Top 5 Zodiac Signs Makes The Best Fathers. Photo: knowinsiders.
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Fathers. Photo: knowinsiders.

What are zodiac signs make the best fathers?

No matter how hard you try, it can seem like the type of parent you are is sometimes out of your control. With the advent of children in the family, responsibility increases. Being a parent is not an easy task and while all fathers are the same, with the same level of affection, protectiveness and guidance, some men are just tailor made for this role in their lives. But you are lucky if you are in a relationship with a representative of one of these 5 zodiac signs – they make wonderful fathers.

Here are the zodiac signs that make the best dads according to astrology.

1. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

2. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

3. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

4. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

5. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)


Top 5 zodiac signs make the best fathers

1. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

A Capricorn was born to be a father — it’s your true calling. As a father, you like to teach by example. You want your children to be hard-working, responsible, and educated. According to Your Tango, you’re always looking for new ways to educate your children, whether it be creatively or traditionally.

As much as you want to give your children everything they want, you know not to spoil them too much. You also believe in letting your children learn for themselves. Even if that means taking ten minutes to realize that 2x2 equals 4, you want your children to be independent and be able to think for themselves.

Often the most reliable, practical and traditional of dads, he is hardworking and hands on. But he can be really quite strict. Capricorn dads have rules and expectations which they expect their kids to follow and they can be especially protective and possessive of their daughters.

Capricorn dads are sincere about bringing up their child properly. Your sincerity is unquestionable and you will try hard to take care of your family and keep them happy.

The Capricorn father characteristics show your aim in life is to make plenty of money by diligence and have a prominent position in your job and life. Your child will get the firm impression that he should acquire considerable amount of money to enjoy life.

It is normal for a Capricorn father to remember the things he wanted in his childhood, but was unable to get and he makes sure that his child will get those objects.

But you are careful that you are not spoiling your child with expensive and unnecessary presents. You relish the company of your child and by spending more time with him, you become a better father.

According to Bounty, it’s important to him to teach his children to be studious and ambitious. He wants them to do well at school and have successful careers and he’ll start planning and working hard for them right from their very early years. He likes to push his children and will teach them the value and importance of being self-reliant from an early age.

He’s not a naturally cool dad and sometimes he can appear a bit out of touch with today’s young family life, but he’ll be pretty hand-on around the house and helpful with the kids.

The sweet and gentle side of Capricorn dad also means he’s good at spotting when something is not going right for his kids. He’ll be good at guiding his children on the right path and give them practical solutions to help sort out their challenges and make their lives easier.

He’s one of those dads that expects a lot but does a lot for his children and family. Definitely a traditionalist but he truly rocks at being a doting dad too!

His parenting style in a nutshell: Traditional in his nature he expects his children to be well-behaved and succeed in all hat they do. He’s big on discipline, but he remembers to recognise and reward good behaviour too. He can be counted on to give his kids a structured and disciplined home.

Famous Capricorn dads: Louis Tomlinson, Jamie Vardy, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Rod Stewart.

The Capricorn father personality traits show he will educate his child about the importance of money and trustworthiness in life. You advise your child about the significance of honoring your word and you will command the respect of your child for your great qualities, as sunsigns reported.

The Capricorn father traits show he expects his child to be affectionate and he wants him to give due esteem which he deserves. You will want your child to be helpful in your daily responsibilities and your expectations from your child are plenty. These things you want from your child irrespective of his age.

While being authoritarian with your child, you will give equal amount of love to him. If your child is uncooperative, lethargic or restful, your disapproval is guaranteed and you feel humiliated from his attitude. This makes you to keep a strict control over his actions.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Makes The Best Fathers
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2. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus dads are excellent nurturers. They have a grounding influence on their child. They have a good sense of what truly matters, so they rarely get angry or annoyed about the little things. A Taurus parent will strive to create an ideal environment and lifestyle for their child, as they are fiercely loyal and committed to comfort.

Taurus dads are laid back and calm. They are full of encouragement for their child, hardworking and they like to be generous spend on family luxuries. But don’t worry, he keeps a tight rein on budgets and limits too.

A Taurus father is already a highly family-oriented man even before he becomes a father. “Stability” might as well be the Taurus father’s middle name. He will do everything he can to make his children, and the rest of his family, as happy and safe as possible.

