Nokia is a long-standing multinational corporation headquartered in Espoo, Finland, founded in 1865.

From 1990 to 2000, Nokia became the brightest star in the global technology scene with the record of the world's largest mobile manufacturer and became a brand that almost anyone wanted to own at that time.

After many events, the Nokia brand has returned with a unique identity under the leadership of HMD Global. Their products still retain the unique qualities with the excellent quality that Nokia has worked so hard to build. Their main products are still phones and tablets.

Top 5 Little-Know Facts About Nokia

1. The Start

Nokia originally started off as a Paper pulp manufacturing company in 1865 in Finland. The company was set up by a Mining Engineer Fredrik Idestam in the town of Tampere. In 1868, Fredrik Idestam built a second mill near the town of Nokia. This mill was then transformed into a share company in 1871 by Fredrik Idestam, with the help of his close friend Leo Mechelin. They renamed it the Nokia Company, Love Nokia indicated.

2. Different Businesses

Nokia has made a dizzying array of products over the years. Some of them include snow tires, rubber boots, gas masks, television sets, geiger counters, laptop computers, network components and even hydroelectric power.

Nokia first started as a paper pulp manufacturing company in 1865. In the year 1967 - Nokia, Finnish Cable Works, and Finnish Rubber Works merged to form Nokia Corporation. Now Nokia had new businesses. Nokia was involved in the manufacturing of cables, Rubber footwear, Tyres, Telecommunication Equipment, and electronics.

Later in 1988 and 1990 Nokian Tyres and Finnish Rubber Works were split from and Nokia started focussing on Telecommunication Equipment and portable Mobile Phones. Nokian Tyres and Nokian Footwear are separate companies now and their products can still be purchased in many parts of the world.

3. Camera

11 Interesting Facts about Nokia!!
Nokia 7650 is the first Nokia phone to have a built-in camera. (Photo: Derviant art)

Nokia 7650 launched in 2002 was the first Nokia phone to have a built-in camera. It had a 0.3MP camera which could capture images at 640x480 resolution. This phone marked the start of Nokia camera phones.

Nokia was always ahead of the competition when it came to camera tech in cell phones. Nokia phones are well known for their cameras. Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 1020 with their 41MP Camera Sensors are great examples of Nokia's expertise in mobile phone cameras, cites Love Nokia.

4. Nokia 3310

Nokia were one of the first cell phone providers to offer the earliest version of an autocorrect system called predictive text input. Pressing a key gave a list of options, making messaging easy, but for many this functionality was infuriating, so documentation was released on how to turn it off.

At its release, the Nokia 3310 was seen as the new face of technological development. With an internal antenna, the surface measurements smaller than the average house brick and all the latest technology, the 3310 was the face of business, given by the fact site.

5.World’s first satellite

In 1994 world’s first satellite call was made and what happened with the help of a Nokia GSM handset.

11 Interesting Facts about Nokia!!
Nokia GSM handset made world's first satellite call in 1994 (Photo: The humor nation)
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