Top 10 Most Famous Anime Characters of All Time
Top 10 Most Famous Anime Characters of All Time
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From heartbreaking backstories to epic anime fight scenes, the world of anime is a melting pot of struggle, strife, and friendship held together by vivid storytelling and skillful fictional character design and development. Whether it’s a sulking anti-hero or a self-assured warrior, an anime series never fails to gift its watchers with dynamic personalities. Inspiring anime characters have been at the heart of pop culture, featured in anime box subscriptions and unique fan apparel.

One such feature that needs your recognition is Characters. Yup, many of you tend to ignore this but characters are an important aspect of making an anime great and entertaining.

This list is filled with characters based on their popularity, contribution, writing, impact, etc. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will have some of the finest individuals in it.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular anime characters of all time that you need to watch out for:

Top 10 Most Famous Anime Characters of All Time

1. Goku

Photo: steampowered
Photo: steampowered

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

One of the celebrated anime of all time- Dragon Ball Z has been synonymous with its protagonist Goku. An iconic character of the animation industry, Goku is loved as one of the most potent warriors who aces in any kind of battle.

Goku has served as the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series for 32 years and has kept the show running with his wit, charms, innocence, and power. He is Earth's greatest defender and friend of various aliens and Gods. His personality and good nature even turned the show's early villain Vegeta to his side, and now the two now share one of the best frenemy bonds.

The Dragon Ball series has followed Goku since he was an infant. Due to various plot armors and even resurrections from death, Goku is considered invincible by his fans. Pure heart, selflessness, loyalty, and dedication are his best traits and what helps to make him an all-time popular anime character.

2. Naruto Uzumaki

Photo: pops
Photo: pops

Anime: Naruto

He is the titular protagonist of this anime and the story is all about him. Naruto is a beginner’s anime series and the way he presents himself before others make him easy to like. Naruto has everything that you would want in the main character of an anime.

The will to work hard, a tragic past, killer moves, and sympathy for villains. He is like the perfect anime protagonist that you are bound to adore. There are numerous times in the anime when Naruto has made us fall in love with him through his actions. He even got rewarded at the end which made up for a happy ending.

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3. Light Yagami

Photo: fanpop
Photo: fanpop

Anime: Death Note

Light Yagami is the protagonist of Death Note. After appointing himself as the "God of the New World," Light viewed himself as the ultimate arbiter of justice with his notebook and pen. While he started off killing criminals, Light fell into madness and eventually started killing off anybody who got in his way.

Light took on the identity "Kira," and became a mass murderer in the name of saving the world. He wanted to create a world that perfectly matched his ideals. Light isn't meant to be likable, but he's fascinating to analyze and is an undeniably well-written character.

4. Levi Ackerman

Photo: fandom
Photo: fandom

Anime: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is arguably the biggest success when it comes to newer anime spreading into the mainstream. It had that Game of Thrones appeal, while also having jaw-dropping action and absolute bangers at the start of every episode.

And within the show, Levi was objectively the fan-favorite. Whether it be pictures of him cleaning or kicking the teeth out of Eren, everything Levi does is somehow an epic moment.

Plus he’s just extremely hot – and don’t you dare act like that isn’t the case.

5. Lelouch Lamperouge

Photo: alphacoders
Photo: alphacoders

Anime: Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge is the protagonist of Code Geass. He's one of the most complex characters in the medium, and his story is equally compelling. Lelouch was a prince and in line for the throne. However, Lelouch renounced his status after his mother was assassinated and his sister severely injured. He swore to avenge his family members after discovering C.C. and gaining the power of the Geass.

Lelouch became the leader of the Order of the Black Knights and eventually went mad with power. He betrayed his friends and killed thousands of innocents on his journey for revenge. At some point, Lelouch lost sight of his initial goal.

6. Monkey D. Luffy

Photo: tinanime
Photo: tinanime

Anime: One Piece

The Japanese anime series follows the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy—a boy who curiously acquires the properties of rubber after eating a Devil Fruit. In addition to his mastery of rubbery, Monkey D. Luffy also masters the title of one of the best anime character names.

He also strives to become the Pirate King. There’s just one catch—his rubbery disposition would lead to a watery death if he somehow falls into the ocean.

