Your Weekly Horoscope 18 to 14 October 2021: Prediction for Each Zodiac Sign
Your Weekly Horoscope (10 to 16 January 2022): Prediction for Each Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Horoscope (10 to 16 January 2022): Your Love, Finance, Work and Health

Are you ready to rock this week in January? The week ahead is intense, but luckily, the unstable cosmic vibe will subside soon. The first Mercury retrograde of 2022 begins on Jan. 14 and lasts until Feb. 3 in the signs Aquarius and Capricorn. Mercury retrograde re-enters Capricorn on Jan. 25, letting us revise the story from the end of December and beginning of January.

Moral Jupiter, who’s in Pisces, takes a stand when accessing the Nodes of Destiny on Jan. 3, urging us to strike a new path and way of thinking. The Venus star point (a magical day for manifesting love and money) is on Jan. 8 in the sign Capricorn.

While you’ll be eager to take on 2022 by storm, try to pace yourself for choppy waters ahead when Mercury enters its retrograde motion on the 14th. With this planetary backspin occurring under technology-oriented Aquarius, you can count on malfunctioning electronics, spotty cell phone service, power outages, and wonky internet.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Mercury will start acting like a drama queen in your friendship zone once he turns retrograde on the 14th. You could find that an acquaintance backs out from a promise they’d previously made or that you’re just not on the same page with a pal in the weeks to come.

During 10 to 16 the week of January, you will be more responsible with your household chores. Probably the reason for this will be the emergence of new tasks related to your relatives, who will rely on your help in their implementation.

The week can be remembered with an important event or gathering related to a person born under the earthly zodiac sign.

Many will rejoice in the acquisition of their home, which may not be an expensive item, but it is an important necessity.

Various events in the life of a person in your circle of relatives will make you think about how you can help, how you can talk to this person and in general how much you can interfere in the events in the life of this person.

The week will be a good time for marriage, for organizing family gatherings, for conversations with relatives.

It will also be a good time for treatment or recovery from illness.

During the week you will have a good time to harmonize your relationship with a person who was born under the sign of Libra, Gemini or Aquarius. Conflicts between you may be due to personal problems, including health.

During this week, if you travel, you will experience various stressful situations related to documents, important information, missed messages or warnings, and more.

Boys and girls will go through a week in which they will see their problems and shortcomings more clearly. Whether you will start "fighting" them will depend on your readiness for such actions. The trouble, which will seem much bigger or more serious this week, actually started a few weeks or months ago.

Men will go through at least one emotional "hole" into which they will enter themselves with hasty words or decisions. Some of the major events of the week will be defined as developments by people who live away from you or require you to travel on your own. It will be difficult to control your desire to get into an argument or conflict, because your Ego will have a much stronger influence on you during these seven days.

Women will comply with their actions and decisions from the opinion or participation in events by a man. This will not be a sign of weakness, and the specific situation will require such behavior from you. During the week they will have an occasion to gather or meet, in most cases related to a birthday. You may want to avoid the influence of people born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn on your thoughts and decisions, but this will not be an easy task.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

The week of 10 to 16 January, many will experience an event with a man who may require you to attend the event in person. This can make it difficult or confuse your initial plans for the week.

This will be a good time to sign or receive a document or contract, including one of a financial nature.

During the week you will have to make a decision related to travel or people who are in another town.

During these seven days, be careful in your contacts with people from other cities and countries: do not belittle them, nor go to the other extreme to make them special.

The events of the week will require you to act with a lot of tact and patience, as they will have an important impact on your personal or family life.

People born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will have a very good influence on your deeds during these days.

Boys and girls will definitely spend more time with their friends or new acquaintances. I hope you find a balance in your daily life between the useful and the pleasant so that you do not create unwanted problems. During the week you will need to take more seriously a new engagement or care related to a man who may be from your family, your circle of relatives or a friend. The love life of the boys will be more active than that of the girls, but there is no competition here, is there?

Men will seek to avoid some of their domestic or family responsibilities, and this can cause an unpleasant reaction from other members of your family if you do not live alone. Each deferred commitment this week will put twice as much on you next week. During these seven days, attention will be required for the protection of personal belongings, personal information, documents, bank card data, etc. There will be no lack of emotions in your personal life, but in fact it will all depend on what you want and what you invest in your personal relationships.

