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Just like some female anime characters, male characters also tend to have adorable traits. If you think that cuteness is only reserved for anime girls, you may have to think again.

Here is our list of ‘20 Cute Anime Boys’ that is guaranteed to make your heart go beating!

1. Lag Seeing

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Letter Bee or Tegami Bachi

Lag is a letter bee who possesses a special gun known as ‘Shin Ganjuu.’ He loves to help those in trouble and is always determined when delivering packages. But, behind his cute appearance is a tragic past. As such, Lag grew up to become an emotional character and is often regarded as a crybaby by most of the characters.

Lag Seeing is rather gorgeous, and we already know how cute he is. His personality is quite unique. His left-eyes is generally hidden behind his hair, which adds to his cuteness. Throughout the series, Lag wears a variety of various clothes, including the Holy Night Letter Bee attire.

2. Momiji Sohma

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Fruit Basket

Momiji is our top second cutest anime guy that you will crush on if you watch Fruit Basket anime. Momiji has blonde hair. Which he respectively inherited from his mother and dad. He’s a Japanese-German. He usually wears children’s clothes, lacy and rude. He’s usually seen wearing them together with his school uniform. He’s bubbling, happy and fun always. He does not show off, although he comes from a wealthy family. He can easily make friends, and for his cute look, many girls fall.

3. Luca Nogi

From – Gakuen Alice

Our next cute anime guy is Luca Nogi from Gakuen Alice. He has blond hair, half Franciscan, and light blue eyes, partly in the middle. The uniform is a black jacket and a red-bowed white collar. He is usually qualified for sweet Blondie with middle part hair and mixed blood. He carries around a rabbit, only adding to his cuteness, with a soft and gentle soul and an Alice animal. Luca is quite a charismatic gentleman, pleasant, silent, shy and polite, even chivalric in charm. But he is pretty soft and shy, with low self-esteem. Nevertheless, he is loyal, caring, and self-sacrificing, despite this. Whenever a girl comes close to him, he seems like a super cute anime boy.

4. Levi Ackerman

From – Attack On Titan

Levi Ackerman, popularly known as Captain Levi, is the squad captain of the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad and is widely regarded as humanity’s toughest warrior. Levi has a surprisingly young looking face. He has a short, straight black hair dressed in an undercut curtain, as well as narrow, threatening dull gray eyes with heavy bags under them.

He is relatively short, but he has a well-developed physique as a result of his frequent use of vertical maneuvering equipment. He’s most typically seen in his Survey Corps outfit, which includes a light gray button-up shirt and his signature white ascot. Levi has a pleasant demeanor.

5. Mikaela Hyakuya

From – Owari No Seraph

Mika features in short jean shorts and a white hoodie over a collared shirt as an 8-year-old human child before to the Apocalypse. He’s also seen wearing an oversized jean jacket on occasion. He has short, wavy blond hair and blue eyes, giving him a unique appearance, and is described as stunningly attractive. Isn’t he just the cutest little thing?

6. Yato

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Narogami

Yato, often known as Yaboku, is the protagonist of the anime/manga series Noragami and the titular ‘stray god.’ He is a minor god who longs to be revered by the people one day. To do so, he works as a delivery god, taking any job that comes his way for 5 yen. Yato seems to be a very attractive young man in his late teens to early twenties.

He has chaotic dark violet hair and bright blue eyes that resemble those of a cat, with small, round pupils that narrow when he is serious or irritated. Yato is frequently spotted with a navy tracksuit with a little golden crown on the right side and brown engineer boots.

7. Tadase Hotori

From – Shugo Chara

Our next cute anime boy, Tadase, has short blond hair. His eyes are a red-violet blend, making it look mahogany. He is wearing the Seiyo Academy standard uniform. He is not a typical cute anime boy. Instead, he has a split character that makes him quite fascinating. His usual character is a sweet, timid, self-confident boy. However, he claims to have confidence in others—the usual representation of good character. However, many girls love him and look for him. There’s no denial. Even in the first episode of Shugo Chara, he receives many proposals. He’s very sweet and can’t directly reject any girl.

8. Kou Tanaka

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Ao Haru Ride

Kou is a gorgeous young man with black hair and brown eyes that are fairly keen. He appeared more naïve in middle school, but as the years passed, he became more mature and serious. His expressions make it difficult for people, notably Futaba, to read what he’s thinking because he keeps a more straight face. Kou doesn’t laugh often, but when he does, it’s vibrant and friendly.

9. Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Ouran High School Host Club

Mitsukini, also known as Honey, may look like a little kid, but he is actually a 3rd-year high school student and the oldest member of the Host Club. During his free time, he loves to eat sweets, play with his plush bunny named Usa-chan, or ride on the shoulders of Mori. Despite being child-like with a cute appearance, he is actually an expert martial artist and no one dares to wake him up during his naps.

He is also often compared to Momiji since they resemble each other, appearance and personality-wise. Moreover, they are associated with rabbits!

10. Yuno

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Black Clover

Yuno is a young man of average height with a lean build, amber eyes, and chaotic black hair. He wears a pitch-black shirt with a high neck and long sleeves as his main ensemble. He’s a person who stands out in a crowd and pretty eye-catching.