Monkey D. Luffy is an endearing popular anime character with very human faults—he’s utterly fearless and entirely naive. He’s entranced by the magic of the world and loves to avoid thinking altogether. Those qualities are what make Monkey D. Luffy a truly endearing and amusing main character within the anime universe.

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7. Ken Kaneki

Photo: Ken Kaneki
Photo: Ken Kaneki

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Back when Tokyo Ghoul first aired, none had thought it was going to gain as much traction as it did. The manga is incredible and this incredible feeling arises from the presence of Kaneki Ken.

Back when Kaneki Ken first hit the anime and the manga, fans went insane because of how gory and edgy the narrative was. This made people love Kaneki more than none. He was a kind kid who wanted to live a normal life.

However, when he turned into a ghoul, his methods of dealing with his new life and his perspective on humanity are what made people look up to him.

Moreover, when he takes the dark path in his life, it was something that almost no one had witnessed before.

Therefore our boy got so much attention and even today, he is looked upon as one of the best protagonists in manga history.

No wonder he made it so high on this list.

8. Saitama

Photo: fandom
Photo: fandom

Anime: One Punch Man

Recognized as the soul of One Punch Man, Saitama is one of the most popular anime characters of the industry. The anime, however, is different from regular combat animations.

He's the most powerful being to have ever existed in its universe. At first, he just became a hero to have fun. However, Saitama eventually realized he wanted to be recognized and respected as a true hero.

Since Saitama is so overpowered, no enemy truly fazes him. Unfortunately, he's become jaded to heroism because nobody can stand on the same level as he does. Alas, Saitama wanders around, praying for a strong opponent, so he can feel alive again.

9. Ichigo Kurosaki

Photo: wikipedia
Photo: wikipedia

Anime: Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach is a Shinigami whose swordsmanship and strength aid him in battling out with reality-bending gods and deities while giving him the power of the ones that he defeats.

Ichigo Kurosaki is comparatively the sweetest among shounen protagonists. Even though Bleach has been on the market for over 15 years, Ichigo is still a popular and youthful character among anime viewers. His design and character remain ideal for shounen fans.

One of the main reasons behind his popularity is his appealing appearance and unique personality. He has the powers of a Quincy human, a Hollow, and a Shinigami. While most shounen protagonists rely on major character shifts towards the end of the series, Ichigo's personality is said to have remained unchanged.

10. Edward Elric

Photo: epicstream
Photo: epicstream

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist is widely regarded as one of the best shonen titles of all time. Edward Elric led the show and became memorable for his spunky, passionate attitude about everything. He's a true underdog who never gave up, no matter what life threw at him.

After an experiment went horribly wrong, Edward lost an arm and his brother's soul got trapped in a mecha suit. After that, Edward took the audience on a stunning journey. Edward gave anime fans the adventure they were desperately searching for.

What Is The Importance Of Anime Characters In Life?

It is most useful for creating cartoon characters to entertain kids, children, and adults. There are many cartoon characters made using this technology and have attracted a large audience throughout the world. Sometimes the character created will replicate our own life and story, they can also make it the replication of a particular story of a person.

♦ You can also compare your life with the anime characters and you can find which anime characters are you to analyze the good and bad things about you. Sometimes it replicates your originality and helps in changing your character and behavior by analyzing them deeply.

♦ You can compare yourself with the anime character by analyzing and comparing their moves, actions, style, and the way they talk and behave. Protagonists create content that attracts the attention of the audience, and they also face many challenges and difficulties while creating successful content for the animation.

♦ The creation of a story also plays a major part in providing the best animation. There are many powerful stories developed to motivate and energize the people watching them.

♦ Animation not only focuses on children and adults but also focuses on the aged people by providing animations on different epic stories like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Panchatantra, and others to attract them with their motion pictures. It also explains the original story to this current generation of people by creating the unique characters of every person appearing in the story. This may help in the easy understanding of stories to people of all age groups.

♦ There are all-time favorite animation characters like Mickey Mouse, Scooby doo, Spiderman once attracted more kids and children to keep them entertained. These are some of the popular characters liked by most kids for a longer time.

♦ Fairy tale stories also have been marvelous creation that shows people the imaginary world they could never see in their entire life.

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