Women will seek quick resolutions to financial worries or document cases. This can only complicate a situation, bring you disappointment or further delay your plans and actions. This week, your impatience will not help you.

The troubles this week will be due to this shortcoming of yours, to wait patiently for the development of important events and commitments in your life.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Mercury’s sprint into Aquarius on Jan. 2 will ignite your desire to take a class in a subject that fascinates you. The retrograde from Jan. 14 to Feb. 3 will make you question whether or not to pursue your passion due to a temporary lack of drive — which you’ll later regret. Don’t be your own worst enemy on Jan. 3 and sign up anyway. Even if you’re unsure of the future, it is the right time to pursue everything that’s been on the back burner. Your mind will be thankful and appreciative of the extra knowledge.

The week of January 10 - 16, you will have to exercise a lot of self-control over what you say and what you do.

This means that this week you need to be more careful when making important decisions or if you start any changes.

If a conflict arises or you are somehow involved in one, carefully show your emotions, as this week will unpleasantly surprise some of you with a separation.

The week will be favorable for travel, for gathering with people from different distances, and such events will most likely be planned in advance.

If you travel during these seven days, expect various interesting and unexpected experiences.

During these seven days, difficulty may arise in your relationship with a child or young person in your family with whom you do not live together. A problem that will disrupt your communication will not be new, and will not find its solution this week. How much you pay serious attention to it will depend entirely on you.

The week portends unexpected money or other unexpected financial events.

Boys and girls will continue to look for more emotions in love or enjoyable activities and experiences. This can be a bad start to such a complex and controversial year. Remember that it is always important to look for balance in everything. Do not overdo anything and do not strive for things that can create risky situations for you. Your expectations for this week will hardly correspond to reality. You can make some purchases for yourself, but do not waste money that is not yours personally.

Men will have a desire for solitude in their home, outside of working hours. You will need peace and quiet, and maybe some escape from reality. During the week you will have to help a man or commit to a problem. The tension in your work will be greater for various reasons, and the presence of some people will make the situation even more tense and unpleasant at times.

The week can be remembered with a change or event related to the work or education of a person in your family.

Women will easily be inspired by new ideas. You will be much more active and ambitious this week, especially if you have a person next to you who was born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini. You will make joint plans with various relatives, friends or business partners. The week can be remembered with various important or interesting news related to people born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

The week of January 10 - 16, you will be required to take your professional responsibilities more seriously. The reason for this may be trouble that will arise at work or in business.

This week will require you to be more responsible for absolutely all the tasks and commitments that lie ahead of you.

During these seven days, some of the good events or experiences will be related to money, financial documents or a contract.

The cause of pleasant emotions can be events in the life of a person from your own family.

This week may surprise some of you with unexpected profits or unexpected money.

During the week you will have a specific pre-arranged and/or arranged engagement with a person from your circle of relatives.

The week will be favorable for the development of your family affairs, for family gatherings or celebrations where there are occasions for such.

During the week you will have to be careful in your actions, to avoid tricks or attempts at manipulation. Such actions will confuse the people around you and they will tend to change their opinion of your personality.

Boys and girls will go through a successful and interesting week. This will be especially well felt by those of you who are about to take an exam or a test at school or university. Avoid tricks, because such actions can not only discredit you, but also bring you an unpleasant assessment or loss. Learn to rely on your own skills and knowledge. In such a good week you should not play with your own destiny.

Men will go through a week of unexpected events and experiences. Women in your immediate environment will be able to surprise you in a variety of ways. The same goes for your new acquaintances, if you have any. This will be an auspicious week, especially if your trip is in some way related to a woman.

Women will go through a week of different moods, emotions, plans and events. You will not be bored, but it will not be easy. In love, the week brings unexpected experiences for those of you who have a partner born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Manifestations of jealousy can be bilateral.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope

The week of 10 to 16 January, you will be angry or confused by the actions or words of people born under the air zodiac signs. Their actions will be completely contrary to your understandings or expectations.

Your relationship with earth signs will be more harmonious or more understandable to you.

