10 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Vietnamese Online
10 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Vietnamese Online

There are a few apps that can help you learn Vietnamese more easily. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance a certain ability, apps can make learning Vietnamese a lot easier. Learning some basic Vietnamese language can open up a lot of opportunities for you. It is a widely spoken language, with over 90 million native speakers. Learning it will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture during your stay to Vietnam. It can also motivate you to connect with folks in your home country. In the United States, for example, Vietnamese is the fifth most widely spoken language!

Why Should I Learn Vietnamese?

The nicest aspect of learning Vietnamese is that it introduces you to a whole new world of culture and people. Consider conversing with locals on your travels or eating tasty "Pho" like a pro. (Have you seen what I done there? *wink*) It's like possessing a hidden key to reach the heart of Vietnam!

And, speaking of "pho," Vietnamese cuisine is a flavor explosion. Learning the language allows you to grasp menus beyond simply pointing to visuals. You'll discover culinary wonders and possibly impress your taste buds with your order.

And, if you're a true language enthusiast, Vietnamese presents a unique challenge with its various tones. The tones may appear complicated at first, but they let the language sing melodically. It's as if your voice can dance as you speak!

Last but not least, it's about those "Aha!" moments. As you learn new words and phrases, you will experience a sense of accomplishment that is extremely fulfilling. And, in a philosophical sense, it's not just about words; it's about the connections you make.

So there you have it: culture, food, brain workout, and that comforting sense of accomplishment. Learning Vietnamese is extremely worthwhile!

10 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Vietnamese Online

1. Ling


Ling is a popular language learning app among millions of users worldwide. If you're new to Vietnamese, this language-learning software is a great place to start. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it can also be used on the desktop. Are you unclear if this is the right platform for you? For a deeper understanding, see the Ling app's features listed below.

Ling teaches the Northern Vietnamese dialect in a gamified format. There are bite-sized games and quizzes to help you learn Vietnamese in an entertaining way.

The software contains a variety of interactive features, including flashcards, quizzes, phrases, and conversation completion exercises.

The software has a chatbot to help you improve your conversation skills. You can discuss ordinary life and informal issues, and this practice will help you become fluent in your target language, which in this case is Vietnamese.

Ling provides basic vocabulary, Vietnamese phrases, and grammar explanations. Mondly is best for improving conversational skills.

2. Mondly


Mondly is a language learning app that supports 41 foreign languages and, unlike its competitors, allows you to learn in your original language. Mondly was named the greatest language-learning app in 2019, and millions of people adore it. If you're a beginner or intermediate learner, this app is ideal for exploring general Vietnamese. The topics are based on real-life scenarios. Mondly requires you to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities through a variety of tasks. You can download it from the App Store, Play Store, or App Gallery.

The Vietnamese language includes six distinct tones

Tones are vital when speaking Vietnamese, and accents are used to express six unique tones. The tones are level (ngang), acute-angry (sắc), grave-lowering (huyền), smooth-rising (hỏi), chesty-raised (ngã), and chesty-heavy (năng). If you employ the wrong tone, your sentence could have a completely different meaning. If your mother tongue is not tonal, learning Vietnamese may be difficult.



VietnamesePod101 is the best overall and most comprehensive option.

The winning app on our list is VietnamesePod101, a well-known language curriculum that has its own specialized app for learning Vietnamese. The classes are primarily video and audio, offered by a variety of native tutors. They cover a wide range of issues, including restaurant ordering and Vietnamese customs and traditions. Many students enjoy the cultural emphasis of this language program, which incorporates many cultural nuances throughout the sessions, making it fresh and engaging throughout.

4. Lingodeer


Lingodeer is the best option for beginners.

Lingodeer is an excellent choice that does not appear to receive the same level of attention as the other more popular apps. It's relatively affordable yet packs a punch. Beginning with the Vietnamese alphabet, the course will teach you through a series of'mini-lessons', each focusing on a specific topic such as 'animals' or 'food'.

How many accents does Vietnamese language have?

Three different accents

You might assume that with one language comes one accent. However, it’s generally accepted that there are three Vietnamese accents. These change depending on which part of the country the speaker is from. The accent from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is regarded as the ‘standard’ Vietnamese accent.

5. Italki


One of the most effective strategies to learn a language is to start talking to natives as soon as possible, even if you can barely pull together a sentence. Italki has transformed the way we learn languages by providing access to hundreds of skilled native language teachers from anywhere in the world at an affordable price. You can use your smartphone to practice all you've learned, get fast feedback, and practice speaking skills.

There are many borrowed words

If you know Chinese, you may notice some parallels when studying Vietnamese. The explanation for this could be China's long-standing dominance in the region. Many common nouns and concepts, such as "gia đình" (family) and "đồng ý" (agree), originated from the Chinese language.

Vietnamese language contains French influences, as seen in terms like "áp phích" (poster), "ban công" (balcony), and "ắc quy" (battery). You may be surprised to learn that the Vietnamese alphabet is derived from the French alphabet! This impact is also derived from the French colonialism of Vietnam from 1884 to 1945.

6. Pimsleur


Perhaps learning to read and write in Vietnamese isn't as crucial to you, and all you want is a basic conversational understanding of the language. For this, Pimsleur is your best option. It teaches you how to speak Vietnamese with a native accent and understand what you hear using cutting-edge approaches and research findings.

The lessons consist of 30-60 minute audio podcasts that ask you to repeat and reply to the local dialogue. It's an immersive and complete technique that deconstructs each individual sentence, word, and sound before reconstructing everything again, all while measuring your comprehension and fluency.

7. Drops


Drops, a vocabulary go-to, has a gorgeous interface that immediately draws you in!

This program, which combines attractive pictures with interactive training, helps you memorize Vietnamese words and phrases in a unique and colorful way.

This is simply an excellent starting point for new learners, if not a thrilling game to incorporate! It includes an audio tutorial and word lists covering a wide range of conversation themes.

8. Easy Vietnamese


Easy Vietnamese is a hilarious program; it is essentially a massive list of strange phrases sorted into useful themes (such as meals, shopping, and banks), with accompanying audio to hear the phrases pronounced.

While it lacks interactivity, it contains a huge variety of amusing expressions. For example, "Wise guy, eh?" or "Adding fuel to the fire?" Making it appropriate for intermediate or advanced learners, but somewhat stupid for beginners.

If you have a Vietnamese friend or tutor, you may use these strange words to start a humorous chat about the propriety of the expressions or how out of date they are. Beginners will generally want to avoid the app.

9. Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is a well-known name in the language game—and with good reason.

The platform includes a variety of learning tools, including an offline Audio Companion, TruAccent voice coaching, and core lessons, to help you continuously test and improve your skills.

Practice makes perfect! Designed to replicate real-life discussion in the Hanoi dialect, its vocabulary phrasebook and stories feature will help you improve your conversation skills while including crucial concepts.

Rosetta Stone is an interactive, engaging, and well-paced environment in which to gain confidence.

10. Vietstories


The VietStories app for Android just features on thing: long conversations between two Vietanese speakers. This is suprisingly effective!

So far, there are only 5 dialogues, which makes the app very limited.

If they continue to add more dialogues, then this would be a must-have app to learn Vietnamese, especially for travellers to Souther Vietnam (it has the Southern dialect).

But until then, it is just too limited to be very useful, except as a one-time supplement to other learning materials.


We understand that learning an Asian language can be difficult, especially in the beginning stages. As a result, having a study plan might assist you navigate the process. That is why we analyzed the finest mobile apps to help you learn Vietnamese. I am confident you will find them very beneficial.

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