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10 Weirdest Toothpastes In The World That You Probably Never Known
Weirdest Toothpastes In The World

Toothpaste is a staple of bathroom cabinets all over the world. It's an important part of any oral care routine and helps to keep teeth strong and healthy and breath minty fresh! But what happens when we decide we want a bit more than the simple toothpaste?

Let’s take a look at the list of top 10 weirdest toothpastes, and short look at the bizzare history of toothpastes that you probably have never known.

History of Toothpastes

Have you ever wondered how people used to wash their teeth before the minty fresh paste that we all love and enjoy today was created? It turns out that over the years, humans have utilized a wide variety of mixtures, ranging from severe but effective to downright disgusting.

We can safely argue that the modern combination of fluoride, mild abrasives, humectants, flavorings, and detergents found in well-known brands has spoiled us. On the other hand, our current toothpaste has only been around for around a century.

Still intrigued as to how people in the distant past and ancient civilizations cleaned their teeth? Here is how this essential component of dental hygiene has changed over time.

Starting with Egyptians

The Egyptians were the first civilization that historians have found to clean their teeth with a substance resembling toothpaste. Although the first recorded formula dates back to 4 AD, it is thought to have been utilized as far back as 5,000 BC. Their basic concoction contained:

• Granulated rock salt

• Iris blooms in mint

• Pepper

The first thing to clean teeth is unknown, although evidence suggests that the Egyptians made a dental cream by combining water, pumice, powdered egg shells, and cow hooves, according to Colgate.

The Egyptians later employed a mixture of salt, pepper, mint, and dried iris blossoms as toothpaste. Both of these so-called "toothpastes" were intended to be used to scrape plaque and other debris off teeth and maintain a minimal level of cleanliness.

This formula, as you may expect, produced a lot of discomfort and gum bleeding. Nevertheless it did a remarkable job of cleaning teeth in terms of efficacy. Some would even argue that it was the most successful oral cleansing method up until about a century ago.

The Evolution of Toothpaste

Humans explored other mixes before settling on crushed rock salt and mint.

Grecian and Roman cultures had several popular formulations that included crushed bone and oyster shells, while Chinese cultures used ginseng, herbal mints, and salt. Old people also utilized ox hooves, pumice, brick dust, burned eggshells, ashes, chalk, and finely ground charcoal. Sounds delicious? We didn't believe it.

More recently, toothpaste has developed in the following ways:

Data from 1780 indicates that people brushed with toasted breadcrumbs.

In order to increase the cleaning effectiveness of abrasive substances, Dr. Peabody, a dentist, added soap in 1824. For a better blended consistency, sodium lauryl sulfate, a detergent, eventually took the place of soap. That could be familiar to you from the toothpaste you use now. This marked the transition from what were normally genuine teeth powders to a texture that was more akin to paste.

Chalk is first utilized in oral hygiene practices in the 1850s.

Colgate produces the first fragrant, silky paste in 1873, which is packaged in little glass jars.

The first collapsible toothpaste tube is introduced by Dr. Washington Sheffield in 1892.

1914: Fluoride is included in toothpaste after research reveal its numerous dental benefits.

NASA creates edible toothpaste in 1987 so that astronauts can brush in orbit without spitting. Children still use it today as they are learning how to clean their teeth.

1989: Rembrandt launches the first toothpaste with a "whitening" claim.

Although toothpaste's original aim of cleaning teeth and freshening breath hasn't changed much over the years, it's apparent that it's gone a long way from crushed bone and shell combinations.

We are certainly grateful for the oral hygiene options available now after learning about the dental hygiene practices employed by historical cultures.

10. Tanny’s Taste ice cream flavoured toothpaste

Photo: Behance
Tanny’s Taste ice cream flavoured toothpaste - Photo: Behance

Mom and a pediatric dentist created: As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Janelle Holden understands the need of frequent tooth brushing for children. Being a mother, she is well aware of how challenging it can be to convince children to brush. Thus, Dr. Holden designed a toothpaste that youngsters will enjoy using since it tastes great. She collaborated with formulation specialists to develop Tanner's Tasty Paste, a toothpaste that is safe, natural, efficient, and fun to use.

The name of the toothpaste is Tanner's Delicious Paste. There are four distinct tastes:

Banilla Bling - vanilla ice cream taste

BlingSide - vanilla & orange ice cream flavor

Cha Cha Chocolate is the flavor of chocolate ice cream

Baby Bling contains no fluoride and has a moderate vanilla ice cream flavor.

9. Curry flavored toothpaste

Photo: Jonelle Patrick
Photo: Jonelle Patrick

Ottogi, a Korean company specializing in food manufacturing, and 2080, a company specializing in oral care, have collaborated to produce curry-flavored toothpaste, a product that nobody asked for.

Yes, the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste may sound like a gimmick, but it claims to have the same benefits as conventional toothpaste. Vitamin E, sodium fluoride, and tocopheryl acetate are present. These ingredients whiten teeth, prevent cavities and gum disease, and eliminate bad breath.

In addition, the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste contains a mild turmeric extract, so you will initially be able to smell and taste curry. However, the curry does not overwhelm the mint base. The more frequently you brush your teeth, the more refreshing it becomes.

