Your Design Style Based On Zodiac Signs. Photo: knowinsiders.
Your Design Style Based On Zodiac Signs. Photo: knowinsiders.

What zodiac signs say about your design style?

You’d be surprised to find just how much your zodiac sign can really play into your tastes and the ideas you have about your perfect space. Depending on where the stars were in the sky at the time of your birth, your design style may be bold and messy, neat and organized or somewhere in between. By choosing decorating techniques that fit in with your sign's typical traits, you'll be sure to create a space where you always feel at home.

We’ve rounded up some design styles of zodiac signs according to astrology.


Your Design Style Based on Zodiac Signs

Aries (March 21 to April 19): Streamlined and Industrial

According to The Spruce, you’re quirky and unique, and you absolutely don’t go out of your way to decorate your house like anyone else. It’s likely that you would try to incorporate as much environmentally-conscious and eco-friendly tech options as possible. Think solar panels, rain catching systems, and the like. You certainly enjoy creating a space that lets you be alone with your thoughts and allows you to plan for better ways to help the world around you. But it doesn’t come as a surprise that you also appreciate having a lot of space with extra rooms to help others out if and when they needed it.

Fiery Mars rules Aries, so vibrant shots of crimson and hot pink are perfect for this sign. Avoid muted colors and bolster your spirits with bright tones, especially in the office, which will keep you motivated. You need a room of your own because of your highly intellectual and imaginative nature—let your artistic side out in a painting studio or yoga room. Decorate with inspirational mementos, trophies, or images of your accomplishments, as well as plenty of bookshelves, as Architectural Digest reported.

Like your steadfast, strong-willed personality, your home reflects an appreciation for warrior-woman strength. As Purewow reported, thanks to your passionate fire sign you’re naturally attracted to furnace-forged materials like iron and steel, but equally important is an aesthetic that echoes your work-is-never-done mind-set (think raw woods, exposed concrete and black or metal piping). Perhaps this is also why you’ve always got the reno bug…

Design style: Contemporary

Design keywords: Minimalist, contemporary, sleek, the latest

Power color: Red and any bold, fiery colors

Must-have home element: Anything in leather, especially if the leather is red, black or white

Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Classy and Calming

Taurus rules material objects and the arts and needs to live in a comfortable space with the best of everything. Persian rugs, paintings, deep leather sofas, and artfully framed photographs do well. Your home is a showcase for your fine taste, and you love to entertain your guests in style. Focus on places to relax in the living room and decorate with Cognac, browns, and neutral tones.

You certainly enjoy indulging yourself in beautiful things, and you also crave a comfortable and stable environment, so it would be no shock to see these habits transfer over into your dream home in a big way. You’re likely to select a large, comfy sectional couch with plenty of comfortable items always within reach. This is a way for you to decompress from stressors in the outside world. The comfortability of your home is also perfect for letting others join you in relaxing. Your kitchen area would really serve as a focal point since you’re known for how much you enjoy delicious food and drink (a wine cellar or even an upscale bar area stocked with only the finest wouldn’t be out of the question for you). As an earth sign, you like to use understated tones and neutral colors to really bring together the feeling of steadiness that you desire in your own life.

According to Virtuance, as an Earth sign, you, Taurus are mostly drawn to natural materials with a timeless beauty such as stone and wood. Your sign is best suited to traditional interior design rather than modern. You’re a bit materialistic and you seek comfort, pleasure, and security in life. As a result, you want to live in a comfortable and stylish home that has the best of everything: paintings, antiques, luxurious leather sofas, soft throw pillows, oriental rugs, home theater. You also love to entertain your guests, so your ideal home needs to have lots of space for socializing and fun.

Design style: Traditional luxe

Design keywords: Luxury, classic, comfortable

Power color: Green

Must-have home element: The ultimate lounging sofa or daybed, complete with throw pillows and a soft throw

Your Design Style Based On Zodiac Signs
Illustration: The Spruce / Alison Czinkota

Gemini (May 21 to June 20): Traditional and Modern

Symbolized by the Twins, your sign wants variety and can’t settle on one particular interior design style. Your ideal interior is a mix of old-fashioned and modern, more sophisticated style. You’re very creative and you love colors, accents, fun objects, and eclectic prints that allow you to express your breezy, easy-going nature. When it comes to creating your perfect living space, you can pull off even the most unusual color combinations like hot pink and yellow-green, or orange and purple. As a result, your environment may become too stimulating, so you’ll have to tone down your decor with some standout pieces.