There’s hardly a man who is more responsible when it comes to family matters than a Taurus man. He knows that it is part of his job as a father to do everything that he can to take care of his children.

Life as a father is certainly a dream that the Taurus man would love to make a reality. To him, there is nothing more fulfilling than raising children that he can call his own. The Taurus man personality traits show that as a very affectionate type of father, his children never go a day without receiving many hugs and kisses as well as getting tucked in to bed at night.

According to Zodiac Signs Horoscope, the Taurus father is willing to do everything that the mother of his child is willing to do. He can change as many diapers as he needs to, cook meals, and get his kids ready for school in the morning. He doesn’t let gender roles get in the way of him being a great father.

As well as doing things around the house to help out with his kids, the Taurus father does everything that he can at work so that he can afford to take care of his children. This is one area of his life that he applies gender roles to. If possible, he would love it if his wife didn’t need to work.

The Taurus dad will work long enough to make money for his family, but he won’t work so long that he never gets to see his family. He tries to balance out his work and home life, just working enough to support his home life.

The Taurus father wants to be someone who his children can look up to. Not all Taurus men are natural leaders in all areas of their lives, but they do try their best to be leaders to their children. This doesn’t mean that they are bossy to their kids or to their wives.

Instead, they want to teach their children life lessons, like the value of a dollar or how to be a good sport when they are playing with other kids. He wants to lead by example to make sure that his kids grow up to be respectful people.

Taurus men teach their children to be respectful, in part because they want to be respected. Every kid acts out of line every now and again, and a Taurus man knows how to deal with it.

The Taurus father doesn’t like to punish his kids, but he knows that it is better than letting them get away with everything. He does his best to hand out fair punishments when they are needed.

The Taurus father doesn’t go overboard with punishments, but he doesn’t spoil his children by letting them get away with trouble either. He is also unlikely to spoil his children with presents for no reason, but he will reward them if they win a sports game or get all A’s on their report card.

The Taurus father is many things, but above all, he cares about his children more than anything else in the world. He makes sure to let his children know that he cares about them. He’s the type of parent to hug their child every day before they go to school and tuck them in every night when they go to bed.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Makes The Best Fathers
Taurus zodiac sign traits. Photo: Knowinsiders.

His parenting style in a nutshell: A dad with good values, who’s practical and fun loving, yet fair with the rules and will teach kids the value of working hard and saving money. He’s a total family man, he lives and breathes for them and knows his responsibilities and duties well.

Famous Taurus dads: David Beckham, Channing Tatum, Vernon Kay, Len Goodman, Bradley Wiggins.

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3. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

As a father, it’s important to you that your children remain physically and mentally healthy. Instead of coming home from the grocery store with chips ahoy and frozen pizzas, you prefer a more cleaner approach to your meal preparations.

They bring a sense of fun and humour to their home as a Gemini parent. According to Pink Villa, they enjoy mentally challenging their family, so they can frequently be found working on crossword puzzles with their children or solving sudoku after dinner. Their topmost priority for their children in education. Since they value socializing, the parent may encourage the child to spend time with cousins, close relatives, and classmates to learn and grow.

In the role of the father, as astrologyk reported, Gemini serve their child as an example of a cheerful and clear vision of the world, a purposeful search for necessary knowledge. Before their child, they reveal their artistic, literary and oratorical talent, as well as the talent of a pathfinder and a pioneer in any field of knowledge.

Demonstrating before the child their abilities, Father Gemini forgets about his needs and characteristics. Although Father Gemini is able to critically evaluate his actions and words, but he forgets about the feelings that should be manifested in the love of the child. Unfortunately, the Twins do not have deep feelings, so they themselves are not able to exercise them.

The child with time begins to feel the lack of love and understands this as a lack of due attention to him. He early loses a close emotional connection with his father and becomes independent. Over the years, Gemini father begins to amaze at the lack of due respect from his child, which manifests itself in disputes and disobedience.

Gemini men are fun, easy-going, and wonderful with kids. The Gemini father has all the makings of a great father. Once Gemini men get the chance to be a father, they’ll do their best to make their child as happy as possible. This man may not be perfect, but he could make the perfect father for a fortunate child.

Gemini fathers may be all grown up on the outside, but they still know how to act like little kids on the inside. These men love to play with their kids. While some parents may tire of cartoons and playing sports or hosting tea parties, the Gemini father loves to do that sort of thing.

