10 Best Free Online Learning Sites for Math, Data Science and Engineering
10 Best Free Online Learning Sites for Math, Data Science and Engineering

Engineering is widely considered as one of the most lucrative and in-demand career choices, with multiple engineering disciplines and job types, as well as salaries that can exceed $100k per annum once the engineer has some experience behind them. Furthermore, engineers earn in excess of the national average salary and this is expected by some reputable organizations to continue in the future. In fact, Engineering degrees make up 10 of the top 17 highest paid degrees.

With the increasing popularity of STEM-focused learning more and more students are taking on more and more challenging math courses.

There are a number of ways you can incorporate these free math websites into your lesson plans. Use them as part of a classroom center for focused learning.

In this post, we will round up you with all you need to know about free online math, science, and engineering courses and how you can gain access and participate in each and every one of them.

What are the free online sites for math, science, or engineering?

1. Khan Academy

Photo: hola.edu
Photo: hola.edu

Khan Academy is a completely free personalized learning resource with online courses, videos, and exercises. Students can complete daily reviews and keep track of their progress within the platform’s learning dashboard. The math tutorials are categorized by subject and by grade level for easy navigation and utilize specialized content—with the help of organizations like NASA, California Academy of Sciences, and The Museum of Modern Art—to bring the lessons to life.

What teachers love: Practice problems provide hints one step at a time, so students can get help when they’re stuck at a specific point, but don’t necessarily need help with the entire problem. This allows them to work things out for themselves and learn at their own pace.

Grade levels: K-12; secondary

2. Wolfram MathWorld

Photo: amser
Photo: amser

MathWorld is a free online resource for everything related to mathematics. The site includes interactive GIFs and demonstrations, downloadable notebooks, and “capsule summaries” for various math terms. Students can explore more than 13,000 entries to strengthen their math foundation and build up their understanding.

Wolfram’s search topics are broken down into four categories – Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, and Everyday Life – with subtopics underneath. By clicking on a subtopic, you’ll see several examples of how to search for related queries.

Mathematics is pretty straightforward – you enter what you need to calculate, and the results show you the final answer and the steps for how to get there. This makes Wolfram Alpha unbeatable for math students or anyone who works in the field.

The Science and Technology section is similar. Within that, though, are options that the everyday user may find helpful. For example, you can convert grams to ounces when you’re cooking, find out what your clothing size is in another country for help when shopping, or figure out how much paint you need to purchase to cover a room in your house.

What teachers love: The site allows older and more advanced students to really dig deep into mathematics, with topics and articles in several different math-related subjects for a variety of backgrounds and ability levels.

3. Desmos

Photo: apkgk
Photo: apkgk

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that students can use to graph functions, plot data and evaluate equations. The site also includes math examples and even creative art—so students can get the most out of the calculator.

Desmos can be used in a range of different ways. It can be used as a free graphing calculator, saving students from purchasing a $100 calculator. Teachers can use it to make high-quality images for assessments and presentations. But the classroom activities are where Desmos really stands out. Teachers can use Desmos to help students connect mathematical concepts to concrete, real-world shapes, and pictures. Starting an activity with your students is easy: Simply have the kids enter the activation code into the website. Prior to assigning an activity, try the student preview.

Teacher moves are listed at the bottom of activities, giving specific ways you can coach your kids while they're working. Progress can be monitored using the teacher dashboard. Using this information, teachers can work specifically with students one at a time or pause the whole class if most are headed down the wrong path. Desmos can also be a powerful tool in leading math discourse. Use the Snapshot tool to capture specific student responses and sequence them in the best order to drive the class conversation.

What teachers love: The website and program are extremely user-friendly, with an extensive help center; and with Desmos, families don’t have to worry about purchasing a pricey graphing calculator.

4. Multiplication.com

Photo: notsowimpyteacher
Photo: notsowimpyteacher

Math is Fun is an outstanding website that might supply a large part of your math curriculum, and it is free. While it has some unobtrusive advertisements, even these can be turned off. Be aware that many of the games require Flash, so it won't work on some devices.

The home page has buttons for another index page as well as for specific topics: data, numbers, puzzles, money, games, dictionary, worksheets, measurement, activities, geometry algebra, calculus, and physics. If you just want to use the site for supplemental teaching, games, or activities, you can easily get to these from the home page.

You can locate lesson material in a few different ways. The first display shows groups of grades levels (PreK-2, 3-6, 7-9, and 10 upwards) with six tabs under each grade range: numbers, algebra, geometry, data, measurement, and money. Or you can click on Common Core Standards and find grade level or topic tabs for kindergarten through high school. (High school level tabs list algebra, functions, geometry, number and quantity, and statistics and probability.)

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5. Coursera

Photo: cellphones
Photo: cellphones

Coursera provides one of the longest-established online data science educations, through John Hopkins University. It isn’t completely free – if you can afford it, you are expected to pay a course and certification fee – but this is waived for students who don’t have the financial resources available.

Comprised of 10 courses, the specialization covers statistical programming in R, cluster analysis, natural language processing, and practical applications of machine learning. To complete the program, students create a data product that can be used to solve a real-world problem.

Also from Coursera, this course is provided by PwC so unsurprisingly focuses more on business applications than theory. It covers the spectrum of tools and techniques which are being adopted by businesses today to tackle data challenges and the different roles that data specialists can fill in modern organizations. Students are also tutored in selecting the best tools and frameworks for solving problems with data. The four-week course concludes with a task involving deploying a data solution in a simulated business environment.

