Top 10+ Best Free Sites To Watch Movies In Philippines
The Best Free Sites To Watch Movies In Philippines
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We believe the majority of you would concur that streaming video content on the internet is now our main source of entertainment. Their vast library of films and TV shows may be viewed at reasonable prices using services like Netflix, HBO Go, and the recently launched discovery+.

However, what occurs if you choose not to cover the membership fee? Don't worry—you don't yet need to visit those questionable websites. There are also websites where you may view movies legally and for free! We've put up a list of these eight websites to make movie streaming easy and free!

The Greatest Filipino Films of All Time

You can find 10 fantastic Filipino films recommended in this section. Simply browse the collection of Filipino movies below to find one to watch.

1. Oro, Plata, Mata

2. Himala

3. Norte, the End of History

4. From What is Before

5. Cleaners

6. Hello, Love, Goodbye

7. One More Chance

8. Heaven’s Waiting

9. Four Sisters and a Wedding

10. Dukot

Top 10+ Best Free Sites To Watch Movies In Philippines

1. Vivamax


A must-visit website for Filipino movies is Vivamax. Despite being a subscription-based network, it is well worth the money because of its popular Pinoy originals and blockbusters. A range of subscription plans, commencing at PHP69/week, are available on the website. In addition to a vast array of travel, lifestyle, reality show, music, comedy, and other Filipino-produced content, Vivamax's library boasts an enormous collection of Korean and other Asian films. It also provides iOS and Android mobile applications.

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2. PinoyFlix


Despite having a similar name and design, PinoyFlix and Netflix are unrelated to one another. It is still a great website to watch Filipino movies online, despite this. It's actually a one-stop shop for people who want to view both movies and TV shows because in addition to Pinoy movies, it also has Pinoy TV shows. You must download a plug-in for your browser in order to facilitate the download if you wish to download movies from this website. We haven't discovered any harm as of yet from this plugin.

3. iWantTFC


There are a ton of series and movies available for free streaming on ABS-CBN's iWantTFC platform. You can choose to remove advertisements by paying a monthly subscription price. Hello, Love, Goodbye, The Hows of Us, and Alone Together are just a few of the films available for viewing here.

4. WeTV iFlix


WeTV iFlix has a good selection of free Filipino films in addition to a respectable catalog of Chinese, Korean, and other Asian television series. You may now watch movies on the platform without a membership, such as Mikhail Red's Neomanila, Woke Up Like This, starring Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe, and My Rebound Girl, starring Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco.

Upstream, a relatively newcomer to the local streaming sector, is the creation of filmmaker Erik Matti and producer Dondon Monteverde. Because each title on this Tagalog movie website includes a price tag, it is unlike other content consumption platforms. This implies that each time you watch a film or television program, you will have to pay.

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5. iQiyi


When it comes to Asian material, this Chinese streamer is growing in popularity; two Filipino original series are also planned for the site. If you're looking to watch movies from Korea, Japan, and China, iQiyi may be of interest to you. Take advantage of their VIP membership to watch more titles without being interrupted by advertisements!

6. Tubi


Tubi, a Fox Entertainment branch, claims to have over 35,000 free movies and television series available for viewing! Even though the titles they have available aren't the most well-known, users will undoubtedly discover some hidden treasures on the internet, so keep streaming!

7. Youtube


Where can I find free Tagalog movie streaming? It may surprise you to learn that you can watch full-length Filipino films on YouTube. Sometimes, studios distribute their films for a short period of time so that people who missed them in cinemas can watch them.

Filipino Films to View on YouTube:

"Heneral Luna" - The story of General Antonio Luna's fight for independence is told in this historical drama that generated a lot of excitement in 2015.

"Smaller and Smaller Circles": Featuring Nonie Buencamino and Sid Lucero as two Jesuit priests looking into a string of murders in 1997, this 2017 film is also a darling among critics.

"I’m Drunk, I Love You" brought together a lot of deluded romantics in 2017. Unrequited love and drunken evenings can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

8. FilmDoo


FilmDoo is a video-on-demand platform to watch movies online and it boasts thousands of films from all over the world, such as Korea, China, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand,the United States, France, Brazil, and others. It also covers a wide range of movie genres and languages. These features can help you filter your movies quickly.

Movies from all over the world, including Korea, China, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, the United States, France, Brazil, and others, are available for viewing on the video-on-demand platform FilmDoo. It also includes a large variety of languages and movie genres. These tools will enable you to easily filter your movie selection.

As a result, FilmDoo is a fantastic choice for watching Filipino films. On this portal, you can look through hundreds of Filipino films.

9. VivaOne


A large selection of Pinoy films and TV series are available to fans of the well-known Filipino movie website VivaOne. It is a division of one of the top media firms in the Philippines, Viva Entertainment. VivaOne's vast collection of Filipino films and TV series is one of its primary advantages. Numerous titles are available on the website, including well-known TV shows, fresh releases, and vintage Filipino movies. There are many other genres available to viewers, such as humor, action, romance, and drama. One more fantastic feature of VivaMax is its compatibility across various platforms, such as smart TVs and smartphones. Users can also view other television shows from other nations, such as China, Thailand, and Korea. The fact that this content features original storylines and storytelling techniques gives it even more appeal.

10. PinoyMoviePedia


PinoyMoviePedia has become the most well-known website for people looking to download Pinoy movies very quickly. It serves a sizable audience by offering a diverse range of genres, guaranteeing that everyone will discover a movie that suits their tastes. Although there are many Pinoy movies available on this Pinoy movie stream, it's important to remember that the video quality could vary. This variation can affect the viewing experience; certain movies provide a clear and cinematic image, while others may achieve a different degree of visual clarity. It goes above and above by including digitally remastered versions of beloved Filipino movies. This commitment to conserving and rereleasing classic films enhances the content on the site. It's a free website, though, so be mindful that there are click-through advertisements that may interfere with your ability to read.

11. Plex


Plex is an application that aims to give users an easier-to-use and more customized experience with their own media library. However, the Plex website also provides hundreds of titles—mostly B movies and older films—that may be streamed for free without requiring you to register.

As the name of the website implies, Top Documentary Films is the place to go online to watch documentaries for free from all over the world. Established in 2007, this website currently features a carefully selected selection of more than 3,000 documentaries that are available for streaming on websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube.

12. The Internet Archive


The Internet Archive is a massive, free digital library of websites, public documents, and other forms of media preserved in digital form. Its purpose is to enable "universal access to all knowledge." There are billions of content available there, some vintage black and white films that are well worth seeing if you want to learn more about the modest beginnings of film.


We hope you can find and watch your favorite Filipino films online with the help of these five websites. Which Filipino film is your favorite? Would you mind providing us with links to additional Filipino movie websites? Feel free to give us your comments!

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