Playing with his child entertains him, making him feel like a kid again. He puts a lot of energy into playtime, which can help to give Mom a break every now and again.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Makes The Best Fathers
Gemini Zodiac Signs. Photo: knowinsiders.

The Gemini man is kind to nearly everyone he meets, especially his children. He isn’t one to yell or get angry for no reason. He has an easy-going personality, and he’s proud of it.

The Gemini father thinks that his children will be better off with a happy parent, and he’s right! When he is angry, he will likely try to hide it from his children, but he will never hide a good temper. The Gemini man wants to be friends with his children, so he makes sure that he doesn’t come off as a bully in any way.

Gemini men love to be friends with their kids, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to act as a parent. Gemini fathers don’t always know how to act when their child gets in trouble. The Gemini father doesn’t like to punish his child because he worries that it will damage the relationship that he has with him or her.

The Gemini father will likely try to make his partner hand out the punishments. Anyone who is parenting with a Gemini father should expect to be the one to play the bad cop when their kids act up, as Zodiac Signs Horoscope reported.

His parenting style in a nutshell: His emotional bond with his children brings the whole family closer together. He’s light-hearted, compassionate, and loves to spoil little ones – especially true when it comes to daughters. Overall he’s lenient and gives his children lots on space and freedom to be themselves.

Famous Gemini dads: Bear Grylls, Jamie Oliver, Frank Lampard, Johnny Depp, Russell Brand

4. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Nothing is more important to a Cancer than family and home life, and they will go to great lengths to create a warm, loving, and supportive environment. As a Cancer parent, every miraculous moment of pregnancy, birth and their child's development is something they enjoy and learn from. Since they are sentimental, they're tender, protective, sensitive and caring towards their child. Ruled by the moon, they're a nurturing force to be reckoned with.

Cancer father is not very concerned about his young children. But, as they grow up, he actively connects to the process of education, finds time to communicate with his son and daughter, shows interest in their extra-family activities. He is proud of his son, is ready to protect his daughter as necessary, and with all his might tries to make friends with his offspring, who gladly devote their father to matters and problems.

In the role of father, Cancer serves his child as an example of a caring attitude to relatives and close people, careful treatment of their feelings, self-confidence, diligence, fulfillment of filial duty, firmness and perseverance in upholding their ideals. To their children, the fathers of Cancer experience strong and deep feelings, which are similar to their own feelings, experienced by them in childhood, and which are similar to maternal care. But they carefully hide them.

Cancers are prone to sudden changes in mood, because of which the child loses a clear understanding of his role as a father. If, moreover, Father Cancer hides his feelings, then the child may not understand him at all. Between them will grow a wall of misunderstanding that can, over the years, separate them, make them indifferent to each other. To prevent this from happening, the fathers of Cancer need to share their feelings and experiences with their child, ask the child about his experiences.

But time goes by, children grow up and for a certain period Cancer-fathers feel their lack of demand. However, their grandchildren appear with time, and once again there is that little man who will need help and advice, and therefore Cancers (already grandfathers) in a new capacity can connect to the upbringing of the next generation.

According to Elite Daily, these men take such pride in their parenting. As someone who is lucky enough to have such an awesome Cancer dad, I know from personal experience just how truly epic it is to have this sort of man as a father. From never missing a single moment in my life to being there for me during tough times, a Cancer father will make an effort to show that he wants to be there for his children when they need him.

It's rare to find a guy who is sensitive enough to listen to his daughters problems, especially boy problems, but a Cancer father will. He will listen intently and offer advice if needed.

No matter how much daily stress Cancer fathers deal with, they will always know how to be goofy, weird and totally fun. They see family as a key to a successful life because while family can be imperfect and challenging, these men understand that a strong family bond always provides love and support.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Makes The Best Fathers
Cancer zodiac sign. Photo: Style Caster

Very emotional by nature, they can easily feel affected by the things that affect their children – if their child is hurting these dads will feel their pain more!

Having the occasional sulk and childish moment, Cancerian dads are sometimes moody, which can confuse children at times, but dads with this star sign have a heart of gold and immense love for their family.

He’s happy for his life revolves around family, and he adores a ‘close-knit’ family atmosphere. He enjoys cooking for his family, especially on special occasions and traditional celebrations.