According to Cosmopolitan, embrace your wandering nature and strive for something unique, Gemini, with a quirky living space and a strong theme.

Channel your favourite movie, theme park or fantastical setting to create a real escape from the humdrum everyday. Birds and butterflies are creatures associated with your Mercurial nature, while yellow is a colour which makes you smile.

Perhaps your pad looks like a Hobbit hole, a Victorian gothic boudoir, a place in the clouds, a goddess's lair... let your imagination run wild and then make that vision a reality. You won't regret it.

You always have lots of activity cubbyholes in your home. You read, play, write, create and research endlessly, because you seek stimulus 24:7. There always need to be something to do in your home, or you’ll get bored.

Symbolized by twins, Gemini craves variety and often can’t settle on a specific style for very long. You love eclectic prints, color, and accents. Unusual color palettes like orange and lavender or hot pink and chartreuse don’t look out of place in your home, but try toning down your decor with just a few standout pieces so it’s not too stimulating. Focus on social areas where you can create a vibrant entertaining space.

Cancer (June 20 to July 22): Simple and Cozy

The sea and the moon fascinate, compel and influence you hugely, as well as being potent symbols for your star sign. Look to creating pale, white, silvery spaces (accented with splashes of sea green), ideally with a large, sky-facing window so you can watch the moon's passage.

Think about shells and nautical accessories like telescopes or ocean maps, and seascape art. Bring these aspects into your living space and your mood will always be calm and reflective at home.

You crave privacy and even secrecy, and it’s important your home feels ~quiet~, in all ways- muted colours, close corners to hide in and read or think, low lighting, and low levels of sound from outside.

If anybody adores a quiet night in, it’s a Cancer chick. As Purewow reported, like your namesake hermit crab, you’re all about maintaining a soothing, domestic shell, which makes you the prime candidate for the Scandinavian lifestyle practice of hygge—aka the art of coziness. Think: layers of comfy, cozy textiles (nothing too precious), lots of natural light and bookshelves packed to the brim with your favorite (old) tomes.

You, Cancer, are deeply emotional and caring soul with a strong sense of home and family. You’re very traditional. You’re also a true homebody who wants to live in a simple, harmonious, and cozy environment. Since you’re very sensitive, family-oriented and memories are extremely important to you, your home needs to have a lot of space for framed photographs and other keepsakes.

A comfortable sofa and a big, rustic dining table are a must for your home. That’s because they will allow you to hold family gatherings that satisfy your need for domestic bliss.

You have a soft spot for traditional and antique things, so your dream home would absolutely include furniture and decor that fell into those styles. You would be sure to make all places of rest and comfort as cozy as possible.

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22): Lavish and Regal

Your home is your castle, a royal lair laden with exotic influences. Every room is thoughtfully done and decorated. (Martha Stewart is a Leo; need we say more?) Ruled by the Sun, Leos love plenty of natural light, and you’ll fill your home with potted plants and fresh herbs. Although you like a clean layout, avoid furnishing with austere, overly modern pieces. Your larger than life personality is also drawn to oversized pieces, but make sure they don’t dwarf your other furniture, or dominate the house. Your home should be comfortable but classy, just like you. Save any fussy formalities for the dining area, since you love to set out your fine china and serve a royal banquet every now and then.

A typical Leo’s house is awash in rich and bold colors like deep red, brilliant turquoise and plum, as Astrostyle reported. It’s cozy and homey while remaining regal and stately. You love fine art on display, such as museum prints of Renaissance paintings or African ceremonial masks. As a fire sign, you need a playful, inviting den or sitting area—especially if it has a working fireplace. You’re queen of the jungle, so animal prints go far. You’ll mix leopard-print pillows with silk, a velvet duvet and other deeply sensual touches. A big kitchen is also essential, since you adore baking and love to express your natural creativity with food.

Your Design Style Based On Zodiac Signs

When a Leo walks into the room, everyone knows it. And likewise, when you walk into a Leo-designed room, it’s as subtle as a heart attack. Exuberant, hot-tempered and unafraid to speak your mind, your interiors show a flair for the exotic (hello, animal prints), bold color and dramatic statement pieces. Lovers of beige and boring need not apply.

