The broad and varied terrain of the world of film is enhanced by the distinct cultural viewpoints and storytelling of many countries. Nevertheless, Filipino film has a distinct charm that has drawn viewers from all over the world as well as from the Philippines.

Filipino movies have a wide variety of storytelling that appeals to both domestic and foreign audiences, from touching family dramas to action-packed blockbusters. As digital platforms have grown in popularity, specialized Pinoy movie websites have become essential for the promotion of Filipino film. These websites are essential to providing Pinoy movies to a worldwide viewership. We'll look at how they help Filipino films have more exposure and impact by being distributed and promoted. This post will examine several websites that allow you to stream Filipino films online and help you select the one that best suits your tastes.

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Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Filipino Dramas with English Subtitles

Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Filipino Dramas With English Subtitles

1. VivaOne

A large selection of Pinoy films and TV series are available to fans of the well-known Filipino movie website VivaOne. It is a division of one of the top media firms in the Philippines, Viva Entertainment. VivaOne's vast collection of Filipino films and TV series is one of its primary advantages. Numerous titles are available on the website, including well-known TV shows, fresh releases, and vintage Filipino movies. There are many other genres available to viewers, such as humor, action, romance, and drama. The fact that this content features original storylines and storytelling techniques gives it even more appeal.

2. YouTube

Are you trying to find a free online Filipino movie streaming platform? While there are certain websites like iWantTFC and others where Filipino movies may be streamed, YouTube can also be a great place to watch Filipino movies online for nothing. Trailers and full length films are posted on the official YouTube channels of numerous Filipino film companies and producers. These networks frequently offer free online streaming of Filipino films. Regal Entertainment, ABS-CBN Star Cinema, and Viva Entertainment are a few examples. However, because some uploads may be of lesser quality than others, the audio and video quality of the movies on this streaming site can vary, which could negatively impact your viewing experience.

3. Viu

Viu Philippines is a vibrant platform that appeals to a wide range of people that enjoy Asian and Filipino cinema. Viu is an appealing option for a wide audience looking for a mix of local and regional content as an online streaming service for Pinoy movies. Viu makes sure you're well-served if you enjoy the subtle storytelling and emotional depth of Pinoy films. It features a wide selection of Filipino movies, from gripping action adventures to touching dramas. Its dedication to producing original material and providing exclusive premieres of Pinoy television shows and films is what increases its popularity. To reach a wider audience, it also offers subtitles for every movie or video available on the platform.

4. Netflix

Netflix is another streaming service that you can think of as a Pinoy movie website. Although it mainly concentrates on foreign content, viewers may still access and enjoy Filipino cinema thanks to the significant variety of Pinoy films it offers. It offers a wide selection of Filipino movies from all eras and genres. Netflix offers a variety of Pinoy films, whether you're searching for independent films, classic masterpieces, or modern Filipino blockbusters. Additionally, it gained popularity abroad, drawing viewers from both the Philippines and other countries, giving Filipino films a wider and more varied audience. Similar websites to Netflix are also available where you may watch various TV series and films.

5. Pinoy Movies

A dedicated website for watching and downloading Pinoy movies is called Pinoy Movies. As its name implies, it boasts one of the biggest collections of Filipino films available on the internet, spanning all genres. Suggestion, All Movies, Action, Comedy, Romance, Horror, and Rated-R sections are all visible on the main page. To view more films in that genre, click the View All icon in the top right corner of each section. As an alternative, you can just use the search bar to look for the movies on our website that you want to download and watch.

6. MyDramaList

Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Filipino Dramas with English Subtitles

An extensive collection of Asian dramas, including Filipino dramas with English subtitles, may be found on the well-known website MyDramaList. MyDramaList, Inc. designed the website, which debuted in 2011. Since then, millions of people from different nations have visited it, making it one of the most popular websites for fans of Asian dramas.

MyDramaList's vast content catalog, which includes Filipino dramas with English subtitles, has contributed to the platform's explosive growth in popularity in the Philippines over time. The website is renowned for its tailored recommendations, excellent streaming, and easy-to-use design. It's a terrific way to find new dramas because it lets users rank and review shows.

7. iWantTFC

Popular internet platform iWantTFC provides English subtitles for Filipino programs. The website was launched in November 2018 and was created by ABS-CBN Corporation. It has grown to be a popular place for fans of Filipino dramas since its debut. The website has a huge library of content, including anything from the newest releases to vintage dramas. It is renowned for having an easy-to-use interface, excellent streaming, and reasonably priced membership packages.

8. Cignal Play

One well-known streaming service that has a large selection of Filipino films and TV series is Cignal Play. For individuals who enjoy watching Filipino TV series and movies and wish to keep up with the newest releases, this is a fantastic choice. You can easily move around our platform and watch Filipino movies with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface. Additionally, Cignal Play offers you access to exclusive content, such as Cignal Entertainment-produced original television shows and movies. Oh My Korona, Kalye Kweens, Sing Galing, and other songs are included in this. You must be aware, though, that this website is only accessible within the Philippines.

9. PinoyMoviePedia

PinoyMoviePedia has become the most well-known website for people looking to download Pinoy movies very quickly. It serves a sizable audience by offering a diverse range of genres, guaranteeing that everyone will discover a movie that suits their tastes. Although there are many Pinoy movies available on this Pinoy movie stream, it's important to remember that the video quality could vary. This variation can affect the viewing experience; certain movies provide a clear and cinematic image, while others may achieve a different degree of visual clarity. It goes above and above by including digitally remastered versions of beloved Filipino movies.

10. Vivamax

Vivamax is another must-try Filipino movies site. Althuogh it is a subscription-based platform, its top Pinoy blockbusters and hit Pinoy originals make it worth the money. The website offers various subscription plans starting from PHP69/week. Vivamax's library not only includes a lot of travel, lifestyle, reality shows, music, comedy and other Filipino-produced content, but also offers a huge selection of Korean movies and movies from other countries in Asia. Additionally, it also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS.


In summary, Filipino films are steadily making their way into the mainstream. Although there are many websites where you may watch Filipino movies online, downloading Pinoy movies to prevent pop-up advertisements and buffering is still difficult. Thankfully, we've compiled the top 10 websites to stream Filipino films online with English subtitles in one article.

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