During this week, do not try to impose your will on other people, because regardless of their zodiac sign, their opposition will be understandable.

The week will be favorable for travel and for developing your contacts with people from different distances.

The new friendships you will make during these seven days will be interesting for you.

No person during these seven days will appear by chance in your life.

During the week you will be surprised by the unexpected loss of something you will not remember who you gave it to or where you left it. This will create unpleasant discomfort for you, as it will concern something that is really important to you, even though you have not needed it for a long time.

During the week you will comment more actively or follow closely the events in the life of a girl or woman who, even if you are from your family, does not live with you under one roof.

Boys and girls will have to take the advice of a woman (mother, grandmother, sister or teacher) who will try to influence for good with her words and guidance. Concerns or worries related to the health of a close woman are possible. Your personal joys during the week will leave a lasting memory and trace in your life, no matter what they are related to.

For men, the week brings a lot of trouble, for which you will be unprepared. Their resolution, at least this week, is unlikely to depend on you. Your family problems will be an additional "spice" to this unpleasant situation. During the week you can attend a gathering related to a man or an event organized by such a person.

The women will follow almost strictly their preliminary plans for these seven days, expecting their successful realization. Your plans will be realistic, but I hope you have enough time to implement them. People born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio will have a stronger influence on your mood and deeds during the week. Your worries will be temporary, they will come today, they will go away tomorrow. You can remember these seven days with an interesting conversation or experience related to a person born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Mercury’s backward spin, which begins on Jan. 14 and lasts until Feb. 3, Is giving you the chance to get your schedule in place for the new year. This time, you will be able to structure your daily activities around your job, family obligations and own needs as you allow yourself a moment to implement self-care.

The week of January 10 - 16, you will experience serious financial worries. You are facing urgent, important expenses, or ones that will be difficult for you to make.

During these seven days it will be important to organize your budget well, to avoid planning it on the basis of possible cash receipts.

Rely only on what you actually have in your bank account or in your hands.

The week brings meetings or other important events related to your own child, or to a child from the family of your relatives and friends.

The gathering is probably related to the birth of a baby or the birthday of a child or young person.

This week will engage your attention with some property cases, with the settlement of documents about property that you or your family own.

This will be an auspicious week to buy or sell property.

In terms of love, this week you will have the opportunity to clear up some of your worries or misunderstandings with your partner.

Those of you who are looking for a new romantic relationship will have the opportunity to meet a new love or to develop a more serious already established such relationship.

Boys and girls will be very assertive in their actions, which will create not only tension but also occasions for unpleasant conflicts. You can look for explanations from friends or close people about their past actions, but this will not help you, and a lie told once will only be repeated again. Maybe a little more decorated.... During the week you can attend a gathering related to your classmate, friend or colleague.

Men will face the first serious decisions they will have to make during the year. You may still be under the influence of the holidays and be in high spirits, but you will be required to stand firmly on the ground right now. A woman close to you will seek help or service from you and you should be very careful with your reaction and response. There will be no shortage of surprises during these seven days, but they must remain surprises and give them a chance to enter your life properly.

Women can travel this week (or rather on weekends). You can communicate more with people who live away from you. However, the week does not preclude a postponement of a trip due to weather conditions or health problems. Fear or serious concern about the health of a loved one is likely.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

The Venus star point on Jan. 8 will motivate you to spruce up your home with a new look. Before you go overboard by planning a total overhaul of your dwelling, take a step back and decide if you're ready for that big of a commitment

The week of January 10 - 16, you will discuss various trips, actions with a property that is at some distance from you and other important material matters for you.

During this week, many of you can travel on a special occasion, which will require the purchase of a suitable gift.

In general, any of your travel plans and actions will have a favorable development.

This will be an auspicious week for treatment or therapy for which you have prior preparation.

You will easily be able to make important decisions during the week related to old problems or complex situations.

During these seven days you will experience an important event related to a man from your home or from your close family circle.

The week will delight most of you with a good income in the family budget.

However, these seven days will require much more attention from you in your actions in the workplace, where mistakes or other unpleasant situations can be made. They are most likely related to overconfidence, or the emergence of intrigue.

It will be harder this week for those of you who work a job you don't like.

