How to shape quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Holly Jolly Holiday?
Quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Holly Jolly Holiday. Photo: Time and date.

To know more how to shape 7 quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Holly Jolly Holiday, let's spend your precious time reading this article below:

Cook a festive meal full of appetizing foods

Just because we have fewer people to gather around this year doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a good scrumptious dinner. Whichever festivals you will celebrate in a year, foods are seemingly one of the indispensable elements. So, It is suggested by the that instead of going outside when the lockdown order appears everywhere, you can decide on an early dinner menu ahead and have all your ingredients ready to put together for a big feast!

How to shape quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Holly Jolly Holiday?
Christmas cookies. Photo: Taste O'lakes

Decorate Christmas cookies

Relating to the food you will eat, one of the recommended ideas during quarantine time is baking cookies - a great daytime activity to make your home smell delicious. According to the, before you get started, make sure you do full research on the type of cakes you will make, then have some fun cookie cutters, frostings, and decorations on hand.

Hop on a video call with Santa

Although Santa is an imagined character, it is believed that getting to meet Santa is a magical experience for many youngsters during the holiday season. Unfortunately, they might not get to see Saint Nick in person this year — but that doesn't mean they can't chat with him on the phone. Use Santa Club to book a video conversation with Kris Kringle. The $50 experience includes up to three children and even allows you to keep a recording of the video.

How to shape quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Holly Jolly Holiday?
Photo: Country Living Magazine

Decorate as festively as possible

With most of us spending more time at home now, why not make your house a little more magical this year? IKEA is back with their Christmas ornaments and live Christmas trees.

Purchase your favourite live Christmas tree at any IKEA store in Malaysia. Proceed to the delivery counter at IKEA stores. Make a booking on the TheLorry kiosk tab and enjoy 10% off with TheLorry same-day delivery with promo code JOLLY10. With TheLorry, you can now add a little magic to your Christmas celebration without worrying about transportation.

Mail a gift to a loved one

The art of joy always comes from sharing. Cook a juicy roast chicken, prepare a gift, or assemble a make-ahead hearty breakfast and have it delivered to your loved ones. Nothing feels more heartwarming than showing them they're in your thoughts, no matter they are living near or far.

Make a commemorative ornament

The 2020 Christmas holiday season is bound to be unique — so why not make an ornament to remember it by? Mix a salt dough recipe (all you need is flour, salt, and water) and make a handprint or cookie-cutter ornament. Don't forget to write the year in the paint.

How to shape quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Holly Jolly Holiday?
A virtual party. Photo:

Host a virtual party

Just because you can't get together in person doesn't mean you can't see your friends and family on Christmas. Send everyone a Zoom link and host your party online. Make sure you've got a few games and conversation starters ready too.

The checklist for throwing a virtual party in simple steps:

Plan a time- Pick your tech tools- Send the link to the video - Find a suitable theme - Send reminders - Select your party food and drink - Stick to your event agenda - Keep an eye on the clock.

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