April Fools'. Photo: Maps of India
April Fools'. Photo: Maps of India

Put a “sold” sign in your front yard

The night before April Fools' Day, you can silently put a sign in your front yard. When you pull into your driveway and your kid asks what's up, say. "Oh yeah, we need to talk. What are your thoughts on moving to Antarctica?"

The Pineapple Surprise

Picture your child opening the door to the fridge to find a snack—only to discover that everything inside is looking back at them! All you need is a bunch of peel-and-stick wiggle eyes to turn your food into an in-home version of the Shopkins™ world. Pro prankster tip: Set up this prank during naptime or right before the kids come home from school.

The Money Chaser

Here’s another great one to play on your spouse with help from your child. Tape a long length of fishing line to a $5 bill, then have your child hide out of sight while holding on to the end of the string. Place the bill in the middle of the floor where your partner will see it, and when they lean down to pick it up, have your child yank the line so it slips out of reach.

The Breakfast Blues

Before you pour a bowl of cereal for your kid, add a few drops of food coloring to a pitcher of milk—blue is especially surprising—and watch their faces when they see their toasted O’s swimming in a pool of blue milk.

One Blind Mouse

Photo: India Today
Photo: India Today

This is simple office tomfoolery. Obstruct the laser sensor on the underside of your victims’ mouse with sticky tape or a Post-it. Choke down laughter as they tap their mouse frantically and slowly lose their sanity.

Crouching Airhorn, Hidden Airhorn

If the coffee didn’t wake them up, this sure will. Fix an airhorn under their chair or behind the door and witness a mini-heart attack in action. The same applies for concealed whoopee cushions and disguised squeeky dog toys

Snack Attack

There are a number of diabolical ways to disguise the disgusting as the delicious. Coffee grounds masquerading as moist brownie cupcakes, Onions in toffee apples’ clothing, or even a spongecake made from an actual sponge. These makes me hangry just thinking about them.

You Crack Me Up

In an age when people are glued to their screens, a slight crack on the surface can be enough to send someone to the brink of their sanity. A simple app or image download will ensure you get maximum freakout bang for a tiny prank buck.

Hardcore Wrap

Get your coworkers in the festive spirit with the gift that keeps on giving. Transform their workspace into a hilarious inconvenience with an sticky tape, scissors, 7 or 8 of your closest confidants and an excessive amount of colourful wrapping material.

Spider silhouettes

Cut out spider shapes from black paper, and put them inside a lampshade. When the light gets turned on, it will look like there's a huge spider waiting to pounce.

Dot The Eyes…

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

If all else fails, unexpected googly eyes will absolutely, positively, 100% get a rise out of anyone. Just look at these kooky little creatures – they’re adorable!

The plastic wrap on shampoo

Before your victim has their morning shower, sneak in, take the lids off their shampoo and shower gels, and cover them with cling film.

Text a typing dots gif

Just because you're social-distancing, doesn't mean that you can't prank your friends and family remotely.

Start up a friendly text conversation with one of your friends, then halfway through send them a gif of the typing dots. They'll be waiting for a text that will never arrive...

Make Their Phones Fart

Farts always make people laugh, no matter who they are. And to make this happen, all you need is an iPhone app. Download the Fart World app. The app describes itself as only fart soundboard app you would ever need, with beautiful, lovely fart sounds, all for free. Use the app discreetly along with the timer feature. Go to the Countdown tab. put a 1-2 minute timer and place your phone strategically. When it goes off, just wait for the laughter.

Change Your Contact Name

When you have access to their phone, change your contact name to their mom, dad or their boyfriend/girlfriend. Then you can message them something that will mess with their mind. Something like “I’m in jail, come bail me out”.

Drive Them Crazy With This iMessage Prank

Nothing drives people crazier than waiting for a message. Especially now that iMessage shows the typing bubble. That couple of seconds where it’s just typing, typing, typing is excruciating. You can use a GIF to make do this intentionally on April Fool’s day.

Type a message that will get their attention. Something like “can I ask you a question” or “I really need to tell you something”. Then just send this GIF. Wait and watch.

Crash Their Home Screen

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

There’s a way to make it look like your friend’s iPhone has crashed and it won’t open any apps on the Home screen. First, take a screenshot of their Home screen as it is. Then move all the icons from the home screen to another screen. Now set that screenshot as the wallpaper. This will make it seem like the apps are there on the screen. Your friend will try to tap the screen but nothing will happen.

Fish Drawer

There's something fishy about this office prank... Just be sure to include fish food; experts suggest you should feed this prank twice a day.

Pants in the Stall

Usually, when you see feet underneath the stall, you just have to wait your turn. In this case, you might be waiting forever. Set this guy up in your office bathroom and see how long it takes for people to start talking. We just hope nobody called the paramedics on this poor, empty suit.

Vehicular Sticky Notes

This is the perfect use for those sticky notes that keep piling up -- especially if they're all for someone who just won't finish his or her tasks. The prank below is a wonderful way to remind them before they take off for the day.

Desk Trolls

For trolls, by trolls. Luckily, you can buy many of these trolls in bulk. If you're serious about trolling your coworker's workstation -- just keep in mind you will have to buy more than one pack of trolls to make this stunt worth it.

Speaking of toilet: Classic

Classic but works every time… Warning though: You may not necessarily want to pull this one off if your company’s employees are rather old-fashioned/conservative. In other words, try not to stress people out.

That face-everywhere

This one is the biggest hit if conducted with boss’s pictures, on the boss himself/herself… A picture can also be a mugshot (I find this adds an extra touch).

Be creative… The point is to have as many pictures of a person as possible, everywhere! Otherwise it doesn’t work. Let’s put it like this: The key is not to have any spare space left!

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