Design style: Maximalist

Design keywords: Regal, more is more, lavish, personalized

Power color: Gold

Must-have home element: Monogrammed everything

"You're a sucker for gold brocade and fancy dressing tables, a lover of the big mirror and the luxe accessories. The fancier and flashier the better. Your personality is so outgoing and proud that you need an environment that shouts self confidence, and delivers on the glamour you seek in life."

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22): Earthy and Harmonious

The sign that tends toward perfectionism most is Virgo, whose home is clean, orderly, and Zen-like. This can be seen most in the kitchen, which is meticulously organized and should feature neutral colors such as celadon green, dove gray, or white without anything too decorative. Try accessorizing with fresh flowers, vases, and books for pops of color throughout the home.

You aren’t one to desire too much; you just want some stability and the feeling of control in your life whenever you can manage it. Your dream home would likely feature neutral colors as they tend to work with just about anything you can imagine. You’d also be interested in finding furniture and accessories that are more for function than for show (think ottomans that also serve as tables or even a coffee table that has hidden compartments to store remotes, magazines, etc). You would love to utilize as much space for organization and storage as possible in your dream home, so you could keep a clean and clutter-free environment while also knowing there’s a place for everything.

You’re the perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgo, so your home is always clean and orderly. As an Earth sign, you’ll feel truly at home if you’re surrounded by earth tones like brown, green, gray, and white. These are the perfect colors to decorate your home. Since you’re very practical and you like to have everything in its belonging place, you’re able to come up with unique organizations methods. As a result, you will keep your home clean and tidy and complement your decor at the same time.

Design style: Rustic modern

Design keywords: Zen, organized, natural, organic

Power color: Earth tones like mocha and beige

Must-have home element: A striking living wall or lots of indoor plants

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22): Elegant and Stylish

Libras are ruled by Venus, the beauty planet, and love a stylish and elegant home filled with beautiful objets. The scale represents the most artistic sign of the zodiac, which can be seen in your knack for balanced proportions and coordinating, often symmetrical decor choices. Focus on a dressing room or master bath in pastel and other serene colors to create a balanced, organized home for a sometimes clutter-prone sign.

Charming, stable and beloved by all, Libra’s decor is best encapsulated in the mid-century modern style of the ’50s and ’60s, which, like the scales of the zodiac, is a true study in balance. Go for warm hardwoods like teak and rosewood, gold and bronze accents and sleek-lined furniture that highlights your spacious, happy home (and agreeable personality).

According to Living Spaces, like the sign itself, Libra style is charming, beautiful and organized. As long as they get to play with a little bit of glamour, Libra personalities are happy with either modern or vintage. Balance is at the core of a Libra. As a result, symmetry is key when styling a Libra’s home. Create open spaces to reflect Libra harmony.

What is important for Libran lounges is that there's space to entertain, because this is one of your fave things. You can procrastinate and dither about what you want to do, too, so having lots of options in any one area can help you out. Think: smart space. Multi-tasking, hardworking layouts using tasteful, modern decor in neutral, relaxing tones.

Rose, almond and cypress fragrances help you breathe easily. Harmony and balance are important to you, so you'll spend a long time getting the feng shui JUST right.

You like pretty fabrics and aesthetics, light and peaceful colours, flourishes and accessories which add a feminine, even ethereal touch. You are ruled by Venus herself after all.

Finally, since Libras are energized by relationships, their furniture placement should be conducive to conversations. A home filled with lots of seating for friends and family is a Libra’s ideal! To a Libra, walls are nothing more than an artist’s canvas. As such, Libras know that wall art isn’t the only way to fill in blank spaces! Hanging up a metal sign, 3D objects, even a tapestry alongside traditional framed art is satisfying for a Libra.

Here's What to Avoid:

With Libra, balance is key. Avoid too much of the same color. While Libras love decor, it’s also easy for them to get disorganized. Create a space a Libra will love coming home to everyday by decluttering. Avoid tchotchkes and knickknacks; focus on simplicity.

Your Design Style Based On Zodiac Signs
Libras love to entertain and their homes are a pleasing environment for guests and family. Image:

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21): Posh and Private

A private sign, Scorpio can be a homebody who likes to lock the doors, pull down the blinds and chill at home. Unlike other signs, you don’t mind being alone. In fact, you savor it. Your house is a soothing pod, a retreat from the outside world where you often feel vulnerable and out of control. You love to read, write in your journal or experiment in the kitchen. Scorpios need a sanctuary where you can unwind mentally and physically.

