Who is Next in Line After King Charles III?

According to the rules, King Charles III's direct descendants make up the first 23 heirs to the throne. He has five grandchildren and two children.

The direct descendants of Queen Elizabeth II remain in the line of succession at this point. The next in line are the offspring of Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden. In line for the throne, her two children, David Armstrong-Jones and Lady Sarah Chatto, are 24 and 27th in line, respectively, and their offspring are 25 and 26 and 28 and 29th, respectively.

Who Would Succeed King Charles III: Britain's Line of Succession
Who would succeed King Charles III? Full List of Thrones

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch with the longest reign at 96 years old, passed away following a historic 70 years in the throne. Following her death, her eldest son Charles assumed the throne immediately, with his son Prince William following in line of succession.

Then, on May 6, 2023, in London, King Charles III was solemnly crowned in a coronation ceremony steeped in a millennium of tradition.

The succession plan and the person who will succeed Charles are governed by intricate procedures. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan, declared in January 2019 that they want to reduce their royal responsibilities. They and their two children continue to be in the line of succession, though those plans do not call for an abdication.

Who is the King's Heir?

Who Would Succeed King Charles III: Britain's Line of Succession

At Scotland's Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September 2022, having ruled for seventy years. At Charles's request, the former queen consort, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, became Queen Consort and immediately became King Charles. (Princess Diana predeceased Charles in marriage.)

William, Charles's older son, is next in line for succession. Prince Harry and his children Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 2, are next in line of succession after William's children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

The following is the order of succession:

1. Prince William, the Welsh Prince

Prince William, the eldest son of Charles, is currently the heir apparent.

He has been given the titles Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, and Duke of Cambridge, just like his father before him. William's wife Catherine is now the Princess of Wales.

Son of Prince Charles, now King Charles III, and Diana, Princess of Wales, with regard to the throne

Date of birth: June 21, 1982

2. Prince George of Wales

Who Would Succeed King Charles III: Britain's Line of Succession

The Welsh Rugby Union's patron On October 14, 2023, at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, south-eastern France, during the France 2023 Rugby World Cup quarterfinal match between Argentina and Wales, Britain's Prince William, Prince of Wales (CR), speaks with his son, Prince George of Wales (CL).

3. Princess Charlotte of Wales

Relationship to the throne: Daughter of Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales

Born: May 2, 2015

4. Prince Louis of Wales

Who Would Succeed King Charles III: Britain's Line of Succession

The Prince and Princess of Wales' youngest child, Louis Arthur Charles, was born on April 23, 2018. As was already established, his position behind his elder sister, Charlotte, in the line of succession represents a significant advancement for women in the modern era and gender equality.

Louis made his first official royal appearance in May 2023 and has since gained notoriety for making goofy faces, even before the coronation.

5. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

With the birth of each of his older brother's children, Prince Harry—referred to as the Duke of Sussex on the official website of the royal family—has gradually fallen farther down the line of succession as the youngest son of Charles and Diana. He is fifth in line for the throne as of 2024.

Around 30 million Americans watched Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding in 2018, making it a worldwide hit, according to Deadline. After being married, Meghan assumed the title of Duchess of Sussex, making her the second American to ever marry into the British royal family.

6. Prince Archie of Sussex

Who Would Succeed King Charles III: Britain's Line of Succession

Born on May 6, 2019, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is sixth in line for the throne and the eighth great-grandchild of Elizabeth, as well as the son of Harry and Meghan. He and his younger sister Lilibet were given the titles of prince and princess in 2023.

7. Princess Lilibet of Sussex

Elizabeth's eleventh great-grandchild is Archie's sister. Harry and Meghan welcomed Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world on June 4, 2021. Lilibet's name honors both her grandmother and great-grandmother, just like Charlotte's does. However, Lilibet's name was influenced by the queen's childhood nickname rather than "Elizabeth."

8. Prince Andrew, The Duke of York

Son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, in terms of succession

Date of birth: February 19, 1960

In the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein affair, Prince Andrew has lost a number of titles and could lose more, but he is still eligible to succeed to the throne.

9. Princess Beatrice, Mrs. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Elizabeth's granddaughter Princess Beatrice is the eldest child of Andrew and Ferguson. She wed Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, an Italian nobleman and interior designer, in 2020.

Beatrice gave birth to a daughter, Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi, in September 2021. She has a stepson, Christopher Woolf, with her spouse.

