April Fools' Day. Photo: The Jakarta Post
April Fools' Day. Photo: The Jakarta Post

April Fools Day Wishes

If there is a day that can spread smiles and laughter around then there is nothing more we want. Warm wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.

Officially we all are nothing less than fools on just one day of the year and therefore, we must celebrate it to the fullest. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

Let us make it the happiest April Fool’s Day by playing the best of the pranks and cracking the most hilarious jokes. Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

It is so foolish if you don’t celebrate April Fool’s Day because that day is dedicated to the fool we all have inside us. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

Be creative and be unique in cracking jokes as well as in playing pranks on people around you. Warm wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.

It takes courage to make a fool of yourself and YOU have already done a good job.

Hey, you! Yes, you! It’s your day today. You can be yourself and I know you will do a good job. Happy April Fool’s Day

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

My friend thinks he’s the smartest and feels only an onion can make him cry. So, I just threw a stone at his face and made him realize he was wrong.

You are a gorgeous, amazing, intelligent talented, caring and an understanding person. Smiling? Well, Happy April Fool’s Day!

You definitely cannot touch your elbow with your tongue. Tried doing it? Well, all the idiots would! Happy April Fool’s Day, friend. This day is dedicated just for you!

Hey, buddy! People like you make me realize I am still way more intelligent than many. Thanks :)

The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.

You are precious to me… I cannot live my life without you even for a minute… You are my life and I can feel you everywhere! Don’t put much pressure on your little brain! I am talking about oxygen.

Somebody misses you every second and wants to meet you as soon as possible. Guess who? Your chimpanzee friend in the zoo…

April Fool’s Day has been cancelled this year. But don’t worry, we will dedicate some other day for you.

Today is the day when the world celebrates the existence of people like you, their personality and views. You are just so lucky!

Listen! Watch the news right now. Aliens have contacted the Earth.

Hey, sorry for informing so late. I am getting married on April 1. All of you are invited.

Happy birthday to you. You were born for this day!

Earth may stop rotating; Birds may stop flying; Candles may stop melting; And hearts may stop beating. But your brain will never start working. 'April Fool Day' was meant just for people like you!

I may forget to wish you on Diwali, Christmas, your marriage anniversary or even birthday; But I am very thankful to God that I remember and wish you on this very special day meant for people like you. Happy April Fool’s Day, buddy!

What is the difference between a wise & a fool? A wise sends a text message and a fool keeps reading them. How many times have you read my messages? Happy April Fool’s Day!

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. Happy April Fool’s Day! Here are a few photographs you can put up as your Whatsapp status and wish your friends a Happy April Fool's Day...

April Fools Day Messages

Photo: bestmessage
Photo: bestmessage

Make it a fun-filled April Fool’s Day with some of the most amazing April Fool’s Day greeting messages. Share these funny April Fool’s Day messages with your family and friends to make a fool out of them in a special way. Send them best of April Fools Day messages in Hindi and English.

“Just wanted to remind you that today is your day and you are making it a perfect one just by being you. Happy April Fool’s Day 2021.”

“If anyone thinks that you are smart then just smile at him and wish him a Happy April Fool’s Day and he would know it all.”

“The best trick for a person like you is to stay mum and let others think if you are a fool than to break the silence and making it evident. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you my dear. There is no way we can change the fact, you are a fool and you will remain one.”

“Good made daylight which is called sun and brightness at night which is called moon and then he made a fool and that is you….. Happy Fool’s Day dear!!!”

“There are so many tensions in this world and just one day to take a break from them….. Best wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.”

“I am going on world tour on the April 1st and it is a fully sponsored holiday…… Come join me because it is Fool’s Day.”

“A fool is always a fool and therefore, the date doesn’t matter….. But still I want to wish you on April 1st a very Happy Fool’s Day!!!”

“It is not easy to make a fool out of your own self but I must say that you have done a fairly good enough job. Wishing you a very Happy April Fool’s Day.”

“If your palm is bigger than your face then you are born with a smart brain and if you just tried that then you know who you are. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

“It is impossible to touch your elbow with your tongue. And if you just tried doing so then you are a fool for sure. Wishing you a very Happy April Fool’s Day”

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April Fools Day Jokes

Photo: bestmessage
Photo: bestmessage

Laugh out loud with April Fools Day messages jokes. Have the best of April Fool’s Day greetings messages and April Fools Day pranks text messages shared with your near and dear ones. With the fantastic collection of April Fools Day messages, you are all set to celebrate this day.

“On the occasion of April Fool’s Day, we must learn to not laugh at fools because sometimes they are also correct.”

“Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you because you are the one who always makes us laugh with your no sense jokes.”

“For those who say that they can never cry. Let me throw a stone at your face and then we will see. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

“Thanks to you because you are the only one who has made me realize so many times that I am more intelligent than someone on this planet. Wishing a Happy April Fool’s Day to you.”

“I might have not wished you on Holi or Diwali, Christmas or New Year but I want to wish you on the most special day of the year for you….. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.”

“You are beautifool, wonderfool, helpfool, colourfool and therefore, I want to send my best wishes on Fool’s Day to you.”

“You might forget this day which is celebrated just for people like you but I will always be there to wish you on Fool’s Day!!!”

“You always surprise me with your humour, talent, personality and now I just impressed you with my skills to surprise you with my lies….. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

Last night I Got severe Head pain…

I went to the Doctor …

He said that It would be cured If I send a SMS TO some lunatic person…

“Tell me,Whom do I know other than you.?”


Let us be thankful for the fools; but for them the rest of us could not succeed. – Mark Twain


Lord, what fools these mortals be. – William Shakespeare


Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly at the right moment.- Horace


My friend the best quality i like about you is that you are very sentimental

10% senti

And 90% mental!!!

Nature makes only dumb animals. We owe the fools to society. – Honore De Balzac


New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time. – James Agate


Ninety-nine percent of the people in the world are fools and the rest of us are in great danger of contagion. – Thornton Wilder


No one but a fool is always right. – David Hare

Photo:   Shayari
Photo: Shayari


One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. “Oh, no,” I said. “Disneyland burned down.” He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late. – Jack Handey


Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows.


Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness. – Sacha Guitry


Real friends are those who, when you feel you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.


Silence is foolish if we are wise, but wise if we are foolish. – Charles Caleb Colton


Silence is the wit of fools. – Jean la Bruyere


Sir, I admit your gen’ral rule that every poet is a fool: but you yourself may serve to show it that every fool is not a poet. – Alexander Pope

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


Small April sobbed, I’m going to cry

Please give me a cloud to wipe my eye;

Then April Fool, she laughed instead

And smiled a rainbow overhead.


So Sweet is ur SMILE???

So Sweet is ur STYLE???

So Sweet is ur VOICE???

So Sweet is ur EYE?????

See …….how Sweetly I LIE.


So, rather than appear foolish afterward, I renounce seeming clever now. – William of Baskerville



Misses U..

Needs U..

Worries About U

Lonely Without U

Guess Who?


… THE ZOO ..

April Fools' Day is an annual custom on April 1, consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes. The player of the joke or hoax often exposes their action later by shouting "April fools" at the recipient. The recipients of these actions are called April fools. Mass media can be involved in these pranks, which may be revealed as such the following day. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country. The only exception is Odessa in Ukraine, where the first of April is an official city holiday.

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