Your decor should communicate power. You may do this with precise lines, meticulous attention to detail, or intense colors that scream creativity. You easily get obsessed with the details. Every doorknob, drawer pull and throw pillow matters. We have a Scorpio friend who decorated an entire room in white, using twenty different textures and hues. As a water sign, you’re highly intuitive, and you’ll know exactly where to place furniture or artwork. You’re very tuned into your body as well, so invest in a posture-pedic mattress, natural fibers or a sofa with good back support.

For a Scorpio, sensuality is key. Seek high-quality furniture, a perfect paint job and simple but striking textures. You’ll scour local flea markets for that perfect, one-of-a-kind treasure—and haggle until you get a great price. Although you may choose neutral or muted hues, vivid colors like red are life–affirming for Scorpio. Red emanates vitality, confidence, vigor and erotic passion, and can create a needed feeling of intimacy. If possible, incorporate it into your home, even if it’s only an accent color, as Astrostyle reported.

There are two types of Scorpios: those who prefer white on white with lots of texture and, on the opposite end, those who revel in intense colors like crimson, black, and orange. Find a happy medium with a soothing bedroom that features meticulous attention to detail, high-quality furniture, and some bold pieces. As a water sign, many Scorpios tend to live near water, but fake it with an aquarium or Zen fountain if you are landlocked.

Truthfully, if you could just have a cabin in the woods, you’d be happy. Yet your dream home absolutely must reflect the aspects of your personality that are important to you—keeping your life private, introspective, and mysterious.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21): Bohemian and Spacious

Bring the outdoors inside using light, space, plants, plus natural woods and fibres. Theme your room like a wilderness lodge or a log cabin for extra outdoorsy charm.

Having holly around makes you smile, while candles and natural flames warm your Fire element nature.

It's important for you to feel free and like you've got space around you (not least because you are incredibly clumsy). Big windows, or patio doors straight out into a garden will serve your soul. You're the OG 'born free' star sign, and your home needs to reflect that feeling too.

Making your garden a real living space is important- hammocks, fire pits, tents, gazebos, pagodas, water features- whatever accessories you can afford to dress up your outdoor space, invest in them, because you’re likely to spend all summer in your garden.

You love the smell of the great outdoors. Plant an exuberant garden with bright flowers and beautiful-smelling plants. If you don’t have the space, bring the spirit of the outdoors in with an indoor garden, clover-scented candles, or a fresh fruit bowl. Sagittarius is the international sign of travel, so bring that global sensibility home with collectibles from around the world, religious artifacts, or vintage suitcases.

Sagittarius are always on the go and you’re not exactly a homebody, but you need a home decorated to reflect your interests and love of learning. You’re a free-spirited and optimistic person who loves to travel a lot, so your home is probably filled with books and collectibles from your trips around the globe. Your interior design style is spacious, bohemian and you tend to gravitate more towards natural materials and bright colors like purple, orange, red, and hot pink.

Design style: Global chic

Design keywords: Global, boho-chic, bright, outdoorsy

Power color: Indigo

Must-have home element: A wall of objects from your travels

Your Design Style Based On Zodiac Signs
Outdoor elements like potted plants or natural materials, fused with exotic objects from their travels, are often found in the home of a Sagittarius. Image:

Capricorn (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20): Practical and Traditional

A Capricorn sign’s colors are dark earth tones, greys and blues. Think chocolate and charcoal – with splashes of hunter green, navy and dark purple. Think of a Capricorn’s home as a study in classicism. A Capricorn’s furniture is like fine wine: rich, quiet and beautiful to take in. All in all, it’s elegance that ages well. A rich leather sofa with dark walnut furniture, for example!

You're a sucker for tradition and comfort, preferring a conservative style and atmosphere over anything modern or themed. Think dark wood, low-key lighting and vintage furniture. Oh, and a picture wall of your most successful moments (you know you want one of those!).

According to Cosmopolitan, garnet stones will help attract money and success while carnation and ivy floral displays suit your demeanour. Pine and elm fragrances set the right mood for you to unwind.

Symmetry is a guiding aesthetic principle for most Capricorns, because you like things to rest easily on the eye. You arrange your possessions with logic and symmetry so you can find what you need quickly, and it all look neat.

Avoid beautiful decor in and of itself. Capricorns are practical and prefer a minimalist aesthetic over anything else. Avoid bright colors like orange and red. Avoid contemporary trends. Finally, avoid a lack of workspace. Even if this means squeezing a desk into a small bedroom, so be it!

