPNs mostly come with more perks and functionalities than their free counterparts. Let us walk you through some of the most popular paid VPNs to watch soccer.


ExpressVPN is a stable World Cup VPN packed with loads of exciting features. The user-friendly VPN is perfect for both entry-level and advanced users. ExpressVPN also boasts a vast network and servers in over 94 countries, making the FIFA world cup VPN excellent for unblocking streaming sites.

Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption;

Lowest price: $6.67


With over 5,300 servers distributed in over 59 countries, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for soccer. Though it’s on the pricy side, the fast speeds and user-friendly interface make it worth the extra coins. The safe soccer world cup VPN boasts high-end security features such as 256-bit AES encryption, a gold standard for security technology.

Pros: Lots of pricing options; Netflix support kept up to date; 256-bit AES encryption;

Lowest price: $3.71


SurfShark is another brilliant World Cup VPN to consider if you’re looking for secure and budget-friendly solutions. Despite being a budget brand, it offers a raft of features other cost-effective VPNs don’t have, such as the Automatic Kill Switch. The FIFA world cup VPN also boasts fast speeds and faultless security credentials.

Time Zone Difference Between Qatar And South Africa

Before downloading the Fifa world cup 2022 schedule time in South Africa you must have to understand the time zone difference between Qatar and South Africa. South Africa’s time zone is GMT+2 and Qatar’s time zone is GMT+3. Qatar is 1 hour ahead of South Africa.

World Cup 2022 Fixtures in South Africa Time

Group Matches

1 Qatar Ecuador 20-Nov 6:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium A
2 England Iran 21-Nov 3:00 PM Khalifa International B
3 Senegal Netherlands 21-Nov 6:00 PM Al Thumama A
4 United States Wales 21-Nov 9:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali B
5 Argentina Saudi Arabia 22-Nov 12:00 PM Lusail Stadium C
6 Denmark Tunisia 22-Nov 3:00 PM Education City D
7 Mexico Poland 22-Nov 6:00 PM Stadium 974 C
8 France Australia 22-Nov 9:00 PM Al Janoub D
9 Morocco Croatia 23-Nov 12:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium F
10 Germany Japan 23-Nov 3:00 PM Khalifa International E
11 Spain Costa Rica 23-Nov 6:00 PM Al Thumama E
12 Belgium Canada 23-Nov 9:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali F
13 Switzerland Cameroon 24-Nov 12:00 PM Al Janoub G
14 Uruguay South Korea 24-Nov 3:00 PM Education City H
15 Portugal Ghana 24-Nov 6:00 PM Stadium 974 H
16 Brazil Serbia 24-Nov 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium G
17 Wales Iran 25-Nov 12:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali B
18 Qatar Senegal 25-Nov 3:00 PM Al Thumama A
19 Netherlands Ecuador 25-Nov 6:00 PM Khalifa International A
20 England United States 25-Nov 9:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium B
21 Tunisia Australia 26-Nov 12:00 PM Al Janoub D
22 Poland Saudi Arabia 26-Nov 3:00 PM Education City C
23 France Denmark 26-Nov 6:00 PM Stadium 974 D
24 Argentina Mexico 26-Nov 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium C
25 Japan Costa Rica 27-Nov 12:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali E
26 Belgium Morocco 27-Nov 3:00 PM Al Thumama F
27 Croatia Canada 27-Nov 6:00 PM Khalifa International F
28 Spain Germany 27-Nov 9:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium E
29 Cameroon Serbia 28-Nov 12:00 PM Al Janoub G
30 South Korea Ghana 28-Nov 3:00 PM Education City H
31 Brazil Switzerland 28-Nov 6:00 PM Stadium 974 G
32 Portugal Uruguay 28-Nov 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium H
33 Ecuador Senegal 29-Nov 5:00 PM Khalifa International A
34 Netherlands Qatar 29-Nov 5:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium A
35 Iran United States 29-Nov 9:00 PM Al Thumama B
36 Wales England 29-Nov 9:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali B
37 Tunisia France 30-Nov 5:00 PM Education City D
38 Australia Denmark 30-Nov 5:00 PM Al Janoub D
39 Poland Argentina 30-Nov 9:00 PM Stadium 974 C
40 Saudi Arabia Mexico 30-Nov 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium C
41 Croatia Belgium 1-Dec 5:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali F
42 Canada Morocco 1-Dec 5:00 PM Al Thumama F
43 Japan Spain 1-Dec 9:00 PM Khalifa International E
44 Costa Rica Germany 1-Dec 9:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium E
45 South Korea Portugal 2-Dec 5:00 PM Education City H
46 Ghana Uruguay 2-Dec 5:00 PM Al Janoub H
47 Serbia Switzerland 2-Dec 9:00 PM Stadium 974 G
48 Cameroon Brazil 2-Dec 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium G

Round of 16

49 1A 2B 3-Dec 5:00 PM Khalifa International Pre Q. Final
50 1C 2D 3-Dec 9:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Pre Q. Final
51 1D 2C 4-Dec 5:00 PM Al Thumama Pre Q. Final
52 1B 2A 4-Dec 9:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium Pre Q. Final
53 1E 2F 5-Dec 5:00 PM Al Janoub Pre Q. Final
54 1G 2H 5-Dec 9:00 PM Stadium 974 Pre Q. Final
55 1F 2E 6-Dec 5:00 PM Education City Pre Q. Final
56 1H 2G 6-Dec 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium Pre Q. Final

Quarter Finals

57 W53 W54 9-Dec 5:00 PM Education City Quarter Final
58 W49 W50 9-Dec 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium Quarter Final
59 W55 W56 10-Dec 5:00 PM Al Thumama Quarter Final
60 W51 W52 10-Dec 9:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium Quarter Final

Semi Finals

61 W57 W58 13-Dec 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium Semi Final
62 W59 W60 14-Dec 9:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium Semi Final

3rd Position

63 L61 L62 17-Dec 5:00 PM Khalifa International 3rd Place

The Grand Finale

64 W61 W62 18-Dec 5:00 PM Lusail Stadium Grand Finale
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