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Top 3 Laws of Survival In The Unstable, Insecure and Uncertain World
In the Unstable - Insecure and Uncertain World, How to Survive?

Many prophets predict that 2023 will be a turning point. Previously, the epidemic affected travel, business activities and personal work were also delayed. But now, everything turns to a new rail.

A basic law in human society: When a great disaster gradually disappears, it is accompanied by social reorganization and renewal. In the post-pandemic era, only a handful of people can stand out against the wave of the times.

How to become this minority?

First of all, you must understand the following 3 rules of survival:

1. The Rules of Sparrows: Adapting to the Times

Have you ever noticed: In the reinforced concrete city, very few species of birds and animals can coexist with humans. But there is an exception to this bird, the sparrow.

Noise in the city, light pollution at night and car smoke are all harmful factors for birds. Therefore, most of them will choose to stay away and go to further places to survive.

Sparrows are different: they actively enter human lands and adjust themselves to changes in human life.

Previously, sparrows ate insects and seeds. But today, sparrows have learned to rummage through trash cans for food left by humans. In the wild, sparrows nest in hollows of trees. But when it comes to cities, everything from chimneys to sewers can be their home.

George Bernard Shaw - Irish playwright said: "The wise will adapt to the world; the unwise only know how to live in his world".

The mark of maturity is the ability to constantly accept challenges and adapt to the constant developments of society. Conversely, if you stay in your comfort zone for too long, you will be battered and unable to turn the tide.

The ancients said: If you follow the trend, you will prosper, if you go against the trend, you will suffer.

The world is changing minute by second, and stagnation is ruining you. Only by keeping up with the pace of the times and constantly updating our knowledge can we be invincible in the uncertain times of life.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the times changed even more rapidly. The key is whether you keep up with this pace and accept the birth of the new.

When others don't understand, you understand; when others understand, you are doing; when others do, you have succeeded. All opportunities require you to seize with the best awareness.

Top 3 Laws of Survival In The Unstable, Insecure and Uncertain World
How to survive in a world full of uncertainty?

2. Protopterus Thinking: Solving the Dilemma

In Africa, every time the dry season comes, countless species of plants and animals die one after another because they can't stand the extreme heat. But there is the miraculous Protopterus that can survive drought without water. It is because of this that Protopterus is known by the locals as the "immortal fish".

It turns out that every time a drought comes, Protopterus will dig holes in the riverbed and bury himself in the deep mud, leaving only a small hole to breathe. When the dry season ends, when the water floods in and the surrounding soil softens, Protopterus will wake up and crawl out of the burrow.

Faced with difficulty to survive, Protopterus, unlike other animals, painfully awaits death. On the contrary, they break the rules, change their minds, and find ways to deal with the predicament at hand.

There is a saying: "The reason why people's fates are different is the ability to overcome difficulties".

If you face adversity but just sit and don't let go, then once change comes, you will be ruthlessly eliminated. But if you change your mind and use practical actions to break the situation, even a deadlock will open a new path.

The French realist writer - Balzac said: “Everything in the world is never absolute, and the results each person receives are completely different. Difficulties are the springboard for genius, the capital of the talented, the abyss for the weak."

Different people and different ways of coping lead to different lives.

In the face of unexpected difficulties, negative and negligent people know only helplessness. Think more about things and change your mind when something happens, so that you can easily overcome a difficult situation.

3. Crab Effect: Self-renewal

Times are changing faster and scarier than we can imagine. From the birth of the first computer to the invention of the Internet, from portals to the rise of e-commerce…

In nature, crabs seem to be a weak animal, but they have existed on earth for hundreds of millions of years to this day. Baby crabs want to grow up must go through the process of molting. This process is not as simple as we think. As they grow older, the shells become stronger, helping them avoid numerous enemies in the wild.

In today's general trend, if a person stays in the comfort zone, they will become weak and vulnerable to society's merciless beatings. Only by actively forcing yourself to shed your shell can you see a larger world.

What we have to do is adapt to the times, break the predicament and reinvent ourselves. Only by constantly improving ourselves can we not be afraid of the flow of the times.


Prophets have made many accurate predictions about pandemics, natural disasters (earthquakes), instability caused by wars and conflicts etc. Hopefully, after contemplating the above 3 laws of survival, you will survive in such an uncertain world.

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