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Japan is highly recognized for both creating hand-drawn novels, or "Manga," and for making films with original stories. These books contain a variety of thrilling stories from different genres. In addition, manga is a popular source of inspiration for Japanese filmmakers who turn it into J-Dramas. Television shows such as "Gokusen," "Hana Yori Dango," "Alice in Borderland," and others present viewers with intriguing narratives that contain surprising turns. Interestingly, a lot of JDramas are only one season or fifteen episodes long, which makes them perfect for fans looking for shorter but still interesting content. This post offers helpful advice on the top platforms to check out for those interested in viewing Japanese dramas online.

12 Best Free Sites To Download Dramas in Japan
12 Best Free Sites To Download Dramas in Japan

1. KissAsian


One of the best options for watching Japanese drama online is KissAsian. This free-to-use internet streaming service is well-known for updating quickly with newly aired Japanese television programs. Within hours after they air in Japan, episodes are made available on KissAsian. KissAsian's user-friendly design is a noteworthy feature as it allows users to effortlessly request the upload of particular Japanese dramas or report any technical problems. These requests are handled quickly, giving users a flawless viewing experience.

2. Plex


Plex offers channels like AsianCrush and RetroCrush, which offer a variety of Asian entertainment, for fans of Japanese TV and movies. These channels appeal to followers of a variety of genres by providing a blend of old and modern television programs and motion pictures. Plex may also have Japanese TV series and movies in its on-demand collection, which would increase its allure for fans of Japanese media.

3. DramaCool


Dramacool may be familiar to you if you're searching for a streaming website and thinking back to your childhood. Because of its easy-to-navigate online interface, it was your top choice back then.

4. AsianWiki


AsianWiki is an extensive and easily navigable website that acts as a central repository for data regarding Asian entertainment, encompassing Japanese plays. AsianWiki has grown to be one of the top resources for downloading and learning about the world of Japanese dramas because to its enormous library of Japanese drama series and movies.

5. DramaNice


12 Best Free Sites To Download Dramas in Japan

DramaNice is yet another fantastic resource for Japanese drama streaming on the internet. DramaNice, like KissAsian, takes pleasure in providing timely updates of the most recent episodes of Asian dramas, including Japanese dramas.

6. JDorama


JDroama is a tried-and-true favorite if you're looking for a dependable online Japanese drama source. Season-by-season, JDroama, one of the genre's most well-known and established websites, provides a wide range of Japanese television series.

7. ViewAsian

Try ViewAsian if you're seeking for a free website where you can watch Japanese dramas. In addition to providing a wide selection of dubbed videos, this site lets you look for dramas in genres including romance, action, and crime.

One useful feature you'll notice when browsing dramas on ViewAsian is the thumbnail function, which shows you how many episodes each series has. This is particularly helpful if you would rather know how many episodes there are in a new drama before committing to it.

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8. Netflix


Netflix is a well-known streaming service with a large selection of films, TV series, and documentaries. Japanese dramas are only one of the numerous genres available on Netflix. Fans of the genre frequent this website since it offers a selection of some of the greatest Japanese dramas for download.

9. Viki


Japanese dramas are available on the well-known internet streaming service Viki. Since its founding in 2007, Viki has grown to become a globally recognized platform for Asian content. The site features movies, variety shows, and dramas from Taiwan, Korea, and China in addition to Japanese dramas.

10. Dramafire


12 Best Free Sites To Download Dramas in Japan

Popular website Dramafire provides a large selection of Japanese dramas for free download. The website's large range of titles and easy-to-use design have helped it amass a large following among lovers of Japanese dramas.

11. FilmDoo


One of the greatest places to download and delve into the world of Japanese entertainment, FilmDoo is a well-known online platform that was established in 2012 and provides a vast selection of worldwide films, including Japanese dramas.

12. DMM TV


DMM TV, formerly called DMM Premium, is a Japanese streaming service that provides a wide selection of TV series and films at a reasonable cost. DMM TV offers access to an extensive library of over 170,000 movies and TV series, as well as an impressive selection of over 5,400 anime films, for a monthly subscription fee of just 550 JPY. For fans of anime and anyone wishing to immerse themselves in Japanese entertainment, this makes it a very alluring choice.

In summary

With the abundance of streaming services accessible today, discovering Japanese film has never been simpler. All of those websites are prepared to provide you with the finest options, regardless of the genre you're searching for.

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