Boys and girls will need to take their tasks and lessons more seriously at school, where serious exams or tests are likely. The same goes for those of you who do not study but work. You will be eager for some personal purchases, but please consider your real possibilities, or those of your family. Otherwise, the trouble will be neither pleasant nor short or easy to resolve.

Men will have to take on some unforeseen parental responsibilities. There may be events around the pregnancy or child that will not make you happy or rather will cause you some anxiety or fear. You can have a very good relationship during these seven days with people born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini. Interesting times await you ...

Women will return (like it or not) to past memories, experiences, losses, divisions. This may be due to receiving some new information about events from your past or having strange dreams. Attention will be required from your friends, who during these seven days may show insincerity towards you or share with another person, something you shared with them.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

The week from 10 to 16 January you can expect interesting experiences related to your love life and your financial affairs.

These will probably be two different events, but they may also have a connection to each other.

During the week, a person born under the air zodiac sign will have a good influence on these deeds of yours.

This week will be remembered with more meetings with important and useful people for you.

This will be a particularly auspicious time for romantic encounters and new acquaintances.

Some of the unpleasant aspects of this week will be related to conflicts, losses of various kinds and the participation of different people in them.

During the week, as a whole, try to stay calm at work and in your personal relationships, without looking for faults in other people and without returning to past unpleasant experiences.

During the week you will have financial commitments related to a child or a young person.

Boys and girls will go through a week in which they will want to pamper themselves with some purchases for themselves. Let everything be according to your abilities, both your personal and family, if you are still financially dependent on your parents. This week, acts of cunning, intrigue and manipulation will reveal the true faces of people you have had a better opinion of, regardless of their age. During the week you will have an experience with a child or a person younger than you.

The men will go through seven difficult days to predict. Everything will happen unexpectedly and there will be unexpected development. This will be especially visible in your financial affairs, when you engage in any documents or contract, etc. During the week you will have several important or obligatory meetings and conversations with people from different distances. Unexpected development will be a conversation related to your commitment to a new contract or agreement.

The women will have big plans for this week. They will be feasible, but will make you more anxious or afraid of losing or some kind of inconvenience. People born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will have an important influence on your main tasks and deeds during the week. Your health may require attention, or you may need to take care of your appearance. Additional and unexpected cash inflows to your family budget are not excluded.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The week of January 10 - 16, you will go through a period that brings you a test in your relationship with parents or friends.

The reasons for these problems, misunderstandings or contradictions can be of various natures, but mostly they will be on an emotional basis. The frustration that these events will cause you will make you decide on the future of this relationship.

During the week you will be able to renew some of your plans or ideas that you abandoned some time ago due to the lack of favorable circumstances for their implementation.

This week the circumstances will be different and you will probably get support or good advice from people, teachers or mentors who are useful to you.

This week will have an important meaning in your life, because thanks to new opportunities or luck you will be able to get out of trouble that you have caused due to delusion or mistakes on your part.

Do not underestimate the significance of any event during these seven days.

This week heralds an important event involving a woman who is probably a relative or member of your family.

Boys and girls will remember this week with different experiences related to a girl or a young woman. You will have to make different decisions about your future, your family or your home, about relationships that are important to you. Unexpected events are possible, which will sometimes put you in a stalemate. You are about to have a week of interesting experiences that will change your soul or worldview.

The men will go through seven days, which will be suitable for travel, for the realization of plans or ideas related to people from different distances. This week you will plan and build your future much more boldly, without fear and with willingness to take any risks. Different options for the future of any property will be discussed. You are about to experience an event related to a person born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Women will focus on their financial stabilization. You will look for new sources of income, better paid jobs, expansion of your business and more. Sometimes you will have to work with a woman/women or seek help from a woman to realize your idea. For some reason, your love life will be much more important to you during these seven days.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

There is a lot of making up that needs to be done. Fortunately, the new moon on Jan. 2 and the Venus star point on Jan. 8 allow you to get a fresh start with others. Now that you are beginning to focus more on how your actions affect others — the sentiment echoed during Jan. 17’s full moon — you’ll try to make amends with those you’ve hurt.

The week of January 10 - 16, you will be involved in money matters that will be important not only for you, but also for other people in the family or for your work business.

