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Winter Solstice in 2023: Astrological Forecast of 12 Zodiac Signs
12 Zodiac Signs in Winter Solstice 2023

When does the winter solstice in 2023 start?

The Winter Solstice is a dual concept, it refers to both the date of the Winter Solstice and the weather of the Winter Solstice. And the Winter Solstice in 2023 is a special time for both astrology and horoscopes. The Winter Solstice in 2023 falls on December 22, 2022, which is also the end of the year, the weather ends in November of the lunar calendar in 2022.

And the Winter Solstice weather plays an important role with the 12 zodiac signs in December 2022 and January 2023.

Special Astrological Phenomenon - Winter Solstice in 2023

November 13, 2022 - January 7, 2023, Saturn square Uranus:

December 21, 2022 is the Winter Solstice, which marks the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This is the time when darkness takes up as much time as possible before giving way to the growing light of spring.

In terms of astrology, the winter solstice of 2023 is seen as a power struggle. The appearance of Saturn and Uranus will greatly affect the 12 constellations in this cold weather, especially on December 22, 2022.

All 12 signs will have to plunge into the battle of power and freedom, powerful contradictions and conflicts will break out, who will preserve themselves and explode; who takes on pain. Everything will be in your own ability, but no matter what happens, this is definitely a time for the 12 zodiac signs to practice and develop their own values.

Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs in Winter Solstice 2023


When the Winter Solstice arrives, there are two main factors that affect Aries. One is that the sun will be perpendicular to Aries; When this phenomenon occurs, it will light the way for Aries, you will not have to struggle but can breakthrough forward.

The second is Comet Chiron, when this star passes through Aries, it will recreate the Aries image of the past. From here, you will realize many things, know where the crisis problem you are facing and be more confident in yourself.

To sum up, most generally speaking, the arrival of the Winter Solstice will help Aries wake up. At work, you will realize that your way of working is old, you are no longer stubborn with that way but know how to change, your thinking is also more open.

In life, you realize that you are too selfish, only know how to impose your thoughts on people; you repent and correct your mistakes, you change and let people have a different view of you. Life is also more meaningful accordingly.


The coming Winter Solstice is a good time for Taurus to restore everything from the state to the problems outside of life. You think and see things more clearly; you no longer insist on frivolous things that do not work for you.

Taurus is a zodiac sign that is naturally stable, and despite the ups and downs, you can always find stability again. This stage is when you find that stability again; you organize your time more scientifically, rationally allocate everything between work and life.

If a relationship breaks down or your job gets in the way, you will be able to get over it very quickly and live comfortably. All the instability in this life will soon pass.


Gemini is a changeable sign, you like and accept everything, even the worst. This phase will strengthen your freedom-loving spirit. Live your life to the fullest, relax and unwind.

The past year has definitely made Gemini feel extremely difficult and frustrating, you are restrained from flourishing and unable to live happily. It's good that your glory days are back, enjoy this winter solstice to the fullest.

You can go to the gym with your friends, go to the clubs that are messy until morning,... Be free and enjoy it to the fullest!


This is the period when the whole universe is patting Cancer. You are fragile and afraid of everything. You only live in your own safety, if you are in trouble, you can only ask for help from acquaintances and relatives because you think they will never betray you.

At this point, that thought will be completely broken. You have opened your mind and dare to accept everything, you can accept good things and help from strangers. You realize that you are safe and protected no matter where you are, even if the person helping you is only someone you meet very briefly.

Keep up the spirit, all precautions will only make you go after everything, your current state is very good, be open and you will have more friends and a beautiful love.

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This is a rather difficult period for Leo, you are having to grope every step to find a way to shine. During this time, you will always be pushed into difficult situations; You have to live in some awkward situation and it doesn't give you a choice.

There is nothing to tell or support you at all, every decision you have to make yourself, every difficult situation you handle on your own. Whether you will shine or become a laughing stock will be endured by your best friend.

For example, you are a new employee of a company, when you are researching the company and colleagues around, suddenly a big project is placed in front of your desk. You are confused and afraid but you can't ask anyone, nor do you know how this project should be done. It was a really bad situation. There is no other way, you have to read the contents of the project yourself and ask who can support you to do this project.


The winter solstice will bring good energy to Virgo, so it must be called lucky. The universe tells Virgo to act, do things the way you want. If you want a raise, go ahead. You want to confess but are afraid of rejection, don't hesitate to give it a try. Maybe something more interesting than confession is behind.

Be brave, time and space are under your control, all initiative rights are in your hands.


The winter solstice will make Libra feel extremely stressed, you forget you are the balance, you struggle and are insecure with everything that is going on in your life.

The advice for Libra is to believe in yourself, believe in your ability and experience through many things. The universe sends a message that always be honest with yourself, do whatever you think, don't try too hard because your sincerity is the solution for you to face everything.


This is the period when Scorpio can calmly face everything that has passed. Things do not have a great influence on you, your mind is very calm.

If a friendship goes awry or a side job fails, you're not so heartbroken and tormented that you accept, you even realize you'd be better off without it. You will have the opportunity to have a better relationship or career.


For Sagittarius, the Winter Solstice will be a time for decisive action. If you have wanted or desired something for a while, the waiting time is over. You can do everything by yourself, even what others can't do.

From simple to complex problems, like if you want to go on a trip but your friends don't want to go, you go alone, there's nothing to worry about. Or the current salary is not worth the effort you put in, that's okay, just talk to your boss, everything will be resolved.

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If Capricorn feels that there is too much burden on you, then calmly look back on a past journey, you will see the value of the effort. Before that, you blamed your fate for your hard work, you sulked over everything, which is not true at all. Your stubbornness needs to be changed.

The coming Winter Solstice will illuminate the dark corners of your short-sighted thinking, guide your mistakes so that you can overcome difficulties step by step, thank you for the things that have happened to forge a strong, talented Capricorn. better every day.

That is, you will stay positive and see the positive in this seemingly gloomy life.


This is the motivational stage for Bao Binh to dare to speak his mind. When faced with a decision in an organization or group, Aquarius may still be shy, respect everyone around and do not dare to express their own thoughts or personality.

Things are getting better, you have had the courage to make the decisions you think are right, dare to say what you feel is good to change everything, especially to make your life meaningful. than.


The coming Winter Solstice opens Pisces a lot of questions, questions related to your later life. You will have to answer yourself that you should keep your old work and living habits, or change for the better.

What is your next goal, and how do you achieve it? Should you go somewhere in the next few years, or slow down to reflect on what you like and what suits you?

In short, this is the period when the universe wants Pisces to look at themselves and choose their way of life, be careful and reflect on everything that has been, is and is about to happen to change yourself for the better, live more meaningful.


The winter solstice is a time for us to harvest and receive the results of our previous efforts. This is when the sky brings us closer to our goal so you have to keep trying.

Hopefully the zodiac signs have their own direction and results. Wish you all success in the winter solstice 2023.

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