Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
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For readers who love adventure, the spooky horror genre is definitely the best choice. Instead of downloading an eBook from Amazon or purchasing an audiobook on Audible, you have a variety of choices from free websites. Check out our 'Top 10 Best Legal Sites For Ghost Stories'.

1. Scary for Kids

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo Scary For Kids

The website Scary for Kids offers a wide variety of frightening material written with children in mind. The website features terrifying media such as images, animations, games, movies, and narratives.

To visit the section of the site devoted to these tales, select Scary Stories from the navigation bar. You can search for stories related to Halloween, urban legends, ghost stories, and more by category on that page.

There will be some scary stories on this site, but nothing that would scare younger kids (or adults) easily.

2. Haunted Places

The Kuala Lumpur attraction Hauntu combines live theatre with role play and storytelling to offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

A colonial hotel steeped in mystery and the paranormal serves as the setting for Hauntu, an experience that is much more than a traditional haunted house thanks to the inclusion of live actors, audience participation, complex mazes, and interwoven narratives. Players not only get to act out parts within the narratives, but also get a taste of Malaysia from its pre-independence days to the present day.

Superdough, a global franchise with ten Breakout escape room locations, has just released their newest interactive product, Hauntu. Superdough is made up of a group of young, dedicated individuals who are always looking to create new and exciting forms of entertainment. Superdough, which created the Breakout brand in 2014, released HAUNTU in 2018 as the first fully immersive horror experience in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

What is the minimum age Hauntu is recommended for?

The entry age for patrons who are not accompanied by an adult is 15 years old. Some of our younger guests (8-14 years old) enjoyed the experience despite its potential unsuitability for that age range. If they are required to take part, a responsible adult must accompany them. No one under the age of 7 is permitted inside.

3. Housecreep

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo House Creep

Realtors, homebuyers, renters, and fans of true crime will all find Housecreep to be an invaluable tool.

Housecreep has been used to pinpoint the locations of residences associated with gruesome crimes and events since 2013. Personal narratives, articles from the internet, archival newspaper articles, death certificates, and other public records are all sources that people directly publish on the website.

How do you read a scary story?

If the horror story has a movie, don’t watch it. Most movies ruin the thrill if you read the story afterward.

Make the environment fit for reading the horror story. You have to be alone and choose to read the horror story during nighttime.

4. Creepypasta

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo demdalat

Everything on the site is organized into distinct tabs that make navigating the site a breeze. Examples include the self-explanatory Top Rated and Recently Published sections, the illustrative Creepypasta Stories, and the wildly popular Famous Creepypasta, which collects the site's most read stories.

There are many search filters available, and if you want a story chosen at random, you can visit the site's Random Story page. It's no surprise that Creepypasta is so popular.

What makes a ghost story scary?

There are some of the most important elements of a horror story, including-

A creepy or abnormal plot

A spooky character

Twists and turns in the story

Supernatural things

5. Oldstyle Tales Press

The press Oldstyle Tales Press promotes all things scary in literature. Mary Shelley and M. R. James are just two of the many well-known authors from the Classical Era of Supernatural Fiction, the time period covered by this platform (1795-1935).

Explore the Blog for access to a wide variety of free, online ghost stories. In addition to a massive archive of ghost tales, the site also provides annotated and illustrated editions of classic horror works, perfectly synchronizing the enthralling prose with the appropriate visual style. You can use the site to locate a book that is a good fit for your interests.

6. The Darkest Blog

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo online tech tips

Short horror stories are treated seriously on The Darkest Blog. In order to generate traffic, the site's owner encourages visitors to submit their scariest stories. Witch stories, ghost stories, "dud" stories (mind-bending), and creepy dreams are just some of the options available on the menu.

The site's aesthetic is a little stale and basic, but that isn't why you came, is it? You've come to be scared, after all!

7. The Moonlit Road

Several "strange stories," as the book labels them, can be found in The Moonlit Road. There are various story collections available, such as Scary Tales, Southern Legends, and Strange Facts, to suit your every whim. Reader-submitted works can be found in the "Your Short Stories" section.

The platform also offers a Schoolhouse category that holds information regarding the topics, places, cultures, and everything else to do with the listed stories and the inspiration behind them. Browse through lesson plans and other teaching materials, all of which are available for free download.

8. Real Ghost Stories Online

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo makeuseof

True to its name, Real Ghost Stories Online is a repository of supernatural tales. The podcasting sphere is an eminent one because it enables users to access content from a slew of sources, including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and a slew of others, and then recite the enunciation.

The editors of Real Ghost Stories Online encourage readers to submit their own creepy stories and reflections. It can be difficult to find the perfect horror podcast to suit your spooky mood, which is why the site provides an archive.

It provides access to previously broadcast podcast episodes, allowing you to catch up on any stories you may have missed and skipping over those that don't interest you.

9. Reedsy Prompts

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo Reedsy Prompts

In search of a never-ending supply of terrifying tales to chill your soul? Stories about terrifying experiences, actual ghosts, and real hauntings can be found in abundance on Reedsy Prompts.

The horror genre can also benefit greatly from this. The site features a weekly horror story contest with a $250 prize and a spotlight for the winner.

One of the most extensive anthologies of horror fiction. Are you ready to embark on a terrifying adventure? Get your thrills from some of the best short stories ever written.

10. Medium

Medium is the largest platform for writers out there. Short and long horror stories by authors from all over the world can be found in periodicals.

You can find a wide variety of terrifying tales on Medium if that's where your reading interests lie.


Above are the 10 best websites that selected to help fans of ghost stories and horror stories. These are legal and copyright-respecting websites that should be included in the Top List. We advise you not to visit illegal websites because you will help copyright infringement and cause harm to yourself such as having your account hacked, being scammed, having your personal data stolen, etc.

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