Your no-nonsense, practical approach to your personal affairs translates to a clear regard for symmetry, balance and organization in the home. Traditional style, marked by refined furniture, time-tested patterns and tasteful colors, is the perfect complement to your need for order. You’re also the most determined sign in the zodiac, meaning you aren’t afraid to try new things (think a mirrored backsplash in a shaker kitchen), but within the context of ease and familiarity.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18): Futuristic and Eclectic

Air is considered more yang than yin. This means when designing your home, you'll want to use more yang elements to help bring out your energy. Of course, some other items I list in this article in other sections will lean more on yin, but a good mix will help you find the right balance in your home.

Yang is considered more masculine. It is the white portion of the dualism circle with the black tadpole. Yang represents light, heaven, and heat.

According to Dengarden, Yang energy is more about sharp lines and distinct shapes. Consider items that have precise triangles, squares, and rectangles. Avoid having too many circles or rounded objects as this relates closer to yin. Look for items that have clear-cut edges, that you can measure nicely with a ruler, and have whole numbers.

Aquarius is a fixed sign in the Zodiac Signs, so they like things to be distinct and decisive. They're also open-minded, so they don't mind objects that are nest-like, creative, and chaotic. A good mix of the sharp and distinct furniture with more artistic objects is best.

Eccentricity and rule-breaking are your jam, water bearer, and you gravitate toward inventive design with nostalgic pops. Think floor plans flipped on their heads, cabinets of curiosities and whimsical pattern mixing that should look busy yet somehow works. Also keep your eyes peeled for vintage and antique pieces that don’t necessarily serve a purpose but will bring you pleasure on a daily basis.

Colors: look for bright colors and whites. Aquarius likes vibrancy and variety. Vibrant colors that can also retain some coolness are preferable, like purple.

Add electricity: air signs rule electricity to some degree. They'll be happy with different devices in each room and plenty of lights, switches, gadgets, and metallic objects. Look for ways to incorporate more technology into each room.

Design style: Eco-eclectic

Design keywords: Hi-tech, avant-garde, green, crafty

Power color: Aqua blue

Must-have home element: A living room featuring repurposed objects like a wood pallet coffee table

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20): Calming and Coastal

Loft or penthouse space is perfect for far-seeing, head-in-the-clouds Aquarius! You need a view and you need plenty of light and air, to suit your Air element personality.

Stylish, modern and minimal is the order of the day for decor, if not even a bit clinical. You don't desire frills or fancy touches, just serviceable and quality furniture, with maybe something avant garde (bike on a wall, anyone?) to remind you to always think out the box.

You love to create space you can ~play~ in, perhaps a brainstorm corner or a chalk board where you can draw murals or designs which reflect your mood of the moment. Creativity flows through your home.

You’re imaginative, emotional, and gentle water sign that loves to daydream. Therefore, your ideal interior design style is both elegant and beachy. The ideal colors for your home include cream, soft white, and pastel blue or green that hint at your connection to the ocean. You love to be around water, so when it comes to home decor, you should incorporate different watery elements like aquariums or indoor fountains that will have a calming effect.

Home is a highly personal retreat for Pisces, a cozy haven where you recharge your emotional batteries. You have a great sense of style, and tastefully decorate every room. Silk meditation pillows, natural fibers and serene sea colors like lilac or celadon green hint at your spiritual side and the dreamy depths you keep hidden. There’s a sensual vibe throughout your living space, infused with feminine touches like scented candles and room sprays.

Pisces is an artistic sign, and with your fine aesthetic eye you’ll display treasures everywhere. Pisces rules photography, so you could hang independent film posters and framed photos. A water sign, you might live near water, or infuse water into your decorating scheme with a Zen fountain or an aquarium full of tropical fish. A houseboat or summer on a yacht equals nirvana for you.

Since Pisces have many moods, you could have a different room for each, some decadent, others spare. With your theatrical nature, you may even go for a boudoir feel, dressing your windows in silk or velvet stage curtains fastened with tasseled tiebacks, or lighting rooms with opulent Tiffany lamps and gaudy chandeliers or stylish dreamcatchers. Your home may look like a storefront psychic’s parlor—but why not? You’re in your element with a bold touch of fantasy. Since your sign rules the New Age, spiritual or meditative undertones transform your house into a healing space.

Above all, you prize solitude, and need a wide canvas for your imagination. Home to you is a peaceful place to daydream. Yours should be filled with beautiful music, or else with the deep, resonant “sound of silence.”

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