5 fun ideas for a Virtual Baby Shower?
Virtual Baby Shower sample. Photo: Twiniversity.

Virtual baby showers assist you to bring friends and family together to celebrate an upcoming special event, all without leaving home. Here are the top fun ideas for you to have an interesting virtual baby shower!

Add a background for your virtual baby shower

5 fun ideas for a Virtual Baby Shower?
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It is certain that everyone is probably going to be tuning in from their living room, but the backdrop behind them doesn’t have to be. In case you use Zoom for your gathering, have everyone “decorate” the Zoom room with custom baby shower backgrounds. Other social online platforms have different vivid backgrounds for you to choose based on your characteristics. So, Paperless post suggests you adding more background to change the atmosphere.

Keep up the energy with different creative games

5 fun ideas for a Virtual Baby Shower?
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While you can't do some of the classic game options like decorating onesies and guessing what kind of candy bar is smashed in a diaper, you can still keep everyone entertained by opting for more trivia-based games. According to the Country living, just focus your questions on trivia about the mom-to-be, funny facts about baby care, or even guessing games about the baby's size and weight. If budget allows, set up the virtual baby shower on WebBabyShower.com. For $80, you'll have access to an all-in-one platform for planning and hosting the virtual baby shower, including virtual themes, a guestbook, private albums, quizzes, and a scoreboard. Helpful tip: To keep everyone from talking over each other, have guests write their responses on sheets of paper to hold in front of the camera. Here are some recommended games for you:

The Price Is Right: Hold up a series of four to five baby items (bottle, bodysuit, a box of diapers, can of formula, etc.) to the camera and have everyone write down their guess of the total price for all items added together. Then, have all the guests show their guesses to the camera. The closest guess to the actual total cost of the items wins!

Sketchful.io: Online Pictionary-like games like this one are an absolute blast, whether you’re an artist or not. Create your avatar and a private room, send out invites (copy and paste the link into whatever chat platform you’re using or send it via text) and get drawing!

jack box Games: JackBox offers dozens of fun multiplayer games that are playable from your computer, gaming system or phone. And you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy them, either. Though each game has a limit on how many people can play at one time, guests can also join in as audience members to watch others play and even vote on things.

Virtual baby shower invitation wording

After you’ve planned all the elements that will need guest participation and chosen from all the virtual baby shower platforms (like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, or FaceTime), you’re ready to fill out the invites. And, of course, you’re going to pick one just as beautiful as the one you’d send in the mail. Yes, it’s time to skip the virtual baby shower facebook event.

Send moments to remember

Taking photos of the event is as easy as taking a screenshot. However, you might miss a moment. The solution? Record your party as it unfolds so you can pause and capture the perfect reaction. The process will depend on which platform you’re using, but for Zoom, simply click “Settings,” then “Recording,” and turn the “Local Recording” option on. You can share virtual baby shower photos via Facebook, or email them to guests after the party with a Paperless Post virtual thank you card.

Set a virtual sip-and-see

5 fun ideas for a Virtual Baby Shower?
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If mom prefers to skip the virtual shower in favour of a sip and see party after the baby arrives, a virtual sip-and-see is a perfect way to have a gathering. (And who wouldn’t love to see a sweet newborn on screen?). The planning will be similar to a virtual baby shower, only without the games, and a surprise Champagne delivery from mom’s favourite local wine shop.

Whether the baby shower was already shelved or the parents-to-be would prefer to celebrate after the little one arrives, planning a virtual sip-and-see is similar to planning a virtual baby shower. Raise a glass to the new parents by having a bottle of bubbly from their local wine shop delivered the day-of the festivities.

THROWING A BABY SHOWER is a wonderful way to celebrate mom- and dad-to-be while helping prepare them for their little one's arrival. But as with any party, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning and rack up expenses that go well beyond your budget.

"The money you'd spend on an elaborate baby shower would be better spent on more practical things the family may need down the road," says Teresa Britton, founder of MomsWhoSave.com, a frugal-lifestyle blog for families.

The good news is you can plan a memorable baby shower even on a limited budget, and this doesn't mean your celebration will be any less special. All you need is a little creativity and thoughtful planning to make your loved one's baby shower unforgettable.

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What are the creative tips to host a virtual baby shower! What are the creative tips to host a virtual baby shower!
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