10. Miss Sienna Mapelli Mozzi

Link to the throne: Princess Beatrice of York's daughter

Born: September 18, 2021, slightly over two months after this July 8, 2021, picture of Beatrice was taken in London during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

The Current British Royal Line of Succession

1. Prince William, Prince of Wales - King Charles’ eldest child

2. Prince George of Wales - Prince William’s first child

3. Princess Charlotte of Wales - Prince William’s second child

4. Prince Louis of Wales - Prince William’s third child

5. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex - King Charles’ second child

6. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor - Prince Harry’s first child

7. Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor - Prince Harry’s second child

8. Prince Andrew, Duke of York - Queen Elizabeth’s third child

9. Princess Beatrice - Prince Andrew’s first daughter

10. Sienna Mapelli Mozzi - Princess Beatrice’s first daughter

11. Princess Eugenie - Prince Andrew’s second daughter

12. August Brooksbank - Princess Eugenie’s first daughter

13. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex - Queen Elizabeth’s fourth child

14. James Mountbatten-Windsor, Prince Edward’s second child

15. Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, Prince Edward’s first child (the rule of male primogeniture applies to the children of Prince Edward, being born before 2011)

16. Anne, Princess Royal, the second child of Queen Elizabeth (despite being Queen Elizabeth’s second born the rule of male primogeniture applies to the Princess Royal)

17. Peter Philips - the Princess Royal’s eldest child

18. Savannah Philips - Peter Philips’ eldest child

19. Isla Philips - Peter Philips’ second child

20. Zara Tindell (née Philips) - the Princess Royal’s second child

21. Mia Tindall - Zara Tindell’s first child

22. Lena Tindell - Zara Tindell’s second child

23. Lucas Tindell - Zara Tindell’s third child

What Name Would William Take as King?

William would not have to adopt his given forename because British kings are free to choose their names when they ascend to the throne. He would be King William V if we didn't choose to adopt a new name.

William the Conqueror was the first William and the first Norman king of England. The current Royal family has a shaky lineage because he left no male-line descendants behind when he passed away. William the Conqueror's great-grandson, Charles, is the current King of England.

What is Operation Menai Bridge?

Who Would Succeed King Charles III: Britain's Line of Succession

Since King Charles's accession to the throne, the Menai Bridge campaign has been updated frequently due to reports that his health is failing. The campaign aims to prepare for King Charles' funeral.

Following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022, King Charles III came to the throne. The royal family was informed in early 2024—after more than a year of rule—that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer during a prostate enlargement procedure. Though he has stated that it is not prostate cancer, King Charles III has never disclosed the sort of cancer he has. The king remained silent during his medical expedition as well.

The monarch hasn't been seen much since revealing he had cancer in order to concentrate on his care, but numerous insiders told the Daily Beast that the king's condition is "not good" and that he is making an effort to get better. conceal. "The common response from the king's friends when asked about his health in recent weeks was 'not good,'" Daily Beast reporter Tom Skyes wrote.

Operation Menai Bridge, or the Menai Bridge Campaign, was a several hundred page document that King Charles's assistants studied on a regular basis as his illness grew worse.

Former Royal Guard Officer Simon Morgan claims that shortly after King Charles took the throne, plans were made to launch the Menai Bridge campaign in anticipation of his funeral. The world's first iron suspension bridge, located in Anglesey, Wales, is called Menai Bridge. Operation London Bridge was the previous name of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral plan (roughly translated: Operation London Bridge). The purpose of these initiatives, according to Page Six, is to prevent details of the royal family's funeral from leaking out before it is formally revealed.

Regretfully, preparations for Operation Menai Bridge will officially start tomorrow morning. "You must be thinking about him because he is 73 years old, and according to the police, we need to make plans for the future," Simon Morgan stated in September 2022.

The plan for the Menai Bridge Campaign stated that Prince William, the eldest son of King Charles, would succeed him upon his death, and Kate Middleton, William's wife, would take the throne.

The King's Privy Council, the prime minister, the cabinet secretary, other ministers, and senior officials will all be notified when the king passes away. The confidential secretary to King Charles will make this announcement. Following that, the royal family will formally reveal the news to the public. The announcement will follow a predetermined script. Senior officials and ministers will receive emails from the cabinet secretary. Following the dissemination of this information, Whitehall Palace will lower its flag to half mast.

The first member of the government to comment on the king's passing will be the prime minister. The national silence ceremony and the cannon launching are planned by the British Ministry of Defense and will be revealed later. Similar to how King Charles did following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the prime minister will meet William, the incoming king, and give a speech on national television.

Plans will be prepared for officials to grieve when the king's coffin is positioned in the corridors of Westminster Palace and Buckingham Palace in the days preceding his funeral. Windsor Castle's King George VI Memorial Chapel serves as King Charles's final resting place.

The royal family's website changed to a black background with a notice of the loss following King Charles's passing. The website of the United Kingdom government, GOV.UK, will have a black banner at the top. Politico reports that every government department's social media page will likewise have a black background and a black profile image that represents the agency.

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