He wears gray slacks, a white shirt with a dark gray collar, a tan sweater vest, a red dotted necktie, and white shoes in the spring and summer. Nagisa has a friendly and straightforward demeanor. He has strong opinions and frequently expresses them.

11. Takumi Usui

From – Maid Sama

Takumi is a tall young man with spiky blond hair and beautiful green eyes. He is incredibly athletic, perhaps the most athletic male student at Seika High, and is slim yet muscular, as seen in the series.

The mark of the “noble beast,” which he was branded with during his time as a slave in a cult, is visible on the left side of his body. We’d add him to the list because he’s cruel on the exterior but sensitive on the inside for the ones he loves about the most, and that’s fairly cute.

12. Tetsuya Kuroko

From – Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko has a delicate demeanor and a petite frame for a basketball player, which is why he is frequently seen passing. He has light blue hair that he styles to the left of his face. His eyes are blue, and he has a blank expression on his face. His skin is light in color.

He wears the number 11 on a white, black, and red Seirin jersey. He also wears black sweatbands on occasion. His basketball sneakers had a blue streak running through them.

13. Ilyusha Krat

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – 07 Ghosts

Labrador is a very attractive young man. With a height of 170 cm and a boyish and slender physique, he is the smallest of the three principal Bishops. Despite his youthful appearance as a young boy in his late teens, Labrador is the eldest of the three bishops, according to an omake. He is the lightest of the three bishops, with pale, pinkish complexion.

The face of a Labrador is boyish and attractive, with an attractive appearance and a very round face with a small nose and large lips. In the manga, his eyes are incredibly huge, with no discernable pupils, and dark eyelashes. He has lovely wavy hair. The Labrador has been regarded as beautiful rather than handsome.

14.Karma Akabane

From – Assassination Classroom

Karma Akabane is a key character in the Assassination Classroom manga and anime series. He is a Kunugigaoka Junior High School student of Korosensei. He was the first of the students to deal with Koro-sensei’s injury. Karma is fair-skinned, with short red hair and pale piercing eyes that are either mercury or goldish in hue.

He hides a painful and rather nasty attitude behind his regular innocent-looking, smiling countenance. He has a slim frame and incredibly keen canine teeth, according to reports. The females in the anime regard Karma to be the most physically gorgeous of all the boys in Class E.

15. Yoichi Saotome

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Owari No Seraph

Another cute anime boy is from Owari no Seraph, Yoichi. He gives a good competition to Mikaela, as we listed above. Well, Yoichi has dark green eyes with medium length and brown hair. He wore a standard JIDA uniform (a good reason to crush on him) consisting of a black long-sleeved coat and uniform pants. Moreover, he is optimistic and kind, and he’s a sweet person. His shy, sweet personality is of a sort, and you want to cover it in a blanket and hide it. Say no more, and it’s all that a cute anime boy needs to be.

16.Zazie Winters

From – Tegami Bachi

Our next adorable anime crush is Zazie Winters from Tegami Bachi. His fur is black; also, his eyes are brunette. Moreover, he is like a cat, with slits. He wears his backward cap in standard letter bee uniform. Under his cap, a tuft of hair sticks out. It is far shorter, except for Lag than other characters. He looked feline, his dogs being sharper and more sticky. He may act like he doesn’t care at first glance, but the more you watch him, the more you love his character. He’s the kind of person, short and bitchy. In addition, he is rude, sarcastic, and upset. He’s also depicted as a jerk and a badass.

Zazie is dressed in the Letter Bee uniform. His hair is black, and his eyes are hazel brown, with pupils that are virtually slits, like a cat’s. In comparison to the other characters, he is noticeably short. But he’s pretty cute.

17. Aladdin

From – Magi

Aladdin is a cute anime boy who happens to be a Magician and one of the five Magi. Aside from being kind and cheerful, he is also the type that can easily make friends with almost anyone. Aladdin is also protective of his friends and would do anything to help them.

Aladdin’s Magic Turban, which he uses to fly, is generally worn on his head. A ruby is set in his turban.

18. Keiichi Shimizu

From – La Corda d’Oro

Keiichi is the concurs’s youngest male contender who prefers to go at his own leisure. Keiichi speaks softly and nicely in a gentle tone, and he sleeps anywhere, at any time. He is a music department first-year cellist who is known across the school for being a sleepy gorgeous lad and a cello prodigy.

19. Nate River

From – Death Note

A young man with white shaggy hair and gray eyes stands nearby. Only a white long-sleeved pajama top and white pajama pants are visible on him. Near has prominent bags under his eyes, slightly longer hair, and appears to have experienced a growth spurt.

He’s still adorable, though. Near is a brilliant young man, despite the fact that his infantile appearance and manner may lead others, such as David Hoope, to doubt his talents.

20. Syo Kurusu

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

From – Uta no Prince-sama

“An egocentric, stylish person.” His eyes are pale blue and he has blond hair. A salmon pink t-shirt is paired with a white jacket with black stripes, dark pink and light checked slacks, and a black hat with a pink bow as an accessory is his casual go to outfit. He’s obviously cute, and he’s been labeled as a Stylish Person.

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