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Afraid to Get Married in 2023
Top Zodiac Signs Are Afraid to Get Married in 2023

Surely you will be disappointed, even shocked when you are suddenly abandoned by your lover in 2023. Astrologers believe that you have encountered 1 in 5 zodiac signs that only love love but have not thought of getting married.

It doesn't necessarily mean that the person "doesn't like you", it could be from the other side. Try to check if your other half is on the following list of zodiac signs that love but do not dare to get married in 2023 to sympathize with their worries.


The Leo loves to be loved and can be quite exaggerated in the way they show their admiration for their other half. But it is worth noting that it takes a long time for this sign's desires to develop into true love to the point where they want to bond.

Even though it may be a wonderful time for you to be in love with a Leo, immediately expressing an interest in a Leo before they actually fall in love is risky. Although Leos rarely cheat or cheat, they will avoid commitment when the other side wants to speed up the process.

Leo is a confident zodiac sign that wants the time in their life to be meaningful. Although they are also romantics, even though they are afraid of being "humiliated", when they first fall in love, they soon find out that it is not suitable, they will immediately choose to stop.

Leo is not afraid or afraid of the opponent's injury, but tries to buy more time. They are ready to say goodbye at the thought of committing to someone in a hurry.

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At its most extreme, Scorpio can be seen as a "master manipulator".

Although they are very loyal, that does not mean that Scorpio does not dare to end the relationship. When emotional needs as well as desires in the bedroom are not met, this constellation will easily stop to choose a new direction.

There is no denying the fact that this is the constellation that has the most exciting sex life, so the reason above is completely understandable. However, it is difficult to say this reason to stop, because the topic is quite sensitive, so Scorpio often suddenly demands to break up without explaining for any specific reason.

Conversely, if one fulfills that basic desire, love can last a very long time. They will be dedicated, loyal and committed in this relationship.


Considered the most intelligent of the 12 constellations, Aquarius often sees things logically and scientifically in black and white.

However, in love, there is no right or wrong, as clear as they think. So if you love an Aquarius, be careful because once you have an aggressive attitude, Aquarius will not hesitate to stop the relationship. Therefore, it is not advisable to experiment with anything in the direction of stirring up drama.

Even when in love, Aquarius still enjoys the comfort of being in a relationship. If you make a mistake and make Aquarius believe they'll be happier without you, this sign quickly chooses to end the relationship right then and there.

That's how Aquarius is, they make rash decisions, hastily, without consideration, often want to do things their own way and don't want to feel challenged. If you want to get out of a relationship with Aquarius, be challenging, difficult, and hindering with them, then you will get what you want.


Aries is independent, adventurous and downright wild. They are also one of the most youthful, carefree constellations of the zodiac. With her cute, playful nature, Aries loves getting to know people, impressing them, and making them laugh.

This is what makes Aries often unintentionally hurt people. But they are still like children, continue to find new joys, get bored very quickly and are always curious about the world going on around them.

A short-term love affair with Aries will make you sad, but once they break up, Aries will leave you behind and not come back to check if you're okay.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury - the planet of communication which means that this sign spends most of its life moving from one conversation to another.

Having been here for a while, they disappeared soon after. In addition to eloquence, this zodiac sign is also very charming, able to adapt to all social contexts and fill in silences in conversations. Even if their intentions are pure, it is difficult for the opposite sex to resist the attraction of Gemini.

When you're in love with a Gemini you might want to stick with them, but it's better to make sure you're not the jealous type.

This sign's life is too active, they spend most of their time out there and excited about flirting with the opposite sex, sometimes just for fun. Their need for freedom and independence, combined with their relentless flirting, makes being attached to a Gemini a danger to anyone.

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