Who killed Sara? Seaon 2 premiere date. Photo: Daily Express
Who killed Sara? Seaon 2 premiere date. Photo: Daily Express

Netflix's latest murder mystery drama, Who Killed Sara?, premiered on Netflix on March 24. Naturally, one would assume that with a show title like that we'd find out who murdered Sara by the end of the series, so imagine our surprise when we didn't. The Spanish-language series stars Manolo Cardona as Alex Guzmán, who is framed for the murder of his sister, Sara (Ximena Lamadrid), and ends up spending 18 years in jail. After he's released from prison, Alex takes matters into his own hands, seeking revenge upon the Lazcano family, who he believes is responsible for his sister's death, according to Pop Sugar.

Throughout the series, Alex uncovers clues that seem to lead him to Sara's killer, but everything we thought we knew is thrown out the door during the final episode when we find out that Sara may have been more dangerous than we thought and another murder comes into play. Sara's killer is never actually revealed and we end up being left with more questions than answers.

Is Netflix's Who Killed Sara? getting a 2nd season?

Netflix has officially announced that Who Killed Sara? season 2 is in fact happening. As per multiple media reports online, Who Killed Sara? Season 2 release date is expected to be slated for May 19. A few new faces will also be joining the cast.

Who killed Sara? Season 2: Premiere date on Netflix

Netflix has announced that Season 2 of the series will premiere on Wednesday, May 19. Not only that but Matías Novoa, Daniel Giménez Cacho, and Antonio de la Vega are all set to join the cast. The series stars Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller, and Alejandro Nones. David “Leche” Ruiz, Carlos Bolado, and Poncho Pineda will direct this new season, and José Ignacio Valenzuela will write is. Who Killed Sara? Season 2 will also be produced by Juan Uruchurtu for Perro Azul.

Who killed Sara? Season 2: Casts

Photo: Binged
Photo: Binged

The second season will star Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller and Alejandro Nones, with performances by Leo Deluglio, Andrés Baida, Ana Sofía Domínguez, Polo Morín, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Fátima Molina, Ela Velden, Novoa, Giménez Cacho, de la Vega and Litzy Domínguez among others. José Ignacio Valenzuela serves as writer, with Juan Uruchurtu for Perro Azul producing. Episodes are directed by David “Leche” Ruiz, Carlos Bolado and Poncho Pineda.

Who killed Sara? Season 2: What will it be about?

Hopefully, season two will identify Sara's killer once and for all and bring the mystery to a satisfying end. Fans already know the parachute Sara was using had been cut, meaning her death was not an accident, said Express.co.uk.

Mariana seems like the biggest culprit, as she seems to be the one pulling the strings in the family. But many fans believe her involvement was a ploy to cover up.

In the final moments, viewers also learned of how Sara had mentioned not wanting to be alive anymore. This has thrown a spanner in the works as fans are now considering whether she took her own life after all.

Viewers are desperate to know the truth, with one saying on Twitter: "Now I have to wait for season 2 of who killed Sara & I can’t wait that long." [Sic]

Another said: "I watched Who Killed Sara in one sitting with my family last night, I’m ready for season 2."

Who killed Sara? Season 2: Trailer

The trailer hasn't been out yet!


What to expect from season 2 based on Who Killed Sara?'s ending in episode 10?

By the last episode, viewers could see Alex getting a different perspective of his sister Sara's life. He was told that Sara was more dangerous than he knew her. While a few of the characters like Don Cesar, his wife Mariana, and Rodolfo's brother Chema were all shown to have motives for Sara's murder, the titular question was left open-ended with Who Killed Sara?'s ending. Who Killed Sara? season 2 release is expected to solve the mystery - although the most likely murderer of the lot is Mariana as she had also asked the family's employee Elroy to tamper with Sara's parachute, reported by Republic World.

While you wait for the next season, here's what you can binge on if you loved Who Killed Sara?

Netflix streams quite a few revenge dramas and investigative thrillers for you to binge on. How To Get Away With Murder is one such series that follows a murder case as an overarching theme with multiple tiny legal cases interspersed. It is a long watch of 6 seasons, but going by the IMDb rating of 8.1, one can expect it to be a worthy watch.

Netflix's The Killing is another show that follows a murder investigation, that of the murder of a young girl, from the point of view of the police. It interlocks three different stories. With an IMDb rating of 8.2 this 3-season series can be a good way to warm up for Who Killed Sara? season 2 release.

Here’s the official description for the first season of “Who Killed Sara?”: “Alex (Manolo Cardona), a man convicted of a crime he did not commit, is released after 18 years behind bars. Upon leaving, he only wants revenge on Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones), the person responsible for the death for which he was sentenced. Things get complicated when Alex starts a sentimental relationship with Elisa (Carolina Miranda), Lazcano’s youngest daughter, and when he discovers that Rodolfo is innocent and that someone else, who has skillfully kept in the shadows, was the true cause of his disgrace.”

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