6. EdX

Photo: blog.freec.asia
Photo: blog.freec.asia

edX is a credible platform for education and learning. It was actually founded by professors from Harvard and MIT and has more than 34+ million learners. Its courses are created and taught by some of the top-ranked universities and industry-leading companies in the world.

edx is an online e-learning platform offering interactive courses from the world’s best universities, colleges and organizations. edX’s most popular subject areas are computer science, engineering, humanities, statistics and data analysis. The majority of edX courses offer the opportunity to earn a verified certificate. It also offers the option to learn on its courses for free, it will mean though you won’t have access to the graded assignments and you won’t receive a verified certificate.

The Data Science Essentials course is provided by Microsoft and forms part of their Professional Program Certificate in Data Science, although it can also be taken as a stand-alone course through EdX. Students are expected to have an “introductory” knowledge of R or Python – the two most popular languages for data science programming at the moment. Subjects covered include probability and statistics, data exploration, visualization, and an introduction to machine learning, using the Microsoft Azure framework. Although all of the course material is free, students can pay ($90 in this case) for an official certificate on completion.

7. Udacity

Photo: oto
Photo: oto

Udacity focuses on IT courses, including topics such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and related technologies. As a result, Udacity is well known as an education provider in this field, but it offers a very limited range of topics compared to the other course platforms. There are free courses and paid course series (Nanodegrees). Sometimes it may be a good idea to take a free course first to get to know the platform (for example, Java Programming as a test course for the longer Android Nanodegree).

Udacity users have reported that the course programs contain significantly more hands-on programming work than other course providers. In addition, the fee-based Nanodegree programs offer individual mentor support.

Intro to Machine Learning of Udacity is undoubtedly one of the hot topics in data science right now, and this course aims to give a full overview, from theory to practical application. As well as an introduction to selecting data sources and choosing which algorithms best fit a particular problem the course also forms a part of Udacity’s paid-for “nanodegree” in data analysis.

Who could benefit from a free online data science course?

Employers are waking up to the fact that employees with the ability to use data and analytics to solve business problems are increasingly valuable, whatever their background or position in an organization.

A lot of this is because of the proliferation of self-service infrastructure and tools designed to automate many of the technical but repetitive tasks involved with data cleaning, preparation, and analytics. This means workers are increasingly able to carry out complex data-driven operations such as predictive modeling and automation without getting their hands dirty coding complex algorithms from scratch.

However, someone with an understanding of the principles will often be in a better position to use these tools productively than someone without! So, if you are looking to enhance your own CV with analytics skills you could do far worse than look at some of these courses. It’s worth noting however that while you can educate yourself with these courses without spending a penny, some of them charge for certification when you’ve finished.

8. Courses.com

Courses.com offers a collection of free online courses from top educational institutions for anyone to take. Courses.com is one of the best websites where they have customized Free Courses on all engineering subjects. Great online courses, for free. Open courses from top universities. One of the best online course websites. You can also learn the free online civil engineering courses with certificates of completion.

Their website allows each user to search for schools and other educational institutions that offer various education courses. Searches are conducted based on the specific interests of each user.

9. Open Culture

Photo: openculture
Photo: openculture

Get free Engineering courses online from the world’s leading universities—one of the best online course sites. For more online courses, visit our complete collection, 1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player.

Open Culture is basically a great compilation of excellent resources, which can be used for personal and professional development. It has 6 main sections: Audiobooks, Online courses, Movies, Language lessons, e-Books, and Textbooks.

The first strength of it is FREE! Considering the quality and usefulness of the resources, this is hard to believe. It’s user-friendly and has links to other Internet resources and social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, which can help learners share interesting materials. Also, they can subscribe to RSS feeds and receive podcasts/MP3 files on topics of interest.

10. OpenLearn

OpenLearn is a free learning platform delivered by The Open University as part of its Royal Charter commitment to support the community’s wellbeing.

Since its launch in 2006, OpenLearn has become an integrated part of The Open University. The site attracts almost 75 million visitors – many of which inquire about becoming a formal student, strengthening the journey between informal and formal learning.

The OpenLearn team originates, commissions, and develops content that unites faculty and University priorities with topical and general interest areas. This supports our student population in their academic, skills, and career and personal development (CPD) endeavors, delivering quality assets openly available for teaching and learning.

Are you looking for a new topic to explore or want to dig deeper into something you’ve already discovered? Welcome to OpenLearn – the home of free learning from The Open University. Whether it’s a 60-second animated video or a 24-hour course you are after, you will find it on OpenLearn for free.

Why Should I Study Engineering?

Basically, almost everything we depend on in our daily lives was created by engineers.

So, the choice to study engineering should be one borne out of zeal and desire. However, engineering as a course of study cuts across all aspects of human life ranging from science and technology, including electronics, medicine, transportation, energy, new materials, etc.

If you’re looking for reasons to study engineering, here you go!

Engineering is a Top Paid Profession

The outset salary of Engineers is among the highest for any college degree holder. A typical starting salary for a chemical engineer fresh out of school with a bachelor’s degree was $57,000 as of 2015, according to Forbes.

An engineer can grow his or her salary with experience and additional training like online courses, workshops, and exhibitions attended.

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