It is possible to arrange a financial document related to a person born under the terrestrial zodiac sign.

It is possible to get money from such a person.

During the week, the troubles or contradictions that will arise with your spouse or intimate partner will be related to expenses already incurred or upcoming for various needs.

In fact, those who are influenced by the whims of one of you will be the cause of the respective disputes and conflicts.

During the week you will plan important events and meetings related to a young person.

Your relationship with a man born under the water zodiac sign can be strained due to the intervention of a woman.

This week portends an unexpected visit to a sick person, or your involvement with a health problem of someone you know.

Boys and girls will understand the importance of family, family relationships and good communication with relatives.

Some of you will attend an event related to engagement, wedding, anniversary and more.

A very emotional and eventful week awaits you. However, try to stay firmly on the ground and accept the fact that you are living in a new time.

Men will go through seven fast-pacekd days, in which they will be required to make quick decisions and take adequate action.

There is a danger of deception, hasty actions, manipulation by people who have a certain interest in your actions and more.

Trouble in most cases will be related to hasty, ill-considered actions on your part.

Women will have some health worries, ailments or fears about their future.

Those of you who have children may have commitments related to solving various problems related to them.

The stress in your life during these seven days will be greater, and it will be good if you can count on the help of a loved one: father, husband, brother or friend.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The week of January 10 - 16, you will enjoy conversations or other events related to your child, no matter where he is at the moment.

In general, this week portends positive events and meetings with people younger than you, mostly women or girls.

This week you will discuss or prepare for a trip you will take during the first 3 to 6 months of the year. It will be important for some reason and will therefore require better preparation, financial security and more.

It is possible to discuss travel in your home for tourism or relocation for work in another city or country.

During the week you will be able to realize most of your plans and expectations. Different circumstances will be on your side and you will be lucky in important moments.

People born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra or Gemini will have a very good influence on your deeds.

During the week there will be unpleasant household problems, for the solution of which you will need help.

Boys and girls will go through seven important days in which they will have to think carefully about their future, wake up and shake off some of their illusions about life and their future. They will pay special attention to things related to your ability to handle money, as well as in activities from which you expect to receive some income. Think, think, seek information or advice. Grow and do not waste valuable time....

Men will be engaged in serious professional or business tasks. You are about to visit an institution, engage in a specific task. Your love life will bring you a surprise. Flirting is possible where you work or through your social contacts. This will be an auspicious week for tidiness and comfort in the home, a purchase of important things for the home or for you personally.

Women will be involved in various documents, payments, contracts, insurance, taxes and more. You will discuss similar topics with friends, brokers, tax or banking agents, representatives of various companies and more. You will have an occasion to gather with friends or for lively conversations with them on the phone.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

The week of January 10 - 16, under the influence of words or actions of your friends or neighbors, you can create tension in your home.

This week will be fateful for you, as various events will correct or free you from harmful relationships. There will be similar influences on your commitments or plans that do not help you, but keep you stagnant.

For this reason, do not look for clear answers about what you are experiencing and why. Everything in your life develops according to your own destiny and does not change.

This week will be important for your work or business, as there will be several important events that will be the basis for important changes in the future.

During these seven days, the most difficult experiences will take place at home and in your family, as there will be a collection of different emotions, desires and whims. You will hardly be able to please everyone.

Some marital relationships will experience a period of serious turbulence.

Boys and girls will have enough time to have fun, but at the same time you will have to think about your future. Your plans change too often, and sometimes this creates inner anxiety and fear of mistakes or wrong decisions. Work on your mental and physical health and grow in step with the times in which you live.

Men need to be careful in planning and spending personal, family or business financial resources. Some unpleasant news related to the economy or business in the country where you live should not be ignored. You have difficult decisions ahead of you, but the need to adapt to different living and working conditions, unlike in 2021.

Women will be emotional, which will definitely affect their love and family life. Flirting at work, where there is one, will have a new development that can bring you emotions, but can cause unwanted drama in your life. This week you will have a good time to perform important professional or business tasks, especially in things related to new activities, new business, new clients and more. Your personal, family or collegial relationships with people born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio will have a good impact on your life.

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