Vanga's forecast for 2024: The End of Oil
Vanga Prediction for 2024
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Baba Vanga is widely recognized and her predictions encompass a diverse range of subjects, including natural calamities, political occurrences, and technological progress.

Nevertheless, it is contended by critics that the oracles possess solely symbolic or metaphorical significance. Given that prophecies frequently rely on symbolism, it is imperative that we regard them as points of reference.

One of her prophecies alluded to the impending depletion of "black gold" (oil) and the subsequent ascendancy of the new energy sector.

There exists a belief among certain individuals that the prediction made by her suggests the eventual displacement of the oil industry by the renewable energy sector. What will be the global landscape in a post-depletion scenario of fossil energy sources? Could you please provide a definition of renewable energy?

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The era of "black gold" is about to end?

Vanga's forecast for 2024: The End of Oil
The era of "black gold" is about to end

Oil is a very precious resource for all nations in the world. It can be said that the demand for oil and gas for all economic and technological activities as well as for people's daily lives increases as oil and gas are better understood.

Oil is not a limitless resource, according to researchers at the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research, as it takes millions of years to transform and produce crude oil. The possibility of total depletion exists if oil consumption rises in the future.

They have calculated a precise plan for halting oil and gas production in order to prevent the carbon emissions from worsening climate change. Accordingly, oil and gas exploitation must end entirely by 2050 in order to have a 50% chance of preventing a 1.5°C increase in global temperature.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) reaffirmed in a meeting held in 2022 that the continued use of fossil fuels to power the economy has a negative impact on the climate and causes significant harm to groups that have the least influence over climate change.

Rough estimates indicate that we have nearly 50 years left to use the remaining oil at current consumption levels. This standard is used in regions with estimated oil reserves of 1.65 trillion barrels and oil consumption of 35 and a half billion barrels annually, or 97 million barrels per day.

The global energy sector will face difficulties in 2022, when the crisis will have spread to most of the world's nations.

In particular, when one of the world's largest oil producing and supplying nations, Russia, is subjected to a number of embargoes, the raw material, transportation, and energy markets, including the global oil market, are adversely impacted. because it takes time to find new suppliers in Europe, America, and some other countries.

Some nations' oil production is unable to increase output right away in order to accommodate more customers. As a result, there is an imbalance in the supply and demand of oil for many nations, which causes rapid changes in the price of oil globally.

Therefore, beginning in 2023, nations all over the world have made the decision to lessen their reliance on fossil fuels and increase their independence in terms of renewable energy. One of the most effective answers to these problems has come from renewable energy. Therefore, it's possible that the era of "black gold" is coming to an end. And what fuels will take the place of oil?

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5 alternative energy sources "black gold"

LiveScience magazine organized a poll of readers' opinions on energy sources to replace oil in the future and received 5 results.


For thousands of years, people have known how to apply solar energy to grow crops, heat and make food. According to the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), for every hour of sunlight reaching the earth, all this energy is enough for the whole world to use for a year.

Today, we use sunlight in many ways such as heating the house, heating water, generating electricity to supply electrical and electronic devices...

Furthermore, power generation systems using solar panels do not produce air pollutants and especially do not produce CO2 (which causes the greenhouse effect), as long as they are installed properly. Most solar panels have little impact on the environment.

Wind energy

Wind is created from the hot temperature difference of the earth's surface, which creates air movement. Wind energy is generated by wind power through wind turbines. Wind energy as well as solar energy are both perfect renewable energy sources. It does not cause pollution like fossil energy, does not generate CO2 emissions or other toxic substances that negatively affect the environment and human health.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is energy extracted from heat in the center of the earth. This is an ancient type of energy, originating from the formation of the planet, from the radioactive decomposition of minerals and minerals as well as solar energy absorbed at the earth's surface.

However, the technology to exploit geothermal energy is still limited to a few places. In addition, technical problems also limit the utility of this type of energy.

Marine energy

Also a completely clean form of energy, tides are utilized to generate electricity thanks to energy conversion. However, the use of tidal energy is still very limited. The reason is because they have expensive investment costs and can only be implemented in places with high flow speeds or high enough tides.

Hydrogen Energy

This is one of the forms of energy that is being exploited and used quite a lot today. Using this type of energy also greatly contributes to reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, it is predicted that in the future this renewable energy source will be an effective solution to help reduce environmental pollution in many countries.

This clean energy source is applied to steam-powered vehicles. In addition, hydrogen is also used in hydrogen fuel cells, which provide power to electric motors similar to electricity storage batteries.

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