2022 FIFA World Cup Schedule In CET Central European Time ( CEST )
2022 FIFA World Cup Full Schedule: Dates and Times In Central European Countries ( CEST )

Time difference between Central European Time (CET) and Qatar

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar started on 20th November and the final match will be played on 18 December 2022.

However, there is a time difference in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar and Central European countries, making it difficult for hundreds of millions of football fans here.

European countries have been a dominant force in the 2022 World Cup with 13 national teams.

Hundreds of millions of football fans in more than 30 Central European countries will receive the full schedule of all 64 matches at the 2022 World Cup Central European Time (CET or CEST). All the major footballing countries in Europe fall under this time zone.

There are more than 30 countries in the Central European Time (CET): Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Holy See/Vatican City, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Republic of Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Vatican.

CET is also known as Middle European Time (MET), Amsterdam Time, Berlin Time, Brussels Time, Madrid Time, Paris Time, Rome Time, and Warsaw Time.

Along with these Central European countries, the African countries Tunisia and Algeria also follow the Central European time zone.

With theFull Schedule of the World Cup 2022 in CET, football fans in this time zone are easyto know the exact live match timing if they want to enjoy the live match.

The 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar and the matches will be played as per Arabia Standard Time (AST) which is three hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) while the time used in countries located in the middle of Europe is Central European Time (CET) is one hour ahead of UTC.

There is a time difference of two hours between CET and match kick-off time:

Match Kick-off Time/Local Time Central European Time (CET) Time Difference
Arabia Standard Time (UTC+03:00) UTC+01:00 2 Hours

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The Full Schedule of the World Cup 2022: Timings and Dates in Central European Countries

For countries in this time zone, the group stage matches will kick off at 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM and 9 PM. There are few knockout matches scheduled at 5 PM.

Check out the complete FIFA World Cup 2022 full schedule in Central European Time below:

FIFA world cup 2022 complete fixtures according to Central European Time (CET)

Monday 21 November 2022

Senegal vs Netherlands kick-off at 11am)

England vs Iran kick-off 2pm)

Qatar vs Ecuador kick-off 5pm)

Wales vs USA kick-off at 8pm)

Tuesday 22nd November

Saudi Arabia vs Argentinakick-off at 11am)

Tunisia vs Denmarkkick-off 2pm)

Poland vs Mexicokick-off 5pm)

Australia vs France kick-off at 8pm)

Wednesday 23rd November

Morocco vs Croatia kick-off at 11am)

Germany vs Japan kick-off 2pm)

Spain vs Costa Rica kick-off 5pm)

Belgium vs Canada kick-off at 8pm)

Thursday, November 24

Switzerland vs Cameroon kick-off at 11am)

Uruguay vs South Korea kick-off 2pm)

Portugal vs Ghana kick-off 5pm)

Brazil vs Serbia kick-off at 8pm)

Friday, November 25

Wales vs Iran kick-off at 11am)

Qatar vs Senegal kick-off 2pm)

Netherlands vs Ecuador kick-off 5pm)

England vs USA kick-off at 8pm)

Saturday, November 26

Tunisia vs Australia kick-off at 11am)

Poland vs Saudi Arabia kick-off 2pm)

France vs Denmark kick-off 5pm)

Argentina vs Mexico kick-off at 8pm)

Sunday, November 27

Japan vs Costa Rica kick-off at 11am)

Belgium vs Morocco kick-off 2pm)

Croatia vs Canada kick-off 5pm)

Spain vs Germany kick-off at 8pm)

Monday, November 28

Cameroon vs Serbia kick-off at 11am)

South Korea vs Ghana kick-off at 2pm)

Brazil vs Switzerland kick-off 5pm)

Portugal vs Uruguay kick-off at 8pm)

Tuesday 29th November

Senegal vs Ecuador kick-off 4pm)

Qatar vs Netherlands kick-off 4pm)

Iran vs United States of America kick-off at 8pm)

Wales vs England kick-off 8pm)

Wednesday 30th November

Denmark vs Australia kick-off 4pm)

France vs Tunisia kick-off 4pm)

Argentina vs Poland kick-off at 8pm)

Mexico vs Saudi Arabia kick-off at 8pm)

Thursday 1st December

Canada vs Morocco kick-off 4pm)

Belgium vs Croatia kick-off 4pm)

Germany vs Costa Rica kick-off at 8pm)

Spain vs Japan kick-off at 8pm)

Friday 2nd December

Ghana vs Uruguay kick-off 4pm)

Korea Republic vs Portugal kick-off 4pm)

Cameroon vs Brazil kick-off at 8pm)

Serbia vs Switzerland kick-off at 8pm)

Round of 16 (Knockout Stages)

Saturday 3rd December

Winners of Group A vs Runners-up of Group B kick-off 4 pm)

Winners of Group C vs Runners-up of Group D kick-off at 8 pm)

Sunday 4th December

Runners-up of Group C vs Winners of Group D kick-off 4 pm)

Runners-up of Group A vs Winners of Group B kick-off 8 pm)

Monday 5th December

Runners-up of Group F vs Winners of Group E kick-off 4 pm)

Runners-up of Group H vs Winners of Group G kick-off at 8 pm)

Tuesday 6th December

Runners-up of Group E vs Winners of Group F kick-off 4 pm)

Runners-up of Group G vs Winners of Group H kick-off 8 pm)


Friday 9th December

TBD vs TBD kick-off 4pm)

TBD vs TBD kick-off 8pm)

Saturday 10th December

TBD vs TBD kick-off 4pm)

TBD vs TBD kick-off 8pm)


Tuesday 13th December

TBD vs TBD kick-off 8pm)

Wednesday 14th December

TBD vs TBD kick-off 8pm)

Third-place play-off

Saturday 17th December

TBD vs TBD kick-off 4pm)


Sunday 18th December

TBD vs TBD kick-off 4pm)

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