7. E-Mail Diamant Rouge Toothpaste

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

The acidity of certain foods and beverages erodes the enamel of your teeth. The enamel becomes brittle over time: microscopic fissures appear on the surface, where stains and dental plaque settle. Teeth become discolored and lose their luster.

REPLENIUM toothpaste is the solution for regenerating enamel and restoring luster:

Action 1: A mouth that is clean. The optimal level of bicarbonate (35%) for a powerful cleansing and purifying action, removing dental plaque and surface stains. Action 2: Regeneration and protection of email. Regular brushing with Calcium Liquid promotes the regeneration of enamel by replenishing its mineral content.

Combined with active fluorine, it prevents enamel demineralization and strengthens enamel.

Your teeth are now better protected, smoother, stronger, and whiter.

6. Crest Mint Chocolate Trek, U.S

Photo: Something Foodie
Photo: Something Foodie

Since its inception in 1955, Crest has consistently endeavored to advance oral health. Today, Crest is one of the most trusted household brands, as evidenced by the American Dental Association's continued acceptance of many of its products. Additionally, Crest adheres to FDA-established rules and regulations. Crest's vision is to lead the way in the passionate pursuit of perfect oral health so that everyone can enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Not only is Crest Be toothpaste packed with delicious flavors, but it also provides the dependable performance you've come to expect from Crest. It cleans, fights cavities, whitens, and freshens breath, all while introducing sensational flavors to your brushing routine.

• Prevents cavities

• Bleaches teeth

• Relieves bad breath

5. Monkey Brand Black Toothpaste

Photo: MouthShut
Photo: MouthShut

Okay, back to charcoal teeth cleaning. As mentioned, charcoal makes great toothpaste. Imagine charcoal-infused toothpaste (not really used). This toothpaste makes it bearable in the mouth. Though not a paste, the toothpaste works well. Charcoal powder cleans teeth, and intense mint freshens the mouth all day. If not, the brand should.

dental hygiene. 100-year-old natural, organic teeth whitener: Monkey Toothpowder Ayurvedic Black Tooth Powder is a blend of ayurvedic essential oils and ingredients in finely ground wood charcoal for holistic dental care. Finely ground wood charcoal, an organic bleach, removes stains gently, while natural herbs and oils nourish gum tissue. Tobacco users will notice a difference after a few applications. For best results, use the product every other day in addition to brushing and flossing.

4. The Two Way Toothpaste

Photo: BuzzWays
Photo: BuzzWays

We look at a toothpaste with a weird container, not a weird flavor or ingredient. Squeezing toothpaste tubes from the top and middle instead of the bottom is a problem we all face.

Two-Way Toothpaste. No one is wrong because this tube has two openings. To avoid morning arguments, turn it around and open the other end if someone squeezed the bottom.

3. Chocolate Toothpaste

Photo: Shopee
Photo: Shopee

The idea of chocolate-flavored toothpaste was fantastic when we saw it. What about real chocolate paste for your teeth now? Impossible? Actually, no. Unilever launched Close-up Flavorlicious in the Philippines in 2005. Choco Loco is a new kind of toothpaste with real chocolate in it. This toothpaste employs cocoa extract rather than chocolate flavor.

When it comes to cavity prevention, this extract is superior to fluoride. If you provide this toothpaste to kids around the world, they won't need to be prompted to brush their teeth. Some people may even make it a habit to wash their teeth more than once every day.

2. Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste

Photo: Messy Nessy Chic
Photo: Messy Nessy Chic

Dr. Don Poynter created a peculiar brand of toothpaste in 1954 that contains 3% alcohol as well as minor amounts of Scotch, Rye, and Bourbon. Because of their novelty and entertainment value, these products had a brief but wildly successful career. Life magazine ran a piece on Poynter's creation after the product received enough media attention. Afterwards, a number of other companies adopted the concept, and Poynter quickly stopped making its products.

Poynter, who retired in the late 1990s, held patents on about 100 novelty goods, though the exact number is unknown since "I never really bothered looking it up," he said in an interview.

The first whiskey toothpaste was made in America and included bourbon or scotch flavors. This implies that you can have your preferred beverage before bed and wake up with the same taste. What more do you need? A Jack Daniel's tube would be nice. And the toothpaste is incredibly inexpensive, which is the icing on the cake. You can have this alcoholic doozey for just a little bit over $1.

1. Herbal Toothpaste from Thailand

Photo: Organic Store
Photo: Organic Store

Thai oral hygiene customs are ancient. Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries employed teeth cleaning twigs to prevent gum disease and tooth decay before toothbrushes and toothpaste were commonly accessible. Miswak (Salvadora persica, commonly known as arak or toothbrush tree) and neem are the most common sources of such twigs (Azadirachta indica, also known as Indian lilac).

Thai herbal toothpastes' key benefits? Natural chemicals provide these toothpastes a significant whitening impact. They don't include tooth-damaging whitening chemicals. Second, Thai toothpastes contain many beneficial herbs and essential oils. Plant-derived compounds reduce tooth decay, gum disease, plaque, tartar, bad breath, and pain.

Thai toothpastes are natural. Most of them lack synthetic colorants, preservatives, aroma, emulsifies, surfactants, thickeners, sweeteners, and other artificial additives. Thai toothpastes are popular among natural cosmetics users because of this. All-natural toothpastes have a strange feel, but Thai toothpastes are worth it.

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