Beer Can Appreciation Day. Photo: KnowInsiders
Beer Can Appreciation Day. Photo: KnowInsiders

Beer Can Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on January 24th. This day is dedicated to the aluminum cans which make a wonderful packaging to make beer so handy.

Although the origins of Beer Can Appreciation Day can be found among our transatlantic friends, we Germans, as a nation of beer drinkers, are of course allowed to join in the celebrations! Although the Czechs are still ahead of the Germans with an annual beer consumption of 141 litres per capita, we have 1300 breweries and more than 5000 different beer brands.

Beer Can Appreciation Day History

Beer has been one of the staples of health and diet for thousands of years, and there are those who say that access to Beer is one of the reasons that the slaves of Egypt were able to build those huge pyramids. The ability to preserve calories and not rot cannot be underestimated! While back then the beverage was held in clay vessels, the container of choice today is the aluminum can. This tradition was first started in 1935, and on the heels of it came a never ending parade of varieties of labelling.

Photo: Virginia Living
Photo: Virginia Living

From the serious to the comical, there’s no limit to what a label might contain. Beer can collectors all over the world have built sizable collections demonstrating the length and scope of artistic talent of beer can designers all over the world. It’s not just the art either! The technical innovations that have changed over the ages are also appreciated, from the first cans that had to be opened with a church key to modern cans that can be popped with just a pull of the thumb. That delightful hiss is always there to herald in the beginning of a great afternoon.

Richmond earned a place in beer history on January 24, 1935, when the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company of New Jersey offered the country’s first canned beer for sale in the city. Brewers and drinkers alike immediately loved lightweight, cheap, and stackable cans, and because they beat bottles at blocking destructive sunlight, cans proved better for the beer, too!

For many decades, cans were well branded but not beautiful. Then, in 2002, a Colorado business became the first modern craft brewer to can its beer, and suddenly amazing label art became a big thing in beer. In honor of Beer Can Appreciation Day, here are just a handful of the lovely labels available across the Commonwealth.

How to Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day

Well the obvious one is drink a can of your favourite beer, but the choice of where to drink it is all your own. Find a unique spot and make sure to use #JustBeer and #BeerCanAppreciationDay to post on social media. #Your favourite beer as well. We are sure the company would love to see it.

This is also a great opportunity to start a beer can wall collection. Growing up my dad had a Coke can collection. The whole neighborhood knew about it and he had cans from all over the world. Beer cans have some pretty beautiful art and awesome designs, so use today to start your collection.

Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock
Buy beer.... in cans

Doesn't matter to me where you buy your beer. It can be a beer your gran' pappy swears by or that ultra micro brew your best friend discovered. So long as it is a can 'cause on Beer Can Appreciation Day we drink from cans!

Marvel at those beautiful beer containers

When ready, remove a single can from packaging, hold it up to the sky and marvel at its majesty. Behold the labeling, the shape, the contours, and all those numbers stamped on the bottom.

Drink the nectar within

Now crack that bad boy and enjoy the flavor that has been kept air tight and far from the light that robs your beer of flavor. Enjoy the wonders of canned beer my friend. You may have earned that reward.

Beer Can Appreciation Day significance

Less time to chill

It's science. It takes less time to chill a can of beer than a bottle of beer. However, bottled beer stays colder longer. But that's what koozies are for, not to mention the Yeti Rambler Colster.

Easier to stack

Have you ever tried to stack beer bottles? Oh you have... How did that work out for you? Beer cans are easier to stack on shelves in the grocery store, or in your fridge, or in the garage, or any other place you might stack beer cans.

More durable

The advent of canned beer allowed US brewers to ship millions of cans of beer to soldiers overseas during World War II. Now canned beer can float a river, summit a mountain, and shred the gnar, all while staying pressurized, delicious and ready when you are. Can a bottle do that?

10 Facts about Beer Cans

Beer cans were first invented in 1935. Krueger’s Finest and Krueger’s Cream Ale were first sold in cans in Richmond, Virginia.

Beer cans chill down faster than bottles.

Beer cans are the most recycled packaging materials on earth.

Beer cans are preferred by most brewers because they help keep out two of beer’s worst enemies: light and oxygen.

Cans are better for brewers’ and consumers’ wallets – they are lighter and more transportable than bottles.

While beer bottles have always outsold beer cans, 2020 could be the first year where beer cans dethrone their glass brethren from the #1 spot.

Beer cans, at one time, were capped with bottle caps. As a transition between bottling equipment and canning equipment, manufacturers made it possible to seal a beer can with bottle caps.

One large keg of beer (a half-barrel of 15.5 gallons) contains the liquid of 165 twelve-ounce cans of beer.

In 2018, the United States beer industry sold over 2.8 billion cases of beer. That’s more than 67 billion 12-ounce cans of beer!

The state of Florida produced enough beer last year to sell 2.6 gallons (or roughly 28 cans) of beer every resident of legal drinking age.

Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day Messages and Quotes


1. Whenever you think of beer, the first and the foremost thing that comes to your mind is the beer can. Warm wishes on Beer Can Appreciation Day.

2. Beer Can Appreciation Day reminds us that no matter what, the beer cans are always going to be the most amazing way to pack this fantastic elixir.

3. Wishing a very Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day all. Where there is beer, there is always a can to make it so handy to drink.

4. When you think of beer and ease of having beer, you only think of beer cans. Warm wishes on the amazing Beer Can Appreciation Day.

5. Wishing everyone a fantastic and fun-filled Beer Can Appreciation Day. This day is not only about appreciating beer cans but also enjoy this amazing drink.

6. Whether you are going out on a picnic or you are out with your friends, beer cans make the best company. Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day to all.

7. On the Beer Can Appreciation Day, let us not forget and thank the one who invented this idea of packing beer into cans. Warm wishes on this unique day.

8. Sending warm greetings on Beer Can Appreciation Day to you. Just grab a beer can and thank the one who came up with this idea of cans for beer.

9. Beer cans are the best thing as they don’t break and they promise great convenience. Warm wishes on Beer Can Appreciation Day.

10. Wishing you a wonderful Beer Can Appreciation Day. Don’t forget to appreciate the concept of beer can as you enjoy your favourite beer today.

January 24th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


The California Gold Rush begins when contractor James W. Marshall discovers the first gold samples while working for John A Sutter in Coloma, California.


Robert Baden-Powell organizes the first Boy Scout troop in England.


Krueger Brewing Company and American Can Company joined forces to bring the first canned beer to the market.


Percy L. Spencer receives U.S. patent no. 2,495,429 for a “Method of Treating Foodstuffs” otherwise known as the microwave oven.


Discovery launches from Kennedy Space Center on a secret mission deploying an eavesdropping satellite.

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