APRIL Fools APRIL Fools' Day: Top 9 Funny Facts
April Fools April Fools' Day: Top 10+ Funny Pranks For Kids at Home
April Fools'. Photo: Zoom TV
April Fools'. Photo: Zoom TV

1.Sealing off shampoos

Sealing off the bottles of their shampoo, conditioner, or body wash can be one of the best April Fool's jokes for parents. A plastic wrap can be used to accomplish this quickly. Remove the bottle cap, then wrap it in plastic, making sure that none of the edges protrude. Parents have no idea why their products aren't available.

2.Taking out batteries from remote controls

Another timeless and effective April Fool's Day joke for parents is to remove the batteries from the remote controls for the TV, music system, or even the air conditioner. They would be unable to function as a result, and your parents would never be able to figure out the real cause. But there was no assurance that one wouldn't later take a beating.

3.Switching sugar with salt

Switching the sugar for salt is one of the best April Fool's jokes for parents. Even though this is a tired and clichéd joke, it always gets people laughing heartily. Your parents would wonder why their coffee wasn't sweet enough after adding sugar to it.

4.Short the sheets

Here's an excellent April Fool's joke that will both make your parents laugh and get under their skin: "Short sheet" the bed of a relative. Simply take off the top sheet, tuck one end under the mattress at the head of the bed, and fold it over to serve as both the fitted sheet and top sheet. The fold will be abruptly surprised when mom or dad jump into bed!

5.Bread gone bad

Photo: Spoon University
Photo: Spoon University

Parents will believe the bread they just purchased at the grocery store has already gone bad thanks to this April Fool's joke. Remove the top slice of bread from the loaf using clean hands. On the subsequent slice, dab a couple of drops of green food coloring. When they believe they have received a moldy loaf, replace the top slice to conceal the colored smudge, then watch for their disgusted reaction!

6.Soap no more

This timeless April Fools' Day prank for parents will be fun for anyone whose family uses bar soap in the bathroom sink or shower! When they're not looking, take the soap bar and completely dry it off. Next, carefully apply clear nail polish to the entire object. Nothing will happen the next time a member of the family tries to lather the soap! Will you miss your parents on the big day?

7.Balloons in the pillow

Take your parents' pillows out of their pillowcases and conceal them in a dresser drawer or closet when they're not looking. Then place inflated balloons in their pillowcases as an alternative. When they finally get to bed for the night, they will receive a squeaky, airy surprise. They may even startle with a pop, depending on how big their heads are!

8.Turn their world upside down

Parents will be perplexed by this April Fool's joke and wonder what happened to turn their world upside down! Before your parents wake up, sneak downstairs and flip or reverse all the household's small items, including picture frames, clocks, books, and other trinkets. Jackets and other items can also be turned inside out.

9.Cracked screen

Photo: Geek Prank
Photo: Geek Prank

You can really fool your parents if you have your own smartphone or tablet by saying that the screen is cracked. You can find online apps or even download images that will make your screen appear to be broken. When you yell "April Fools'," your parents will be overjoyed.

10.Iced over

For parents who enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, this is the best April Fools' joke. There are several methods you can use to add some April Fools' humor to their drinks. Try placing some ice cubes beneath some food coloring to create a colorful drink when you add water or another beverage. Alternately, make a spooky ice cube by freezing a plastic bug into it and adding it to the drink.

11.Ducks in a row

Is it possible to have too many rubber ducks? You'll soon find out! Purchase an absurd amount of rubber ducks (the more the merrier). Start hiding the ducks in all kinds of places, including desks, cabinets, and glove boxes. Big or nothing at all!

12.Never-ending alarm

Want to really prank your parents? This one’s perfect for you. Gather up all the alarm clocks in your house, set them all to go off at different times, then hide them all over. Be warned though, your folks will be mad at you.

13.Glass half full

Lay breakfast out for your family in the morning - but with everybody's drinks upside down.

To do this, fill a glass with water and then put a card over the top. Put the glass face down on the table, and then very quickly pull out the card.

14.Frozen breakfast

Photo: mirror
Photo: mirror

The night before April Fool's Day, fill a bowl with cereal and milk, half-submerge a spoon - and then put it in the freezer.

Serve it up to your victim in the morning, and watch as they struggle to work out why they can't budge the spoon or eat their breakfast.

15.Swap out pictures

Print out some images of your family's favorite celebrities the evening before April Fool's Day. After everyone has gone to bed, replace any framed pictures you have lying around the house.

See how long it takes your family to realize that the pictures of them have been replaced with those of the rich and famous the following day.

16.Confetti explosion

Grab a party popper and attach it to the jamb of a closed door, extending the string across the door. When the knob is turned, a loud noise and a small explosion of confetti will startle the person.

17.Bubble fun

Apply bubble wrap! Under a bathmat or area rug, put bubble wrap. This one works especially well in the early morning, before your unwitting victim has had any coffee. There's nothing like a loud, unexpected noise to get someone's attention quickly!

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