Despite a sometimes tough exterior, Cancerian dads have a soft and sentimental side; they’ll treasure heirlooms and keepsakes.

Dads with this star sign have a great sense of humour, which amuses their kids and brings a cheerful sense to the home.

He does not believe in being overly strict and rather than being stern he’ll be calm and composed when disciplining his kids.

His parenting style in a nutshell: Cancerian dads are emotionally expressive, and truly love their family. Despite their brief moody moments, Cancerian dads are supportive and compassionate, and provide a stable household.

Famous Cancer dads: Benedict Cumberbatch, Prince William, Gareth Bale, Chris Pratt, Lionel Messi.

5. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

The Scorpio Father treats children with all severity, using his senior authority in the family. He will not grow up lazy and idlers, spongers and losers. In the role of the father, the Scorpions serve their child as an example of responsible attitude, the ability to overcome any obstacles, bring things to an end, achieve the goal with great perseverance and hard work. They feel their child at the level of intuition, so do not lose contact with him, wherever he was, and how many years did not pass from his birth.

While the children are small, he protects them and teaches respect for others. Sensing the danger that threatens his child, Father Scorpio always provides support to his child at the right time. Thanks to this ability between the father and the child an invisible inseparable connection is established, based on mutual love.

This relationship can be violated by the intolerant attitude of Father Scorpio to his own shortcomings and his child. The child brings more suffering when his father blames himself for something - he suffers with his father doubly and for himself and for his father. This can lead to serious tragic consequences.

In addition, the Scorpions are ambitious and heavily forget the offense, showing their child vindictiveness and rancor. These gives rise to fear in the soul of the child. The child at the same time loves and fears his father. When kids grow up and become parents themselves, they feel grateful to their parents for growing up worthy people.


There’s nothing in the world that the Scorpio father cares more about than his children. He will do everything that he can to make sure that his children don’t get hurt, both physically and emotionally.

The Scorpio dad may come off as a little overprotective at times, but he is only doing what he thinks is best for his family. His partner may need to help to cool him down at times, but other than that, his protective nature is not likely to cause many problems.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Makes The Best Fathers
Scorpio zodiac signs. Photo: Star Naming

As a Scorpio father, you're likely to be the emotional centre of your family, whether you realise it or not. You're passionate, sensitive and intense. You have a strong bond with your children.

Your children see you as quite complex, even mysterious, so you may have to go against your nature in order to be open and honest with them. You'll have a much closer and more effective relationship with your family if you show your vulnerable side sometimes, which includes talking about your feelings and your fears, and listening to those of your children.

According to Baby Centre, your natural interest in history and psychology, combined with your research ability, will make you a favourite resource when your children need help with their homework. You're also quite perceptive, so you'll have a unique insight into your children's feelings and motivations.

However, whatever you understand, or think you understand, about your children, encourage them to put their experiences and feelings into their own words. Above all, don't use their secrets against them! As a Scorpio, you might lean towards power struggles and controlling, manipulative behaviour, but obviously those have no place in your relationship with your children.

Make yourself aware of these unconscious ways of behaving and focus instead on being open, displaying mutual trust, emotional honesty and genuine affection. If you can achieve these with your children, you'll create the kind of home life every member of your family needs to feel secure and connected.

The Scorpio father isn’t always the best at talking to other adults, but he makes sure to put in some extra effort when he needs to talk to his children. Even though they might be little, he feels as though it is important to take the time to talk to his children and understand what they are going through, no matter how trivial their problem might seem to someone else.

The Scorpio dad will be there to talk them through the tears of a bad day, and through the cheers of a wonderful day. He wants to be there for every moment, good and bad.

The Scorpio father doesn’t always need the finer things in life for himself, but he does want only the best for his children. He is likely to try to give his children all of the things that he wanted as a child but could never get.

The Scorpio man may try to introduce his children to fine cuisine, which may not go as planned. Family vacations, private schools, and more toys than they will ever need are all likely to be in the future of a child who has a Scorpio Man as a father.

His parenting style in a nutshell: They are loyal and want to always be near their children and family. He can be counted on to give his kids lots or reassurance and discipline them, but can lose his temper quickly. Although, his children tend to respect his leadership and motivational qualities.

Famous Scorpio dads: Rio Ferdinand, Ben Fogel, Gordon Ramsay, Matthew McConaughey, Jonathan Ross.

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